Fft perimeter intrusion_detection_-_iaa_jan12


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Fft perimeter intrusion_detection_-_iaa_jan12

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Fft perimeter intrusion_detection_-_iaa_jan12

  1. 1. Fibre Optic Perimeter Intrusion Detection
  2. 2. Why Choose Fibre Optic IDS?Fibre Optic Intrusion Detection Systems are the latest, and proven timeand time again the most effective systems in the market today. TAUGHT WIRE IDS VS. FIBRE OPTIC IDS Very High Maintenance No Maintenance Installable on almost all fence Requires Exact Fence Type types and can be retro-fitted Requires Power in the field No power required in the field Immune to Lightning and all Susceptible to Lightning forms of RF / EMI Cannot to be used in combination Cable consists of only plastic and with some radar systems glass, and has no effect on radar
  3. 3. Why Choose FFT?Since 1994 Future Fibre Technologies has been a leader indeveloping advanced fibre optic sensing solutions for securityapplications. With 100’s of installations worldwide and a network ofinternational offices and partners, FFT has a truly global footprint.
  4. 4. FFT – The Company• FFT has a large sophisticated customer base. Well over a million meters installed at hundreds of sites globally• Delivers proven, advanced technologies with real-world installations, including several airports and airbases• FFT’s business is totally focused on fibre optic intrusion detection solutions• A worldwide presence for support, sales and training, including office in Gurgaon• FFT is committed to R&D, advancing detection technologies and signal processing techniques
  5. 5. Secure Fence SystemFFT provides unique fibre optic intrusion detectionsolutions that: • Operate over long distances - up to 80km or 50 miles of sensor cable with a single system • Pinpoint the location of an event or intrusion to 10 meters (typical), with maximum of 25 meters • Have high detection rates (POD) • Have low nuisance alarms (NAR)
  6. 6. Detection EventsThe FFT Secure Fence product will work with almost allfence types, such as Chain Link, PVC Coated Chain Link,Weld Mesh and Palisade.The system will detect and locate on all intrusion events,for example: • Cutting of fence fabric and cable • Lifting of fence fabric • Climbing fence fabric or posts
  7. 7. Principle of Operation Passive Start Junction Sensing Controller Inactive lead- Fibre optic sensing cable Passive Terminator in cable• A fibre optic cable is used as the sensor• A steady laser light is sent down the fibre• When any motion or vibration acts on the fibre, the light wave is affected and this change is detected and the event is classified using patented FFT technology
  8. 8. Secure Fence Installation
  9. 9. Signal Discrimination• Uses proprietary FFT developed technology – delivering high sensitivity to intrusions without the penalty of nuisance alarms• Employs Artificial Intelligence (AI) to process the signals, identifying and eliminating nuisance alarms due to environmental noise such as rain, wind, aircraft, traffic etc. while simultaneously maintaining the same high levels of sensitivity
  10. 10. Signal Discrimination Received signal from the sensor of fence climbs during heavy rain Processed Signal Signal discrimination in action – clear detection of Dynamic threshold climbs during heavy rainHeavy rainrecognized
  11. 11. ™ FFT CAMS• A multilingual, stand-alone Graphical User Interface (GUI) to intrusion detection systems• Displays alarms and controls zones on the site map• Logs alarms and operator responses to a secure SQL database• Accepts external inputs and activates external devices such as CCTV cameras, lights, alarms, etc.• Interfaces to high level security management systems as well as Android mobile devices• Advanced client/server architecture with redundancy
  12. 12. ™FFT CAMS
  13. 13. ™FFT CAMS
  14. 14. Mobile CapableDelivers detailed alarminformation and providesmobile alarm managementto field staff via Androiddevices.Works with both mobilephones and tabletcomputers.
  15. 15. Typical Site Configuration SMTP Email Server Video Surveillance, DVR / NVR, other TCP/IP Sensor cable external devices, or systems.Android Mobile Sensing Controller Device FFT CAMS Client & Server Sensor Cable Optional I/O via contacts or digital signals Ethernet Switch Sensing Controller Optional FFT CAMS Clients TCP/IP Operators Console
  16. 16. Powerful Integration For commercial applications, FFT is a Lenel certified manufacturer of fibre optic intrusion detection systems. In addition to Lenel, FFT products also interface to a range of other security management systems including C-CURE, JCI P2000, IndigoVision, DVTel, Milestone Xprotect and Bosch VMS. SDK’s are available to create custom interfaces. For military applications, FFT complies with US Military JFPASS integration utilizing both ICD-0100b and its predecessor TASS or Tactical Automated Security System. In the area of CCTV, FFT interfaces to a broad range of cameras and DVR systems and protocols including Pelco ASCII, DVTel, Axis and Bosch.
  17. 17. Some of FFT’s Clients…