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Ancient egyptian symbols


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I prepared this PPT for UZTEA ( Uzbekistan Teachers of English Association) conference last year. I shared my experience how I motivate my pupils in the language through Egyptian symbols.

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Ancient egyptian symbols

  1. 1. The Egyptian culture was rich in symbolism. Symbolswere used for religious and magical purposes by both theliving and the dead. Amulets were constructed to ward ofdanger or things of a negative nature. Talisman were used to bring desirable things to the owner.
  3. 3. Sesen Lotus flower This is a symbol of thesun, of creation andrebirth. Because atnight the flower closes and sinks underwater,at dawn it rises andopens again. Accordingto one creation myth itwas a giant lotus whichfirst rose out of thewatery chaos at thebeginning of time.From this giant lotusthe sun itself rose onthe first day. A symbolof Upper Egypt.
  4. 4. Represents truth, justice, morality and balance. Deitiesare often seen standing on this symbol, as if standing ona foundation of Maat. The Feather of Maat Balance or Justice The hearts of the deceased were weighed against her feather atthe Judgment The Goddess Isis and Maat
  5. 5. The cobraProtection and symbolof Lower EgyptThe cobra symbolizedthe divine protectionof the Pharaoh.Originally the cobraappeared on the redcrown of Lower Egypt.When two Lands wereunited, their twocrowns were alsounited. The redcrown combined withthe white crown ofUpper Egypt to become the double crown.
  6. 6. Opens, creation, time, foundation, morality, appeared, divine, doubleA Lotus Flower. This is a symbol of the sun, of … and rebirth.Because at night the flower closes and sinks underwater, atdawn it rises and … again. According to one creation myth itwas a giant lotus which first rose out of the watery chaos at thebeginning of … From this giant lotus the sun itself rose on thefirst day. A symbol of Upper Egypt.
  7. 7. Opens, creation, time, foundation, morality, appeared,divine, double Represents truth, justice, ... and balance. Deities are oftenseen standing on this symbol, as if standing on a … of Maat.The Feather of Maat Balance or Justice The hearts of the deceased were weighed against her feather atthe Judgment.
  8. 8. Opens, creation, time, foundation, morality, appeared, divine, double The CobraProtection and Symbol of Lower Egypt the cobra symbolizedthe ... protection of the Pharaoh. Originally the cobra … on the red crown of Lower Egypt. When the Two Landswere united; their two crowns were also united. The red crowncombined with the white crown of Upper Egypt to becomethe … crown.
  9. 9. Symbol of eternal life. The gods are often seen holding an ankh to someones lips this is considered tobe an offering of "The Breath of Life".
  10. 10. The Egyptians believed that during creation this hill roseout of the sea of chaos to create dry land. The idea of thishill rising had a profound effect on the Egyptians, beingused as every thing from temple layouts to the possibleinspiration behind the pyramids.
  11. 11. A pool of water. The Egyptians portrayed bodies of water bymeans of equally spaced vertical wave lines. When these linesare enclosed by a rectangle it denotes a lake or pool. The Egyptians believed water was the primeval matter fromwhich all creation began. Life in Egypts desert climatedepended on water, and a pool of water would be a greatluxury. There are many tomb paintings that show the deceaseddrinking from a pool in the afterlife.
  12. 12. A loop of rope that has no beginning and no end, it symbolizedeternity. The sun disk is often depicted in the center of it. The shen also seems to be a symbol of protection.
  13. 13. This is a symbol of power and dominion. The Was scepteris carried by deities as a sign of their power.
  14. 14. Symbol of Fertility, MotherhoodCrescent- Among the most powerful of all lucky symbols, the crescent is especially lucky for young children and theirmothers. In ancient Egypt, the crescent moon was the symbol of Isis, the Mother of the Gods. As the Queen of Egypt, Isis was the protector of motherhood, women, and healer ofthe sick. She also rules magic.
  15. 15. A Symbol of Protection, Wisdom and HealthDesigned to resemble the eye of a falcon, this symbol isalso called the Eye of Ra. Horus, also known as the sungod Ra, was a falcon-headed sky god from ancient Egypt.He is associated with vitality, health and regeneration. Horus was the son of Osiris and Isis. His right eye waswhite, and represented the sun, and his left eye was black,and represented the moon.
  16. 16. A Symbol of Creation, Strength and Transformation The Scarab personified the god, Khepri, a sun godassociated with resurrection. As such, the large wingedscarab and the heart scarab were considered good luckbeetles and placed on mummies for protection againstevil.
  17. 17. Answer the questions: What Uzbek symbols do you know? What do they represent? What differences and similarities can you seebetween the Egyptian culture and the Uzbek culture?
  18. 18. The peach tree.In the east the peach symbolizes love. In Surkhandarya’svillage of Derbant the peach tree represents a symbol of love and fertility. It’s fruit are esteemed as the food of magicians.
  19. 19. The sun is the symbol of Uzbekistan in Olympic games.It’s also a symbol of sunny country of Uzbekistan because of the climate of the country.
  20. 20. In the East the tulip is a symbol of love. According to theancient legend people picked tulips and give to lovers to show their loyalty.
  21. 21. Symbol of protection. Girls made beads – amulets from this rose’s fruits to protect themselves from demons.
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  23. 23. THE END