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Wcol workshop


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Tips and hints for creating effective abstracts

Published in: Education
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Wcol workshop

  1. 1. Effective conference submissions WCOL transforming lives and societies 13th February 2019 Gráinne Conole and Orna Farrell Dublin City University
  2. 2. Outline − Overview of the WCOL, overarching questions, key themes and submission types − Tips and hints on what makes a good submission − Brainstorming in groups on ideas for submissions − Sharing of ideas and refinement − Making the most of the conference and use of social media − Converting conference presentations into articles − Next steps
  3. 3. Previous experience −Benefits of attending conferences −Previous experience of submitting abstracts and attending conferences − What was good − What was not so good Image source
  4. 4. 2019 Conference Dublin
  5. 5. Big questions − What is the future of online education? − How can online education contribute to better futures? − What is required to harness the potential of online education? − What are the implications of online learning for educational leaders? − How should governments and policy- makers respond to online education? Image source
  6. 6. Sub-themes − Transformative Online Pedagogies − Reimaging Online Education for Better Futures − Expanding Access, Openness, and Flexibility − Promoting Equity, Diversity and Inclusion − Innovative Learning Designs for Student Success − Open Pathways and New Credentials for Lifelong Learning − New Business and Delivery Models for Changing Times − Education for Healthy Lives and Communities − New Skills for Living and Working in New Times − Global Challenges and Glocal Solutions Image source
  7. 7. Types of presentations −Research findings −Positional piece −Workshop −Literature review −Panel discussion −Format − Digital poster (100 words) − Concise paper (250 words) − Full paper (400 words) Image source
  8. 8. Tips and hints − Catchy title − Abstract summarises presentation and addresses conference themes − Keep to the word limit − Think about − What is the problem you address? − What method(s) do you use to research this problem? − What data have you been able to produce or process? − What findings will you be able to discuss? − Include acknowledgements Image source
  9. 9. Brainstorming session −List potential topics and co- authors −Choose a conference theme −Choose a session format −Decide on focus −Jot down ideas for what to include −Think about why it’s interesting Image source
  10. 10. Preparing the slides − Use correct DCU template − Include an outline − Keep text short − Include images with acknowledgements − Have a clear structure and conclusion − Include references − Practice and check timing! − Post slides online and tweet − Slide with email, blog and Twitter ID Image source
  11. 11. Working the conference −Identify people to target at the conference −Give out business cards −Choose sessions to attend −Take a draft paper/leaflets −Consider writing a blog post −Use the conference hashtag −Network at social events −Follow up Image source
  12. 12. Converting to a paper −Elicit feedback from people at the conference −Refine paper −Target journal and align to its focus −Get colleagues’ comments −Ensure references are in the correct format Image source
  13. 13. Most of all enjoy it! Image source
  14. 14. A world top young university Email:, Blog: Twitter: @gconole, @orna_farrell