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What's a Growth Stack? And why you should build one.


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It starts with a single problem. It always does. Maybe you need a few more leads to hit your number this month. Maybe you finally outgrew a system of spreadsheets. Maybe your boss challenged you to get more accurate with your reporting. So, you signed up for a piece of software to help you solve the problem and un-officially started building out your tech stack. Without a strategic approach, adding tool after tool can lead you down a dangerous path. Get more strategic about your software and don't just build any old stack, build a Growth Stack.

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What's a Growth Stack? And why you should build one.

  1. 1. What’s a Growth Stack?
  2. 2. A cohesive set of sales & marketing technology, working together to maximize your growth.
  3. 3. You may already have some sales and marketing tools. But, do you have a Growth Stack?
  4. 4. Most teams have 1-5 tools with redundant capabilities. Are your tools redundant?
  5. 5. 1 in 3 teams are frustrated with wasting time trying to connect tools and data. Are your tools disconnected?
  6. 6. Different isolated systems can silo teams. Do your tools divide sales and marketing?
  7. 7. Point solutions that don’t share data make it hard to measure success. Do your tools leave you guessing?
  8. 8. A yes to any of these questions means you may have less of a Growth Stack and more of a...
  10. 10. FRANKENSYsTEM A disconnected, slow, redundant, and random set of sales and marketing tools. What’s a ?
  11. 11. Want to learn more about building a Growth Stack?
  12. 12. We also asked some experts about their Growth Stack.
  13. 13. Growth teams should look into how the software they choose works with their other tools—does it integrate? Can you pass information back and forth? How unique is the tool? Each tool should have a unique and valuable function, as well as connect and complement other tools you use. Marketing: Wistia - Facebook Ads – Intercom Sales: Wistia - HubSpot CRM - HubSpot MARGOT MAZUR Partnership Co-ordinator, Wistia ” ”
  14. 14. Our stack creates efficiency and allows us to be quicker and more responsive. This creates a better customer experience, more conversions, and more leads. We can quickly analyze data and iterate to continually improve the process. Marketing: HubSpot - Domo - Intercom Sales: HubSpot - Intercom CRM - HubSpot - IntercomTYRONE LINGLEY Marketing Manager, Unbounce ” ”
  15. 15. When you have a tech stack that isn't interconnected, you start siloing information. This may not seem like an issue early on, but as you scale it becomes more difficult to manage. Marketing: Marketo - Salesforce - Optimizely Sales: Salesforce - YesWare – DocuSign CRM: Salesforce JULIA CAMPBELL Marketing Operations Manager, Eventbrite ” ”
  16. 16. The more you can streamline your processes the better. Especially when it comes to integrating email, marketing, sales, and social media. More data around your customers is always a good thing. Marketing: Buffer - MailChimp – Google Analytics - Slack BRIAN PETERS Digital Marketing Strategist, Buffer ” ”
  17. 17. With a fully integrated growth stack, the reporting I get as a manager is incredible. I can see the leads my marketing team is creating, how many of them, how qualified they are, and how they've progressed through the sales process...It's all speaking the same language, so it all translates very well. There are no data issues. There are no discrepancies. Marketing: HubSpot, Wistia, Wordpress, SurveyMonkey, Sales: HubSpot, BuiltWith CRM: HubSpot CRM STEVE DECKERT Co-Founder of SweetTooth ” ”