Sales attitude & customer behavior


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Sales attitude & customer behavior

  1. 1. Sales Attitude & Consumer Behavior
  2. 2. Become A Consultant  Sell yourself First  Customers are looking for a solution  They may not know their problem  They don’t buy the features
  3. 3. Never Take No For An Answer  No means not NOW  No means notYET  No means not this ONE
  4. 4. Build Relationships Serve, Don’ t Sell Value them as Human Beings
  5. 5. “Once You think you’re at the mountain top, you stop climbing”
  6. 6. Problem Recognition Information Search Evaluation of Alternatives Decision Post Purchase Evaluation
  7. 7. AS ONE DESIRE IS SATISFIED ANOTHER PROPS UP Customer Desires Can Never Be Satisfied
  8. 8. Some times Customer Might Take a Rational Decision But Mostly It is the Emotional Decision
  9. 9. BECAUSE MORE THAN 1 BUYER IS INVOLVED Selling to Company is different from selling to Individuals
  10. 10. DIRECT BUYING CENTERS  Users The actual members who are going to use your products or services  Buyer The company representative who is going to interact and carry on the transaction with you.  Deciders These are the actual decision makers who will taking a decision to buy or not
  11. 11. INDIRECT BUYING CENTERS  Influencer They are not the actual decision makers. But their opinion matters in certain purchase decision either because their expertise on the matter or decision maker’s trust on them.  Gatekeepers These people have no control over the decision making process, but they control the access to decision makers & their influencers.
  12. 12. Buying Motives of Business Buyer Efficiency Economy Good Quality Simplicity Sale Ability
  13. 13. Steps in Business Buying Problem Recognition General Need Description Product Specification Supplier Search Proposal Solicitation Supplier Selection Order Routine Specification Performance Review