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Social Media Connection for Chapters


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Social Media Connection for Chapters

  1. 1. The Social MediaConnection for Chapters Jennifer Tomarchio, CPLP @Jenni694 Home Chapter: South Florida National Advisor for Sunshine Area Chapters Michael Merritt @MichaelMerritt Home chapter: Nebraska and LincolnNational Advisor for Inter Mountain West Area Chapters Tweet #ASTDALCS102
  2. 2. Social Media Revolution 2
  3. 3. What’s In It For YOU? Use social media to engage and recruit chapter members, communicate chapter events, and promote your chapter. 3
  4. 4. Tweet #ASTDALCS102• During this collaborative session, please feel free to Tweet your – Ideas / Tips / Discoveries / Ah Ha! Moments• Everyone benefits!• Hashtags: #ASTDALC #ASTD #ASTDChapters• Mentions: @jenni694 @MichaelMerritt 4
  5. 5. Session Challenges• Questions will be posted via Twitter• Respond using C1, C2, C3, etc. and the session hashtag #ASTDALCS102• QR Code Challenges on Social Media tables Champion
  6. 6. Social Media Toolkit• What is Social Media?• Types of Social Media• Creating a Social Media Plan• Best Practices• Resources Click the Social Media Tab
  7. 7. Challenge #1C1) How can you use Social Media toprovide more value to members? Tweet your answer(s) 7
  8. 8. So What? / Why Tweet?• Communicate directly to and among chapter members, and potential members• Put your message in front of people where they already are• Connect with millennials and seniors• Secure transfer of learning from events• Pooled knowledge and wisdom• Easy to connect - don’t have to be at an event• Messages are easy to pass on to many• Teach members to use the tools that are growing in use in their workplaces and communities• Rapid mobilization for member and community needs• Added value to members 8
  10. 10. When to Use WhatI create training Here’s a training ice breakerI “like” training Cool pictures of my last training eventI hang out withpeople who like training I write (blog) about training best practicesThis is where I conducttraining I recommend my favoriteWatch me train! Places to buy training toolsI’m skilled at multiple I am listening to one of mytypes of training mentor’s training sessions 10
  11. 11. What Tools to Use• What do we want to accomplish?• Whom do we want to reach?• Which media offers the best access to membership and community?• How much time do we have and will you spend?
  12. 12. Twitter• Build relationships with potential members• Create personal connections with existing members• Provide content for your members• Additional, collaborative learning during chapter events• Resources: Twitter 101:
  13. 13. Getting Started• Set up your account – recognizable name• Brand yourself – 1 line “bio” – Website address – Actual location – Use a picture…Don’t be an Egg Head!• Find people/members to follow• Invite them to follow you 13
  14. 14. Follow Other Chapters
  15. 15. Challenge #2C2) Does your chapter have a Twitteraccount? Hashtag? Tweet your answer(s) 15
  16. 16. The Backchannel• Poll Participants• Ask Questions• Check for understanding• Distribute information• Watch for Q & A• Resource: The Backchannel: How Audiences are Using Twitter and Social Media and Changing Presentations Forever by Cliff Atkinson
  17. 17. Tools / Apps• Tweetdeck (• Hootsuite (• Tweetchat (• SAP ( erpoint-twitter-tools/) 17
  18. 18. Check the Backchannel
  19. 19. LinkedIn• Create a Chapter Group (Greater Atlanta Group ) – Add websites – Upload contacts – Use to create discussion, job board, etc. – Open or closed? – Invite your National & not local members• Resources: Group Management LinkedIn Expert Tip: How to Create a Group in LinkedIn (YouTube video)
  20. 20. Facebook• Create a chapter “fan” page – Can send messages directly to your members – YouTube video box, content info, photos, blog – Post photos from meetings – Send invites to chapter events – Upload notes (press releases) – Metro DC• Resources: Managing your page: How to create your fan page:
  21. 21. Google+ • Centralized professional and personal information (Circles) • Hangout • Sparks • Huddle
  22. 22. YouTube• Create a chapter YouTube channel to post advertising messages• Post vignettes of highlights from live events• Share videos of upcoming speakers• Resources: YouTube 101: How to Upload earch/17/SzSwnbxb9TY
  23. 23. Blogging• Use to engage chapter members in writing posts to continue the discussion post event• Share reflections following events or other activities• Establish schedule and topic list for blogs• Resources: How to Start a Blog Blogger: How to start a blog
  24. 24. Marketing Tips1. Develop a strategy by identifying your objectives and your audience2. Launch an initiative designed to achieve your objective and reach your target audience3. Feed and nurture your initiative4. Measure and evaluate your initiative
  25. 25. Marketing Plan• Blog 1 – 2x month• Twitter posts – increase frequency as event approaches• LinkedIn – start discussions related to topic / follow up afterward• Facebook – Post events / invites – Post Youtube videos to promote – Follow up with event photos – Media releases
  26. 26. Check the Backchannel
  27. 27. Analytics / What’s the ROI?
  28. 28. Analytics / What’s the ROI?
  29. 29. Analytics / What’s the ROI?
  30. 30. Analytics / What’s the ROI?
  31. 31. Sustaining Engagement • Involve Chapter Leaders • Create Board Position (Director of Social Media; VP of Technology) • Include Social Media in all Communications • Involve and Engage Chapter Members
  32. 32. Resources The New Social Learning: A Guide to Transforming Organizations Through Social Media [Paperback] by Tony Bingham, Marcia Conner, and Daniel H. Pink (Sep 1, 2010)
  33. 33. Social Media for Trainers Social Media for Trainers: Techniques for Enhancing and Extending Learning (Essential Tools Resource) Jane Bozarth (Author)
  34. 34. Thank You!Jennifer Tomarchio, CPLPjennifer.tomarchio@firstdata.comMobile: 954-461-5724@jenni694Michael MerrittMichaelMerritt@hdrinc.comMobile: 402.968.2006@MichaelMerritt