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Twitter 101


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An overview of Twitter. The presentation took place at a building-based professional development session.

Published in: Education
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Twitter 101

  1. 1. Give an educator a PD Day and you teach him for that day; show an educator Twitter and you support him for a lifetime. @rosscoops31
  2. 2. feedly
  3. 3. Demos tweet tweet to an audience tweet out a website retweet direct message
  4. 4. Handle Used to call out usernames in tweets. Users are notified when their handles are mentioned.
  5. 5. Hashtag Used to mark keywords or topics in a tweet.
 Curates tweets by TV show, event, chat, etc.
  6. 6. Reply Respond directly to the author(s) of the tweet.
 This is a public message.*
  7. 7. Repost the tweet in your feed for your followers. Quoting the tweet allows for editing before reposting. Retweet
  8. 8. Add the tweet to your list of favorites. (Save for later) Favorite
  9. 9. Resources 1-page Twitter guide setting up your profile educators to follow weekly chats Tweetbot
  10. 10. Challenges 1. sign up for Twitter 2. start your profile 3. send out a tweet (to an audience) 4. tweet out a website (to an audience) 5. follow 5 others 6. reply to a tweet 7. retweet a tweet 8. favorite a tweet
  11. 11. How can Twitter help YOUR students? @rosscoops31