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Survey solutions for ngo


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As an active and responsible NGO you may have some questions regarding your market.

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Survey solutions for ngo

  1. 1. 2017
  2. 2. © Incidence 2017 2 Who is close to me?What is the market? How to communicate?What is my image?  Who are my contributors?  Why are they giving?  Who stops to contribute and why?  Who are the volunteers working for us?  What drive them?  Are my contributors satisfied? What element in particular? What are my key success factors and my evolutions priorities  …  What is the attractiveness of my communications? Is the message correctly decoded?  What is the most efficient communication regarding the agency proposals?  Do we need to be part of this event?  What are the best practice to recruit contributors?  How is appreciated our magazine?  What about Facebook?  Are we present enough?  …  Who knows your NGO?  What is the origin of the awareness?  What is the credibility of my NGO?  Is my public image relevant with the wanted image of the NGO?  What are the strengths & weaknesses of the NGO?  …  Who are my « competitors »?  Who are the classical contributors? What drives them?  What are the images of NGOs on the market?  How is my NGO different from the others?  What values are seen by my members and are they seen by the non members?  … Problems encountered by associations As an active and responsible NGO you may have some questions regarding your market :
  3. 3. © Incidence 2017 3 Our solutions  At Incidence, we create customised surveys for your associations needs : image and awareness survey, contributor survey, pre and post advertising tools are on offer : Image and awareness survey Contributors surveys Advertising pretesting Advertising post-testing
  4. 4. © Incidence 2017 4 Image and awareness survey  The goal of this survey is to analyse the awarness and the image of the NGO for the general public:  Awareness of the NGOs  What is the presence of mind of the NGOs ?  Image of the NGOs Drawing of the perceptual mapping of the NGOs  Donors typology  What is the donors typical profile?  Focus on your NGO What is the image of your NGO for the general public?
  5. 5. © Incidence 2017 5 Contributors surveys  The main goals of this survey is to give you the keys for the best practices with your contributors (donors, volunteers, employee…):  Choice of the supported association  How a non-donor becomes a donor?  Communication assessment  What are the most efficient communication model for your target?  Assessment of the actions carried out by the NGO  How these actions are understood by the contributors?  Contributors satisfaction survey  Who are satisfied and why ? How to improve satisfaction?  …
  6. 6. © Incidence 2017 6 Advertising pretesting  The main goal of this pretest is to evaluate qualitatively the campaigns developed for the NGO. This test ensure you that the campaigns are responding to the briefing and that the target understand the message you want to send. You can also use this survey to choose between variant developed campaigns by your communication agency.  The pretest model that we developed at Incidence is a 4 levels test that measure different points of the campaign: Attractiveness value: the eye catching potential of the campaign Informative value: understanding of the content, credibility, perception of the message… Emotional value: strengths & weaknesses, global score… Commitment: the ability to transform the public into contributor, to raise awareness…
  7. 7. © Incidence 2017 7 Advertising post-testing  You can also analyse the impact of your advertising campaign on your public.  At Incidence, we developed a 3 steps analysis tools:
  8. 8. © Incidence 2017 Preparation  Defining your needs  Questionnaire design  Methodology  … Fieldwork  Participant selection  Data collecting  … Data processing  Data cleaning  Statistical analysis  … Reporting  Analysing results  Drawing conclusions  Recommendations  Oral presentation  …  Incidence can help you every step of your project: 8 Support
  9. 9. © Incidence 2017 Contact For further information or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact team Incidence : Vincent Ravet : Managing Partner +32 (0) 473.681.690. Geoffroy Comhaire : Managing Director +32 (0) 475.766.763. 9