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Team Finland Digital Hospitals

Digital Hospitals program brochure

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Team Finland Digital Hospitals

  1. 1. Meet the Finnish Companies Offering Digital Health Solutions
  2. 2. 2 Team Finland Digital hospitals
  3. 3. 3Team Finland Digital hospitals Finpro helps Finnish SMEs go international, encourages foreign direct investment in Finland and promotes tourism. We bring growth to Finland. We are a public organization and part of the Team Finland network. Finpro Porkkalankatu 1 FI-00180 Helsinki FINLAND Finnish Digital Solutions for Health • innovative technology and smart apps • intelligent and easy-to-use solutions • world-class expertise and creative thinking • trusted solutions for demanding environments • designed for health professionals, tested in real life
  4. 4. 4 Team Finland Digital hospitals For more insight and information about Finnish Digital Solutions for Health, please contact: Meet our Experts! Senior advisor – Finland Eero Toivainen Finpro Digital Hospitals program +358 40 343 3379 Advisor – Denmark Pirjo Hamnström Finpro Digital Hospitals program +45 205 498 92 Advisor – Denmark Terhi Rasmussen Finpro Digital Hospitals program +45 205 498 94 Digital Hospitals The Digital hospital growth program is designed for Finnish companies working with technology that improves the quality of care. These technologies can improve efficiency, precision, reliability and safety in the hospital environment.
  5. 5. 5Hospital at home Digital hospitals Hospital at Home
  6. 6. 6 Hospital at home Digital hospitals Fastroi FastROI provides Enterprise Resource Planning software, services and consultancy for mobile work. FastROI Real-Time Care® is a solution for customer information, work planning and reporting for housing service units and home services. FastROI Real-Time Care® mobile is an intelligent and easy-to-use solution for the comprehensive control of home care services. The system’s versatile customer management features and wireless work supervision are suitable for both the private and public sector. In 2015, FastROI Real-Time Care® was already being used in over 1000 private and public sector sites throughout Finland, with over 35,000 end users. Länsikatu 15 FI-80110 Joensuu FINLAND Contact Kalle Punto Business Director +358 50 591 6403 Evondos Evondos is a Finnish healthcare service company at a stage of intense growth. Evondos has developed a unique and innovative solution for long-term medicated home care patients. Evondos® automatic medicine dispensing service enables patients to get the right medicines at the right time and in the right doses – completely automatically. The service improves patients’ medical adherence and safety while introducing significant direct cost savings and quality benefits to healthcare service providers. The service is based on pre-dispensed medicines which are filled into a medicine dispenser that is located in patient’s home. Dispenser dispenses the medicines and reminds the patient automatically while Telecare® system enables real time monitoring and messaging for nurses and family members. Salorankatu 5-7 FI-24240 Salo FINLAND +358 2 777 760 Contact Tea Mills Sales Manager +358 50 463 2042
  7. 7. 7Hospital at home Digital hospitals Medixine • Remote monitoring and disease management • Patientportals integratedto Electronic Medical Record(EMR) systems • Prevention and population screening • Personal Health Record (PHR) software and services Together with our partners we provide the right solutions to meet customers’ e-business needs. Medixine solutions have been deployed for over 200,000 patients in Europe, Asia and USA. Lars Sonckin kaari 10 Nova building 4th floor FI-02600 Espoo FINLAND Contact Markku Sani Channel Sales Director Mobile: +358 40 522 9090 RemoteA RemoteA is a remote diagnostic service providing specialist medical consultation. We provide the hardware, access to our secure system and produce a medical specialist report recommending necessary treatment and appropriate referral. The service is available for 24 hour Holter ECG monitoring, sleep apnea study and 24 hour Blood pressure monitoring. Contact John Holmberg Client Service Manager Tel. +46 8 28 03 02 Lars Sonckin kaari 10–16 FI-02600 Espoo FINLAND
