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Meeting in riga


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Meeting in riga

  1. 1. Meeting in Riga19- 21 September 2012
  2. 2. • Who we are?• The Polish Economic Company - Plant of the Training andthe economic consultancy llc. is a company training andadvisory about the long-standing tradition. A mission of ourcompany is a social-economic development of the regionand educating on the highest level. The Polish EconomicCompany - Plant of the Training and the economicconsultancy in Lublin took part in the competitionorganized by the Regional chamber of commerce ProvincialLeader of the Business and by the decision of the Chapterreceived a certificate: Provincial Leader of Business 2009.PTE has an entry in the register of training institutions No.332 / of P/N/ 2007 and the register of the employmentagency.
  3. 3. • We are conducting the wide and active education of employeesemployed in different industries. In the current organizational formwe are conducting activity from 1991. The success of everycompany is based on the effectiveness of her employees, it this wayis also in our case The staff qualified, full of the energy rich in thelong-term experience which will take care is powering PTE rowsabout of you comfort and satisfaction. Our company offerstrainings fitted to Customers the most requiring needs. We areorganizing business trainings, closed trainings forcompanies, courses, conferences, seminars, and trainings fundedpartially in the EU. In our broad offer we offer help in the economicconsulting: drawing up applications for funding accounting partiallyfrom the EU and the service. The technical highest level of ouracademic teachers and coaches is our strong points as well asnice, professional, opened on of you needs service.
  4. 4. • TRAINING• Open training:• They are intended for all those who wish to deepen theirknowledge and develop skills. Training shall be conductedin the form of lectures or workshops. We place specialemphasis on efficient and transparent transfer ofinformation, which in turn results in satisfaction ofparticipants. This is confirmed by the interviews. Weorganize training throughout the country, one-or severaldays depending on the complexity of the issue of thematter. Standard chosen by our training places is at thehighest level, so that our clients in a comfortable and stressare able to fully delve into the issues of interest to theirsubjects.
  5. 5. • Training in your company (closed): They are designed for companies thatwant to train their staff, taking into account your personal needs. We areopen and ready to negotiate on the subject, place of training and pricing.Our training of the highest quality, confirmed by our references. Flexibilityand openness to customer needs is one of the main assumptions in ourcompany. Continuous improvement of the quality of our services isachieved through: The high level of knowledge and excellent teachingstaff. Modern education facilities. Systematic improvement ofqualifications of its personnel. Selection of efficient methods of training byorganizing workshops, courses, seminars and conferences to ensure usefulknowledge. The current range of training services reflecting customerdemand and based on the best copyright programs. Stable and friendlycooperation with customers and high level training courses. Using thelessons learned from the training participants. Participation in eventsorganized by our various forms of education allows our customers toupgrade and streamline their knowledge and gain new knowledge andskills necessary to work effectively in various positions.
  6. 6. • Trusted us more than 3000 companies from across thePolish. Over 20 years of fruitful work with our trainingbenefited about 50 000 participants.• The high quality of teaching staff provide cooperating withus: Experts from government offices andministries, Professors from renowned universities, Taxadvisors, Auditors Employees of law firms, Practitioners ofindustrial plants achieving economic success. PolishEconomic Society - Department of Economics of Trainingand Consulting Sp. of o.o. in Lublin seeks to provide highquality training services that help our customers make theirknowledge and acquire new knowledge necessary foreffective work. The priorities for the PTE - Lublin is both ahigh professional level and professional organizationactivities.
  7. 7. • POLISH LANGUAGE COURSE FOR FOREIGNERS• The Polish Economic Company - Plant of the Training and the economic consultancy llc. in Lublininvites foreigners in the Polish language course.• PURPOSE OF THE COURSE• The aim of course is to acquire the ability to communicate in Polish by foreigners. The course will besystematically developed language skills in listening, reading, speaking and writing. Inaddition, students learn the values ​​and history of the region.• TRAINING MODULES• know the Polish alphabet and phonetic issues• grammatical and syntactical issues• thematic and linguistic issues, conversations at the basic levellifestyle and cultural issues• TEACHERS• The classes are conducted by experienced teachers with a background to teach foreigners.• PLACE• Classes will take place in the our office in Szewska 4/7 Street. In addition, during the course areplanned weekend away which will be presented to the richness of the region, monuments andfolklore.
  8. 8. • POST-GRADUATE EDUCATION WITH THE ECONOMICHIGHER EDUCATION IN KATOWICE• We are inviting cordially for the post-graduate education organisedtogether with Economic University in Katowice which will take placein Lublin.• This college is finding the broad recognition rapidly of employerswhat he causes, that for her graduates quickly are able to be foundon the labour market.• We propose you two directions of the education:• The managerial psychology department - only direction in PolandEastern• Academy of the manager of the logistics
  9. 9. Handing out certificates of the completion of training ofthe cook
  10. 10. Personally prepared dishes on course cook
  11. 11. Workshops activating for disabled persons 07.2012
  12. 12. Workshops activating for disabled persons 07.2012
  13. 13. Our registered office
  14. 14. OUR TEAM