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عرض تقديمي1


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عرض تقديمي1

  1. 1. U.10 : My Body
  2. 2. In this unit you are going to:1- Name some body parts.2- Describe people.3- Say what is the matter with people.4- Write sentences.5- Spell at least 12 new items from 16.6- Repeat the conversation sentence by sentencechorally & correctly.7- Writ the correct word under the correct picture.8- Point to 4 parts of body as they hear theirteacher’s order.
  3. 3. 9- Answer 2 questions from 3 given while theyare listening to the conversation correctly.10- pronounce the new items well.11- think Allah for these blessing.12- Say the conversation in pairs.13- Say Ayah or Hadeath about health problems.14- Say “what is the matter ?” with each other.15- answer the Q in page 18 correctly &individually.
  4. 4. * Answer the following Q: 1- What colour is her eyes? A- Brown B- Blue 2- What colour is her hair?A- Brown B- Black 3- Is it talls?A- True B- False 4- Chose the opposite for each adjective? Short # Fat # Young # A- tall. A- thin. A- old. B- small. B- big. B- high.
  5. 5. 5- Complete the following sentences: I have got………. A- flu B -headache She has got a……………. A-earache B- flu
  6. 6. L/ 1 My Body Head HairFace Eye Ear Mouth Nose
  7. 7. Press hear
  8. 8. Tooth Neck Arm ShoulderStomach Hand KneeLeg Toes
  9. 9. Conversation:A . Listen and practiceSaad : Mahir , how tall are you and how much doyou weight?Mahir: Why?Saad:I want to check with this table.It shows the right weight for your height.Mahir:Im 150 centimetres and I weigh 60 kilos.Saad:Let me see.Youre ten kilos overweight.Mahir:Maybe I need to exercise.
  10. 10. Conversation:A . Listen and practice.Khalid: Wheres your brother today?Waleed: Hes not feeling very well.Khalid: Really? Whats the matter?Waleed: Hes got a headache.Khalid: Oh, thats too bad. Tell him to take a pain killer.Hell feel better soon.Waleed: I dont know. Hes got a sore throat and abackache,too.Khalid: Maybe hes got the flu. Hed better see a doctor.
  11. 11. What colour is her eyes? She has got black eyes What colour is his hair? He has got brown hair
  12. 12. tallweight height
  13. 13. overweight exercise
  14. 14. GrammarQuestions with How metre tall centimetersHow weight kilos
  15. 15. Examples: Q: How tall is she? OrShe is 1 metre. She is 130 centimeters. Q: How much does she weight? She is 48 kilos.
  16. 16. Q: Match the questions to the answers 1 How tall is he?2 How much does he weight? 2 Hes 45 kilos 1 Hes 1 meter.
  17. 17. Write the opposite for each adjective?Short # Tall Fat # ThinYoung # Old
  18. 18. Describe this child?Hair She has got brown haireyes She has got blue eyesskin She has got white skin
  19. 19. ÃæáãÊæÓØÅäÌáíÒíÝÕá2 ãÝÑÏÇÊ ÇáæÍÏÉ10ÇáÏÑÓ 3- YouTube.flv
  20. 20. Whats the matter? I have got flu She has got a earache
  21. 21. Grammar What’s the matter?Have + nounOr AdviceHas
  22. 22. Examples:Whats the matter? I have got a headache. Advice…… Take some aspirin.
  23. 23. Whats the matter? She has got a backache.Advice…… Stay in bed.
  24. 24. centimeterskilos
  25. 25. WrongBack to question 1
  26. 26. WrongBack to question 2
  27. 27. WrongBack to question 3
  28. 28. WrongBack to question 4
  29. 29. WrongBack to question 5
  30. 30. ExcellentGo to question 2
  31. 31. ExcellentGo to question 3
  32. 32. ExcellentGo to question 4
  33. 33. ExcellentGo to question5
  34. 34. ExcellentCongratulation