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Market Research agency providing operational tools for small and medium companies

Published in: Marketing
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Company Profile

  1. 1. 2017 Company profile
  2. 2. © Incidence 2017 2 1. Who we are? Incidence :  Incidence is a marketing consultancy firm offering adapted solutions to small and medium-sized companies, both in the commercial, public and in service sectors.  Incidence was created to provide actionable insights to managers through market research solutions usually reserved for larger companies and multi- nationals. The mission of Incidence is to help you find the answers and support you in the implementation of the solutions.
  3. 3. © Incidence 2017 The main strengths of Incidence are  Research :  Partners experience: Associates combine over 40 years of experience in market research across all sectors.  Follow up during the study and analysing the results.  Adjusted methodologies tailoring to the goals, focus on efficiency.  Pragmatic and comprehensive analysis for the users.  Customer oriented by promoting operational results. 3 2. Strengths of Incidence  Organizational : for a high degree of flexibility we work with a network of privilege partners, all expert in their sector.  A full independent company in financial and management terms (rapid decisions, no pressure from stock market indicators…).  Budget : due to its organizational flexibility and its customer orientation, Incidence offer you attractive financial condition.
  4. 4. © Incidence 2017  Incidence is a 360° market research agency. We can help you choose the most appropriate methodological solution for your needs. Unlike other consultancy agency we do not limit ourselves to online or face-to-face surveys.  We propose the most recent methodologies in market research:  Qualitative survey: Focus group (online & offline) Face to face …  Quantitative survey : CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview) CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interview) PAPI (Paper And Pencil Interview) WATI (Web Assisted Telephone Interview) CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interview) …  Mystery Shopping  Desk Research 4 3. Our standards solutions
  5. 5. © Incidence 2017 STRATEGICAL ISSUES TACTICAL ISSUES Market positioning & communication Potential target groups Points of sales & sales staff • Client clustering • Market structure • Usages & attitudes • Pricing • Sensory testing • Ad testing • Product pre-test • Mystery shopping • Business event rating or pre-testing • Store check Buyers vs non-buyers • Lost sales diagnostic • CSS 4. Operational tools
  6. 6. © Incidence 2017 Buyers vs non buyers Target groups potential Positioning Concept Communication Retailing-Distribution Channels / points of sales Sales staff Who are my clients? Who saw my ad? Why the clients are not satisfied with our salesforce? How to improve our products? What is the best price policy to improve the sales by 10%? When and how should we see the buyer manager? Why operational marketing? 5. Our operational approach 5
  7. 7. © Incidence 2017 6. Few examples of our advanced tools 7  Qualitative and quantitative surveys for the starters.  Quick Respons survey : Impact measeure of particular event on the target audience.  Development of original concept, new ideas…  Identification of the attributes used by consumer to make choices.  Impact of the change of an attribute, of the price, of the entry of a new player on the market.  Definition of the most appropriate geographic area for implementing a new business.  Identification of the desired characteristics for the shop.  Highlight of the promotors (Who, How many…).  Definition of the key success factors and the priority improvement. QRS Creativity session Quali start / Quanti start Conjoint analysis Geomarketing analysis CSS Score
  8. 8. © Incidence 2017  Few of the Incidence references: 8 7. Recent references
  9. 9. © Incidence 2017  Incidence Rue Arthur Hardy 7 1300 Limal  +32 (0) 10.413.416   For further information or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact team Incidence: 9