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BITZ BOOTCAMP DC: CRM and Customer Insights

  1. What You’re Missing When You Don’t Use a CRM Joe Malcoun CEO, Nutshell Twitter @nutshell | @jmalcoun LinkedIn in/joemalcoun/ Fun fact: I can paddle a wood-canvas canoe better than I can ride a bike.
  2. Everyone has a CRM, whether they know it or not.
  3. Spreadsheets Email Accounting software � � � SMBs rely on all these methods to track customers— they’re just not optimal.
  4. The wrong tools create headaches
  5. There are five things you don’t get if you rely on spreadsheets and email…
  6. 1. All-encompassing customer view
  7. 2. Team communications
  8. 3. Analytics CRM reports can answer all kinds of questions about your sales team and funnel…
  9. QUESTION Where are my leads most likely to float away? Funnel report
  10. QUESTION How are my sales reps spending their time? Activity report
  11. QUESTION Do we have enough leads in our pipeline to hit our next sales target? Forecast report
  12. Spreadsheets can’t do that.
  13. 4. Email automation4. Email automation
  14. 5. Sales process automation Gives your reps guidance on what to do next� � � Moves leads across pipeline stages when specific goals are completed Helps you understand which tactics are working and what needs improvement Prospecting Qualify Pitch Close
  15. So what’s the solution?
  16. CRMs come in a few different flavors ⇢ Bare-bones/free CRM ⇢ Enterprise-focused ⇢ Industry-specific ⇢ SMB-focused
  17. How to choose?
  18. Five things you need in a CRM It has to be purpose built for SMBs� � � It has to be easy to use It has to have the right features for you � It has to offer great technical support when you need it � It has to fit your budget
  19. The pitfalls of CRM.
  20. Even if you choose a good platform, your CRM investment could still be a bust. PROBLEM: Bad setup  SOLUTION: Choose a tool that easily imports your data and helps you build your sales process
  21. PROBLEM: Lack of team buy-in  SOLUTION: Let the entire team try it first; focus on how time saved = more deals closed
  22. PROBLEM: No training  SOLUTION: Find a solution whose team educates and supports you, before and after your purchase
  23. The promised land
  24. A standardized process that replaces guesswork and empowers every member of the team to be successful. Less tedium. More time to focus on selling.
  25. What’s the real ROI of CRM?
  26. Huh? How?
  27. When software does the busywork for you, you’re freeing up your time to do what software can’t do: build relationships with other people. What would that be worth to you?
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