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TouriSME Comp Project presentation november_2016-1


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This is the description of the TouriSMEComp ERASMUS project, implemented by FPIMM Brasov between 2014 - 2016 and dedicated to tourism field from Romania, Germany, Portugal, including Azore Islands, Croatia and Turkey.

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TouriSME Comp Project presentation november_2016-1

  1. 1. 28-11-16
  3. 3. SELF-RESPONSIBLE LEARNING OF KEY COMPETENCES IN TOURISM SME A Mean to improve Competitiveness and Employment The objective of the project is to improve the level of key competencies of employees in TSME as the foundation of the acquisition of professional skills and there by improve their employability as well as the competitivity of TSME.
  4. 4. SELF-RESPONSIBLE LEARNING OF KEY COMPETENCES IN TOURISM SME The impact and long term benefits of the project will be: •500 employees will improve and document their key competencies for lifelong learning as a prerequisite for a continuing improvement of their professional skills. This will increase the demand for facilitation of workplace learning from additional employees. •The practice will spread from the core group to other TSME managers and additional consultants in similar organisations, through the outputs realised (Guideline for TSME mangers on facilitating workplace learning of key competences in their companies, Modular learning material for TSME (potential) employees, which supports using situations in the work process for the acquisition of key competences for Life Long Learning, a curriculum for a course to disseminate and spread the concept).
  5. 5. TouriSME Comp The aim of the project: to qualify 20 specialist learning facilitators who will work with 50 hotel and restaurant owners and managers on providing adequate learning pathways for low skilled employees in the hotel and restaurant industry. The project will reach out to at least 500 low skilled employees of tourism SME.
  6. 6. TouriSME Comp Intellectual Outputs
  7. 7. TouriSME Comp 1. Requirement Analysis Synthesis Report was elaborated by ISOB with the information from all the partners; it consist in a synthesis report with the state of art of the tourism SME in each partner country
  8. 8. TouriSME Comp 2. Handbook for Consultants was coordinated by Gazi University and it is an useful guide for the consultants from the Partners countries that will work as facilitators for workplace learning in tourism SME’s
  9. 9. TouriSME Comp • 3. Training Handbook for Tourism SME Managers: Coach your Staff – Building your Employees Key Competencies by Stimulating Self-Learning- Concise guideline with rationale for coaching employees including tools and example cases
  10. 10. TouriSME Comp • 4. Training Material for employees to build key competences using workplace learning in Tourism SME- Collection of 80 pages instruction modules (10 for each key competency)
  11. 11. TouriSME Comp  5. Curriculum for a Blended Learning Course “Self-Learning in Tourism SME” for Coaches and Trainers- a curriculum for a blended learning course which introduces to the concept of facilitating self- learning in Tourism SME
  12. 12. TouriSME Comp Training Activities
  13. 13. TouriSME Comp C1: training course for consultants in order to become facilitators for self-learning key competences at workplace - 5 days session
  14. 14. TouriSME Comp C1: training course for consultants – second group
  15. 15. TouriSME Comp • C2: training course for 50 tourism managers in order to become internal facilitator for self- learning key competences at workplace – 5 days session • Managers from Azores Island- came to Brasov
  16. 16. TouriSME Comp • Managers from Brasov went to Zagreb
  17. 17. TouriSME Comp • Managers from Brasov went to Azores Island
  18. 18. TouriSME Comp • Managers from Turkey came to Brasov
  19. 19. TouriSME Comp • Managers from Viana do Castelo came to Brasov
  20. 20. TouriSME Comp Managers from Zagreb came to Viana do Castelo
  21. 21. TouriSME Comp Managers from Brasov came to Viana do Castelo
  22. 22. TouriSME Comp Multiplier events
  23. 23. TouriSME Comp •TouriSMEComp- feedback for consultants
  24. 24. TouriSME Comp • TouriSME Comp- managers choices in Brasov
  25. 25. TouriSME Comp • TouriSME Comp- managers choices in Ankara
  26. 26. TouriSME Comp • TouriSME Comp- managers choices in Viana do Castelo
  27. 27. TouriSME Comp TouriSME Comp- qualitative competences for workers in Brasov
  28. 28. TouriSME Comp • Multiplier event: • TouriSME Comp- Mean to improve competitiveness and employability
  29. 29. TouriSME Comp • Final Conference
  30. 30. TouriSME Comp Activity to be continued: Outreach activity in SME - Workers self- responsible learning- 500 employees from tourism sector are assisted to improve the key competences through self-learning at workplace by the 50 managers participated on the training, closely assisted by the consultants that will act as facilitators of the learning
  31. 31. TouriSME Comp Thank you!