  8. 8. 8 Hospital at home Digital hospitals Seniortek Our expertise is security solutions for special care needs e.g. elderly, disabled and other demanding groups and we have won several awards for our innovative solutions. Seniortek security solutions are implemented without any bracelets or sensors attached to persons. In addition, the system enables the creation of a personal profile for the individual care needs of each user and so provides a degree of freedom to move and act within the limits of their abilities. Seniortek safety systems are being used daily to protect about 4000 persons in dozens of different locations, e.g. health centers, service homes and independent living in home environments. Solarch Solarch Ltd, a Finnish start-up company, focuses on innovative healthcare solutions. We provide the best-in-class online services and tools for an active life style and wellbeing. Registered in November 2012, Solarch is member of the Aalto Start-Up Center. Our innovative product, ActiveMEDI™, provides comprehensive care management system with inbuilt collaboration and monitoring tools to engage all the needed parties in the care process. ActiveMEDI™ connects patients (and the next-of-kin) with care providers. Contact Jari Soudunsaari Product Development Manager tel. +358 45 7734 7789 Contact Alireza Hasanpour Managing director +358 50 486 0865 alireza.hasanpour@solarch.fiRantavitikantie 33 FI-96300 Rovaniemi FINLAND Energiakuja 3 FI-00180 Helsinki FINLAND
  9. 9. 9Hospital at home Digital hospitals Contact Jani Virtanen Co-founder, Chairman of the Board, COO +358 50 380 1134 Kuortaneenkatu 2 FI-00510 Helsinki FINLAND Sooma Ourneuromodulationtherapyusesasafe,gentleanddrug-freeapproach to treat depression. The product has been approved for treatment of major depressive disorder (MDD) in adult patients. Small and lightweight, designed for clinical routine Sooma tDCS is a small, hand-held device, which is adaptable to various clinical routines. It is easy to use for the professional, and well tolerated bythepatient.Anon-invasive,innovativeformofneuromodulation,tDCS is the missing piece of clinical routine in treating depression. It has been found to improve the effects of both medication and psychotherapy, and can also be used independently as a monotherapy. Sooma tDCS is a cost-effective means of treatment, and therefore applicable to large patient populations. Microkatu 1 FI-70211 Kuopio FINLAND +358 50 363 2797 Bone Index Bone Index is one of the most promising Life Science Company in Scandinavia 2014 (Nordic Star Award). The mission is to reduce the number of osteoporotic fractures by one million globally per year and thus increase the quality of life of families. The aim is to bring the diagnostics from special healthcare to primary healthcare. There are currently an estimated 200 million people suffering from osteoporosis, only 25 per cent of whom receive a diagnosis for the condition.One ofthe relatedproblemsisthe lack ofaccessto diagnostics as the examinations are most often conducted in large hospitals, using x-ray equipment (DXA) that requires a great deal of space. Bindex® point-of-care technology for osteoporosis screening and diagnostics is new and unique in the whole world (CE-approved). The examination can even be carried out by a nurse at the patient’s home. Contact Jarmo Kauppinen Sales Director +358 40 025 4836
  10. 10. 10 Hospital at home Digital hospitals Sinebrychoffinkatu 11 FI-00120 Helsinki FINLAND Patient21 Patient21 is a mobile solution that securely connects patients and clinic pre and post outpatient surgery. Patient21 shifts the care to a home, improves control and quality of the care, and leads to increased patient experience and better care results. Care teams can engage patients with automated communications, personalized care instructions, and time-bound questionnaires. Contact Jussi Määttä Business Director +358 40 552 2151
  11. 11. 11Hospital Logistics Digital hospitals Hospital Logistics
  12. 12. 12 Hospital Logistics Digital hospitals Ecosir Group Ecosir Group Ltd is specialized in energy-efficient vacuum waste pipeline transfer solutions (called generally as AWCS/PWS systems).The wide systemportfolioincludesanumberofautomatedsolutionsformixedand organic waste (BIO waste), energy waste and for paper and cardboard material, including linen and laundry. DSV Healthcare DSVHealthcareoffersanoveralllogisticsservicefrommanufacturer to end-user for healthcare. The logistics costs are highest at the final meters of the supply chain, e.g. inside the operational department. To resolve this DSV Healthcare has developed the Healthcare Logistician concept. Benefits; Connects different care situations to efficient logistics systems in a customer-oriented manner. A new division of labor frees healthcare professionals from logistics tasks. Today logistics relatedtaskstake15-20%ofnursestime.Guaranteesanunbroken nursing process in terms of logistics. logistics tasks. Today logistics related tasks take 15-20% of nurses time. Contact Veli-Jussi Penttilä Sales Manager +358 500 426 835 Contact Juhamatti Joensuu Sales Manager +358 40 712 1967 juhamatti.joensuu@fi.dsv.comRuukinmestarintie 12 FI-02330 Espoo FINLAND +358 20 7290 300
