Smartpath SLS-4000 Ground Based Augmentation System By Brian Davis,Air Traffic Management


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  • Just present the highlights of features, the following slides show the examples and details. Cover this one quickly.
  • Smartpath SLS-4000 Ground Based Augmentation System By Brian Davis,Air Traffic Management

    1. 1. SmartPath® SLS-4000 GroundBased Augmentation SystemBrian Davis, Vice President Air Traffic Management
    2. 2.  Technology & Safety Across the Entire Ecosystem2 Honeywell Proprietary
    3. 3.  Required Navigation Performance (RNP) • Takes full advantage of aircraft systems capability • Path conformance with high degree of accuracy and repeatability • Monitoring and alerting of navigation performance • Curved flight paths • Lower fuel burn, emissions, & noise Onboard avionics keep aircraft within a tightly specified airspace corridor • Precise missed approach guidance3 Honeywell Proprietary
    4. 4.  What is a SmartPath® GBAS? Honeywell’s SmartPath is the first, and only, FAA-Internationally approved CAT-I GBAS It will provide CAT I/II/III precision approach and landing capability Air Traffic Control Status Remote Satellite Unit (ATSU) Differential GPS (DGPS) Control & • SLS Status Panel installed in Measurement Unit (RSMU) VHF Data Broadcast (VDB) Cabinet Air Traffic Control Tower or• GPS Receiver packaged in an other location • Integrity Monitoring Algorithms VHF Data Broadcast environmentally protective • FAA-certified DO-278 Software enclosure (VDB) Antenna • Maintenance Data Terminal (MDT)• Multi-path Limiting Antenna• Requires site survey and placement against siting/installation criteria4 Honeywell Proprietary
    5. 5.  GBAS Benefits Variable Glideslope & Displaced Threshold Multiple Concurrent Operations “Clear Zone” Elimination • Increased Airport Capacity • Lower Lifecycle Cost • Decreased Noise • Increased Safety5 Honeywell Proprietary
    6. 6.  SmartPath GBAS Value Summary • Increased airport capacity: SmartPath unlocks capacity constraints – Offers precision approach where ILS cannot due to geography – Enables flexible approaches,(26), improved accuracy versus ILS – Airport benefits from increased revenue (landings fees, concessions, etc.) and cost avoidance (capacity increase w/o adding runways) • Lower life-cycle cost: SmartPath is more cost efficient than ILS – One SmartPath GBAS serves all runways, initial acquisition cost is lower – Lower maintenance cost – Lower flight inspection cost • Safety: SmartPath improves safety – Certification pedigree – Signal stability (immune to signal bends inherent in ILS) • Reduced noise/ shorter routes: Variable glide slopes, RNAV/RNP to GLS finals – Airlines benefit: fuel and emission savings, increased schedule flexibility, avoid noise violations – Airports benefit: increased capacity and schedule flexibility, improved community relations6 Honeywell Proprietary
    7. 7.  GBAS Source of Value – Multiple Customers Capacity Safety & Efficiency Throughput O&M savings Airport Reduced noise Reduced delays Fuel savings Safety & Efficiency Reduced emissions Capacity Reduce flight inspection Airline ANSP $ Savings Alignment of all Stakeholders is key to SmartPath7 Sales Honeywell Proprietary
    8. 8.  GBAS Guidance Implementation 737NG – GLS forward fit, A-380 – GLS Option retrofit A-320 – GLS option 787 – GLS basic A-340 – GLS option 747-8 – GLS basic A-330 – GLS option A-350 – GLS Basic Cockpit GPS Antenna Displays MMR Aircraft Surfaces Aircraft Pilot Autopilot GPS error corrections, Interface integrity, AND path DATALINK – VHF Data Broadcast (VDB) points Antenna Differential Corrections, Local Ground Facility Integrity Status and Data Broadcast Approach Coordinates Monitor GPS DGPS Computes Differential Transmitter Receiver Corrections Provides Integrity Encoder Decoder Check Provides Approach Broadcast Information Coordinates DGPS – Differential GPS MMR – Multi-Mode Receiver (GPS, VDB, ILS, etc)8 VDB – VHF Data Broadcast (Link to aircraft) Honeywell Proprietary
    9. 9.  GLS Precision Approach – Cockpit View • ILS look alike – Glideslope – Localizer GLS – GPS Landing System ILS – Instrument Landing System9 Honeywell Proprietary
    10. 10.  SmartPath Installations10 Honeywell Proprietary
    11. 11.  CAT-III: GBAS Installations/GLS EquipageTimeline 2011 ‘12 ‘13 ‘14 ‘15 ’16 Multi-GNSS 2020+ CAT-II FAA CAT-III CAT-III Honeywell w/Iono Monitor Procurement Certification SmartPath CAT-I (2009) FAA CAT-III Prototype Software (Ground) 100 ICAO GAST-D CAT-III (GAST-D) Requirements (2010) Development CAT-III (GAST-D) 50 Ground CAT-I (GAST-C) Ground System Certifications USA Germany Australia AT&R 4,000 GLS-III GLS-III Collins Honeywell (MMR+, 777) (INR, 787-9) GLU-925 INR (2005) (2010) GLS-III Biz FAA CAT-III Prototype Software (Airborne) 2,000 B737NG B787 A320, A380 SESAR WP 9.12 GLS CAT-III Architecture (Airborne) GA Complete A350 B747-8 Legend CAT-I GLS Planned11 Honeywell Proprietary
    12. 12.  SmartPath® Certifications • First To Certify: • Bremen Germany; German Type Approval received 30 Nov •1st International Certification of SmartPath • Sydney Australia Q1 2012 • Newark New Jersey Q2 2012 • Malaga Spain Q4 2012 • Brazil Q2 201312 Honeywell Proprietary
    13. 13.  ICAO GANIS Block 0 Upgrades B0-65: OPTIMISATION OF APPROACH 2 PROCEDURES I NCLUDING VERTICAL GUIDANCEFirst implementation of GNSS-based approaches.PBN/GLS procedures enhance the reliability and predictability of approachesIncreasing safety, accessibility and efficiency.Flexibility inherent in PBN approach design can be exploited to increase capacity.13 Honeywell Proprietary
    14. 14.  Summary/Discussion • The GBAS Era is here – Air Navigation Service Providers (e.g. FAA, AsA, DFS, AENA), OEMs, and Airlines recognize the Value Proposition • A single SmartPath at an airport – Provides precision approach to all runway ends – Replaces multiple ILSs – Enables numerous additional air operations • Provides precision approach where an ILS cannot – System siting, operation, and maintenance very efficient • SmartPath received FAA approval – Growth to Cat II/III • Airborne equipage increasing • Global GBAS/GLS realization is accelerating- now is the time to incorporate GBAS into your plans Honeywell can provide a total Performance Based Navigation solution providing value to ANSPs, airlines, and the flying public14 Honeywell Proprietary
    15. 15.