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00 control panel xt specification sheet


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00 control panel xt specification sheet

  1. 1. Control Panel Videofied XT GPRS TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIO NS Control Panel Videofied XT GPRSElectrical Data Electrical Data P R O D U C T S P E C I F I C A T I O N S S H E E TPower requirements (Option 1) 12V DC / 2A Communication formats IP Made by RSI VIDEO TECHNOLOGIES 2200-XT-GPRS Sept 2010Back up 4 Alkaline 1.5V, D size, LR20 Communicator type GPRS and GSM cellBattery life 1 year IP stack IP, TCP/IPPower requirements (Option 2) 4 SAFT LSH 20 Batteries Remote maintenance Frontel Downloader protocol onlyBattery life 4 years VIdeo transmission By Frontel protocol to Description Supervised Wireless TechnologyRF technology S2View® central monitoring station The XT control panel is a Videofied wireless, battery operated The XT GPRS, along with all Videofied devices utilize patentedRadio type Spread Spectrum Bidirectional RF Video format MPEG video file hybrid alarm system. It is designed for residential and small S2View® - Spread Spectrum, Videofied, Interactive, AESOperating frequency 868/915/920 MHz Video file size 220 Kbytes business security applications, as well as both indoor and Encrypted Wireless technology, providing optimum signalTransmission security AES algorithm encryption Video framing 5 frames/second outdoor commercial applications (construction sites, cell integrity and security. Bi-directional RF communication pathsRadio jam detection Yes Image format JPEG tower, remote sites, substations...). between all system devices and the system control panel assureSupervision Yes Image size 320 x 240 pixels high signal reliability. Integrated antennas eliminate protruding XT can be used as a standalone alarm system or can beAntenna Embedded or External History/Event Log 4,000 events stored in flash memory wires or rods cumbersome to install and unsightly to consumers,Tamper detection Wall and cover tamper detection integrated into an existing alarms system as an upgrade to Operating temperature 0°/+40°C (32°/104°F) and if damaged could lead to potential system communicationProgrammable Wired Inputs 3 Videofied features and technology. Maximum relative humidity 70%, non-condensing problems.Programmable Wired Ouputs 2 Approvals pending CE / EN50131 / EN300220 / IDA / NCP (Europe) XT has programmable inputs and outputs (outputs availableArming Wired Inputs 2 CP-01 / UL / FCC (USA) The panel supervises every device (excluding the remote Q1 2011). Programmable inputs and certain event types can beDry contact option Yes A-Tick (Australia) keyfob) to validate current open/close state, tamper condition, configured to capture video from a MotionViewer device usingInputs voltage 12VDC (15V max) serial number, date of manufacture, firmware revision, and the mapping feature.Inputs current 3 mA max battery status.Programmable Wired Inputs 3 The control panel has two easy to access external connectorsDry contact Yes for upgrading GPRS and RF antenna connections. Physical DataInputs voltage 12VDC (15V max) Material ABS—ULV0Programmable Wired Ouputs 011 2 12 Dimensions 225 mm x 180 mm x 55mmMax switching voltage le Q 220VDC / 250VAC ilab ava (LxWxD):9in. x 7in. x 2-1/6in.Max switching current tp uts 4A Ou Weight 520gr (without batteries) / 1600gr (with batteries)Max switching power 120VAProgramming Alphanumeric Keypads or Frontel remote control Software Installation/MountingDevices per system 25 per systemAccess codes 20 maximum Control Panel/Base Two screw secures control panel cover to base; Three screws secure control panel base to the wallInstaller codes One (for system programming only) External antennas 2 built-in MMCX connectorsSecurity levels 3 to extend the GPRS and RF rangeArming modes : 2Special arming modes 4 (Area 1 predefined from factory for entry/exit delay. Areas 2, 3, & 4 programmable.)Communication formats GPRSProtocols Frontel EMEA SALES North American Headquarters 23, avenue du Général Leclerc 4455 White Bear Parkway, Suite 700 92340 BOURG-LA-REINE White Bear Lake, MN 55110 FRANCE USA E-Mail : E-Mail : © 2010 RSI Video Technologies Videofied® is a Registered Trademark of RSI Video Technologies. MotionViewerTM is a Registered Trademark of RSI Video Technologies. S2View ® is a registered trademark of RSI Video Technologies. Specifications subject to change without notice.
  2. 2. Control Panel Videofied XT GPRS TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIO NSCompatibility The XT GPRS works with all the following Videofied wireless devices: Stand-Alone Mode In this Mode, the XT control panel works as standard hybrid alarm system with 25 wireless Videofied devices, 3 programmable Inputs and 2 programmable outputs (outputs available Q1 2011). It is a full stand-alone alarm system.Indoor MotionViewer - Outdoor Badge Reader with Door Contacts - detect door Outdoor MotionViewerintegrated PIR motion Prox-Tag - Allowing Arming/ and window open/close activity. - integrated PIR motiondetector, night vision digital disarming of the system from An external input allows a wired detector, night vision digitalcamera, infrared illuminators. outside the premices. The connection from standard camera, infrared illuminators.MotionViewers detect intruders Prox-Tags are standard Mifare security switches and MotionViewers detect intrudersand capture a 10 second video badges. detection devices outputs. and capture a 10 second video ofof the intrusion which is sent to the intrusion which is sent to thethe panel over RF. panel over RF. XTender Mode In this Mode, the XT control panel works as an extension of your existing alarm system. It will enhance it to Videofied for video verification and can also work as a GPRS cell- back-up. Interior Sirens - provide status Exterior Sirens/Strobes - Smoke Sensor - enhances Remote Keyfobs - allow beeps and alarm sounds provide alarm sounds and protection and uses advanced limited system operation throughout the premises where visual identification of alarm detection technology. The and panic alarm needed. site for responding authorities. Smoke Sensor is totally wireless capability in a portable, and an integrated addition the convenient package. whole security system. Features > Video Verification - video resolution of 320 x 240 pixels, 0 lux > 2 dedicated on-board connectors to extend the GPRS coverage sensitivity, 5-frames per second for approx. 10 seconds total and the radio coverage recording time. 220K MPEG file. > 4 Areas with 2 special arming mode and partitions > Up to 25 Wireless zones/devices > 20 user codes or Badges > Mapping feature to trigger a video upon activation of an event > On site configuration/Programming with the Keypad or third party devices > 4.000 Events history log > Panic Alarm Video verification > Multiple power option,12VDC with Alkaline batteries for back- > Smoke Alarm Video verification up to 1 year or Lithium Batteries only for up to 4 years > 3 programmable inputs for GPRS cell-back-up > Built-in GPRS transmitter to report to your Monitoring Station > 2 programmable outputs (outputs available Q1 2011) to activate via the Frontel protocol third party devices on site (smoke cloak, gates, lights, strobes, sirens, etc...)