  13. 13. 13Hospital Logistics Digital hospitals Spark Ergonomics Medical carts, Designed for Professionals Our passion is to create high quality, user friendly, innovative mobile carts that make healthcare professionals job easier and more efficient. Our carts enhance mobile patient point-of-care and reduce cost of care at the same time. Proof of this is that we have already delivered over 10.000 carts to health care institutions in Europe. 9Solutions 9Solutions is manufacturer of the awarded-winning 9Solutions real-time locating system based on Bluetooth Low Energy and cloud technologies. 9Solutions enables simple and fast locating of people and medical equipment. The healthcare solutions we provide help our customers in hospitals, care homes and home care environments to raise both their safety and productivity to another level. 9Solutions offers advanced nurse call, staff safety, patient wandering and asset tracking solutions in a single solid solution. 9Solutions products are used on a global level offering high locating accuracy, centralized management, fast deployment, predictable lifecycle costs as well as easy integration with 3rd party systems. Contact Michael Szücs Director, Marketing Business Development +358 40 648 7011 Contact Päivi Leppänen Export Director +358 40 136 1016 paivi.leppanen@sparke.fiTeknologiantie 2 FI-90590 Oulu FINLAND +358 20 752 9050 Poutuntie 15 FI-62100 Lapua FINLAND +358 40 136 1061
  14. 14. 14 Hospital Logistics Digital hospitals X-Akseli AKSELI system is a combination of self-registration kiosks, info screens and software, designed to optimize the patient flow in hospitals and clinics. The system controls and manages patient check-in, access and guidance without invading privacy. For the healthcare staff, it provides an easy way of calling patients into the treatment room and the opportunity to monitor patient flow in real time. AKSELI can be used to collect diverse statistical information to support process development and resource planning. Contact Antti Tikkanen +358 46 853 3315 Linnoitustie 2 a, 4.krs FI-02600 Espoo FINLAND +358 46 853 3315 Digital Identity Solutions Europe Digital Identity Solutions Europe (DISE) is an expert in identity focused solutions for the healthcare sector. DISE’s innovative Healthcare Identity and Access Management (Healthcare IDM) solution enables huge cost savingsandimprovescomplianceandsecurityinhealthcareorganisations automating digital identity administrative processes, monitoring of identity events and movement, and simplifying data collection from the identities. The Healthcare IDM integrates with the healthcare organisation’s IT and HR systems as well as physical access control systems. Contact Vesa Vatanen Business Director +358 40 510 0804 Sinebrychoffinkatu 11 FI-00120 Helsinki FINLAND
  15. 15. 15Hospital Logistics Digital hospitals Festivo Festivo MEDLAB Scientific Medical appliances are manufactured in Hollola, Finland, where our research development, factory, administration and service are also situated. Festivo is a genuine Finnish product. The Festivo label on the front panel of your cooling appliance is guarantee of high Finnish quality, evolving from long experience, strong materials and construction, proven over decades. New energy efficient and environmental friendly Festivo MEDLAB range is designed to fulfill the exacting demands of the medical and research sector. Megaklinikka Megaklinikka has changed the way in which health care services are delivered. Our innovative concept and Enterprise Resource Planning software optimizes and controls allocation of existing resources in a revolutionary manner. Our innovation changes the day-to-day delivery of medical services by eliminating traditional bottlenecks and molding the process into a more flexible customer oriented one. Our concept has been tried, tested and improved for 5 years at our clinic in Helsinki. The quality of service, the customer experience and employee satisfaction have all increased. Aalto University has produced a study which shows that out concept increases efficiency significantly compared to original service production processes. The study also showed concrete results when our model was implemented in a trial in the public sector. Contact Noora Orpana Sales Manager +358 41 544 1254 Contact Atte Niittylä Business Director +358 50 3238047 Suomen Kotikylmiö Ltd Ravitie 3 FI-15860 Hollola FINLAND +358 3 553 8600 Kampinkuja 2 C FI-00100 Helsinki FINLAND +358 9 58 400 300
