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Greening every ink


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Greening every ink

  1. 1. IntroductionReuse is an option to recycling because it extends the lifespanof a device. Devices still need eventual recycling, but by allowingothers to purchase used electronics, recycling can be postponedand value gained from device use
  2. 2. FocusingWe identified the problem stems from theproblems of e-waste. we worked hard andstudy it to get a good solution for it . Afterhard work from research anddevelopment department and allemployees on Spear ink company wefinally got the solution which lead us toreduce co2 on the air and we can alsoable to recycle this waste . this problem isink and toner cartridge .
  3. 3. The Problem -It takes about a gallon of oil to make a new laser cartridge. -- In one year, the world produce about hundred millions of cartridge. -Every remanufactured laser cartridge saves nearly 2.5 pounds of metal & plastic waste from being deposited in landfills. -components made of industrial grade plastics will take over a thousand years to decompose.
  4. 4. Carbon foot print .The calculation of the carbon footprintis performed by first identifying andmapping outthe inputs of each life cycle stage.Conversion factors for each input areapplied toconvert material use and energy / fuelconsumption into carbon dioxide orcarbondioxide equivalent emissions.Components of the carbon footprint arecalculated foreach stage of the life cycle shown in figure 1
  5. 5. If 1 million cartridges going to the landfills it mean• 300 ton plastic•50 ton aluminum - 50 ton of toner powder•100 ton rubber & metals -90 ton polyurethane & metals
  6. 6. Challenges Legislation/regulationsConventionalmethods of collection Illegal porkers (non authorized )
  7. 7. The Solutions IS Spear Ink •High tech machines• High quantityRecycled products• Collection boxes •Treatment coating
  8. 8. Our Vision The green economyWe searched in our life about the problems that we are facing recently and we found that there are two issues facing our planet last time ( climate change & financial crises ) and our solution helping the saving issue +GHG emissionso that’s our greet that our business helping in reduce the effect of these problems
  9. 9. Refilling machinesIt make us helping to improve the quality,raise profits and make print cartridgesrecycling a competitive green industry with areal impact on our environment. testing methods to Sustainability assure the quality of recycled items smart
  10. 10. remanufactured cartridgesThese types of cartridges are to a greater orlesser extent produced from old printer cartridge parts that have been reused orrepaired. All parts are examined, washed andtested individually to meet or exceed the qualitystandards set up by the OEM cartridgemanufacturer. Key parts affecting quality andperformance of the printer cartridge are replacedwith new components while the cartridge caseand non-wearing components are kept.It’s better to re-use parts of old printer cartridgesthan to create new waste that ends up in landfillsor incinerators. Less waste and energy are usedin the manufacturing of these cartridgescompared with recycled cartridges thus makingthem a better purchase.
  11. 11. Elements of quality and continuity Quality refilling by using mechanized technique away from manual methods Trained experienced workers Spear ink Good Raw materials and Product spare parts with high quality Research and development11
  12. 12. R&Dour Researching & Developing team all the timeworking on the new solutions.
  13. 13. Spear ink BranchesEgypt – Jordon –KSA - Lebanon
  14. 14. Collection program withFederation of Egyptian Industries.
  15. 15. Awareness campaignsSpear ink activities do not limit only to the industry challenges butalso extend to the public awareness events considering variousstakeholder target groupsSuch activities are well diversified, via multimedia, seminars, fieldexhibitions and work shopsLike (Green Shram campaign ) with MobinilShare with BASEL convention in national workshop for E wastetransportation.Green Aswan initiativeLunching green Egypt initiative by facebook & called for an annual E-day for the ewaste.
  16. 16. Media
  17. 17. Green Thanks