  16. 16. 16 Hospital Logistics Digital hospitals Medanta Medanta’s mission is to design and produce the finest medical apparel in the world with antimicrobial properties. Our company ́s wrinkle-free innovations- Medanta Flex, Medanta Knit and Medanta Microfiber- are the workwear industry ́s first elastic technical materials, which are easy to care for and are designed to endure repeated industrial washings at high temperatures. Elastane makes our clothes durable, easy to care for, and comfortable to wear and their performance is equal to sportswear textiles. Our multifunctional collections bring further savings as the same designs can serve multiple professional groups. All Medanta collections can even be provided with microchips. Contact Susanne Stadius Sales Director +358 50 408 1091 Hämeentie 155 C FI-00560 Helsinki FINLAND +358 20 7280010 D E S I G N E D W I T H CAR E
  17. 17. 17Hospital Planning and Technical Advice Digital hospitals Hospital Planning and Technical Advice
  18. 18. 18 Hospital Planning and Technical Advice Digital hospitals Nordic Healthcare Group (NHG) – Designing future of healthcare NHG is the leading health- and socialcare management consulting and analytics company in Nordic countries. We are specialised in analysis, planning and development of healthcare and social welfare service processes, quality and structures. Our 60 experts are based in Finland and Sweden, and we operate in Northern and Central Europe. Our clients include hospitals, municipalities, diagnostic units, private healthcare providers, venture capitalist, start-up companies and pharma industry. NHG is looking for new ideas, innovations, partners and customers who want develop services and markets. Contact Kenneth Sandström Program Coordinator +358 40 847 7291 Vattuniemenranta 2 FI-00210 Helsinki FINLAND +358 2 9505 5000 iLOQ iLOQ is the first and the only electronic lock cylinder in the world that self-powers by harvesting electricity from key insertion.iLOQ is highly suitable for demanding hospital environments due to its easy- to-use access management. Keys can be individually programmed according to the personnel’s authority, which facilitates the control of access rights and frees resources for nursing. Contact Jari Sopanen Vice President Sales and Marketing +358 40 317 0244 Valkjärventie 7 FI-02130 Espoo FINLAND +358 40 317 0202
  19. 19. 19Hospital Planning and Technical Advice Digital hospitals Halton Wherever air quality is critical, we take care of every breath you take. Halton delivers demanding hospital indoor air solutions for the people who depend on them. From laboratory professionals, to doctors, nurses, and their patients, our first responsibility is maximum safety, reliability and comfort for professionals and patients. Contact Lotta Syrmä Global Marketing +358 2 0792 200 lotta.syrma@halton.comEsterinportti 2 Helsinki FINLAND +358 2 0792 200 Merivaara Corp. Merivaara Corp. has taken part in the development of health care technology for over a century. Utilising advanced technology, Merivaara now provides ultramodern solutions for integrating and streamlining operating room management. Based on open architecture and modularity, the OpenOR™ integrated operating room solution decreases the need for large investments thus helping healthcare providers save costs. Through a single, intuitive user interface, the surgical team can easily manage camera sources, images and videos, as well as other devices and functions such as lighting, operating tables and smart air purity control, in the OR. The same tool also enables real-time remote consulting, which helps to optimize the use of resources and improve patient safety. Puustellintie 2 FI-15150 Lahti FINLAND tel. +358 3 339 4611
  20. 20. 20 Hospital Planning and Technical Advice Digital hospitals INTEGRATED Healthcare Design and / AW2 Architects Architects INTEGRATED combines all the skills and expertise needed to ensure a successful hospital planning process. We are able to plan and determine a profile of the hospital and its role in the service network, refine the service production and manage the entire hospital design process from start to finish. Better process design creates more value for the money and better architecture creates a therapeutic and healing environment capable of adapting to changing needs. SKA-Research Consulting Services Expertise in • Patient Flow Analysis for modern hospital planning • Lean thinking • Supply chain management • Layout Planning • Production Flow Analysis Cellular Manufacturing • Productivity Improvement Synesa Solutions Synesa Solutions offers process-based operation development and monitoring services for health care organizations. We use versatile data analysis tools and methods, which combine data mining, process- mining and discrete-event simulation. Our aim is to provide health care managers with valid and fact-based data and knowledge on the current operation as well as on the effects of different operational changes.
  21. 21. 21Patient Room Digital hospitals Patient Room
  22. 22. 22 Patient Room Digital hospitals Isku Interior Hygienicfurnituresolutions–Innovativeantibacterialfurniture for patient safety The award-winning Isku Interior is the first company in the furniture sector to launch a complete collection of antibacterial furniture based on copper and silver technology on surfaces, fabrics and coating. This newantibacterialproductlineiscalledHygiene.Theantibacterialcoating reduces significantly or even eliminates the risk of infections spreading through surfaces, and is ideal for furniture solutions in hospitals, clinics, health centers, care homes and residential care homes. Newicon NewIcon is a company focusing on medical service automation. We develop, produce and sale automation systems for hospital, retail pharmacies and homecare. NewIcon offers various solutions for drug logistics (storage and retrieval systems, automated dispensing cabinets), reconstitution of ready-to-use IV medicines and dose dispensing. NewIcon has sold 50+ automated storage systems to retail and hospital pharmacies and is market leader in Finland. Contact Ejvind Elvilä Area director, Scandinavia +358 44 792 4222 Contact Marja Jaurakkajärvi Vice President, Business Development +358 45 139 3992 Mukkulankatu 19 FI-15101 Lahti P.O.Box 240 FINLAND Viestikatu 1-3 FI- 70600 Kuopio FINLAND +358 10 3221 800
  23. 23. 23Patient Room Digital hospitals Fysra For the good of both the patient and the practitioner In the design of Fysra treatment tables, special attention has been paid to functionality and usability. In creating these products, work ergonomics and comfort for patient and practitioner alike are the deciding factors. The appearance has also been fine-tuned, for a more stylish product range than ever before. The product range is extremely broad, with products for treatment and rehabilitation as well as our new examination tables. Contact Mika Ora CEO +358 50 552 0131 mika.ora@fysra.comYrittäjänkatu 2 FI-15170 Lahti FINLAND +358 50 552 0131 Contact Nina Ignatius CEO, Founder +358 40 835 0500 nina@beibamboo.comItäinen Puistotie 11 A 9 FI-00140 Helsinki FINLAND +358 40 835 0500 Beibamboo Award winning Hospital Clothing for prematurely born babies and newborns A mother of a premature infant solved the problem of how to better involve parents in the caring of premature infants in the hospital. The fully opening garments allow parents to change their children becoming active in their care while in the hospital, even those children with IV- Cannulas and tubes. Parent involvement in the care of their children is proven to improve the quality of care and life of infirmed infants; hence, happier, healthier, and more comfortable child as a lower cost of care. Through innovative design and use of organic materials, the Beibamboo Hospital Collection has many benefits. It has been endorsed by Nordic NICU specialists.
  24. 24. 24 Patient Room Digital hospitals Koralli-Tuote Koralli-Tuote Ltd is a Kokkola expert company, which has specialised in demanding furniture solutions for public spaces. An independent family company was established in 1979, and its leadership is also its owners. We specialise in care sector furniture and solutions for public spaces, including educational institutions, receptions and customer service spaces. We are one of Finland’s leading suppliers of hospital furniture. Our project natured operations take into consideration the special needs of each project. A key reason leading to successful end results is the seamless joint operations of planning and implementation. In the future Koralli-Tuote Oy will continue to maintain its reputation as a reliable supplier, a technical expert and a dependable co-operation partner. In this we are assisted by our core values which consist of honesty, transparency and equality, inside our company as in co-operation with our customers and with our co-operation partners. Contact Ossi Peltoniemi Export Manager +358 500 262 828 Yrittäjäntie 12A FI-67100 Kokkola FINLAND +358 6 8319833 L O G O / © Loop / tmi. Petri RintapääKORALLI VÄRIT: PMS 5415 , PMS 3268
  25. 25. 25Medical Device Digital hospitals Medical Device
  26. 26. 26 Medical Device Digital hospitals Innokas Medical InnokasMedicalisaFinnishcontractdesignandmanufacturingcompany whichoperatesinthefieldofhealthtechnology.Innokasprovidesservices in product development, manufacturing and life-cycle management for Medical and In-Vitro Diagnostic Equipments. Our services are ISO9001 and ISO13485-certified and our company is FDA-registered as well. Innokas Medical has been producing health technology since 1994, and today we have some 200 employees and annual revenues of around 23 M€. Our HQ is in Oulu area, Finland, and our other sites are in Helsinki, Finland and in Tallinn, Estonia. Contact Antti Tolvanen Account Manager +358 45 864 3579 antti.tolvanen@innokasmedical.fiVihikari 10 FI-90440 Kempele FINLAND +358 8 562 3100 Contact Niina Koivu Business Growth Leader +358 40 755 1772 niina.koivu@biohit.fiLaippatie 1 FI-00880 Helsinki FINLAND +358 9 773 861 Biohit – Innovating for Health Gastrointestinaldisordersareagloballygrowingproblem.Aspopulations age, the occurrence of illnesses and cancers of the mouth, throat and stomach increases. They burden the healthcare systems and economies, and above all, cause suffering to the patients. To mitigate these impacts, Biohit Oyj’s products and services aim at early diagnosis and prevention of gastrointestinal diseases. Biohit is a Finnish biotechnology company operating globally. Our headquarters are in Helsinki, Finland, and we have subsidiaries in Italy and the UK. The Biohit Group employs around 50 people in three countries, and many distributors sell our products around the world. Our Series B share (BIOBV) is quoted on Nasdaq Helsinki in the Small cap/Healthcare group.
  27. 27. 27E-health Digital hospitals E-health
  28. 28. 28 E-health Digital hospitals Adusso EMR/HIS procurement and continuous development improved with evidence based usability • Innovative approach for work analysis, usability evaluation and user experience monitoring • Plug Play solution for recording user interaction and gathering practical issues to fix • Can be used within entire lifecycle: product comparison, pilot phase, systems development, deployment and maintenance • Easy way to communicate user feedback and findings to developers and all the stakeholders Adusso’s UXblackbox solution has been used in large scale projects like the Finnish client and patient data system Apotti, as well as in enterprise systems for energy infrastructure and in other business critical applications for workstation, web and mobile. Contact Janne Pitkänen CEO Founder +358 50 401 4975 Kuortaneenkatu 2 FI-00510 Helsinki FINLAND Quva Quva is an IoT company focusing on analytics and database solutions to support customer operations. Quva’s solutions help you get quantifiable business value from the data collected in your organization’s core processes. Our solutions are based on high-level big data analytics and machine learning. Application areas in health care include e.g. patient flow analytics, prediction of adverse events, automatic identification of patient groups, cost analytics, and root-cause analysis. Utilize your data in full, save money, and give your employees keys to more productive work. Contact Emil Ackerman Managing director +358 45 208 6816 emil.ackerman@quva.fiPinninkatu 55 33100 Tampere FINLAND +358 45 2086 816
  29. 29. 29E-health Digital hospitals Deltabit Deltabit develops biometric systems based on fingerprint matching. Deltabit Gatekeeper system opens the doors, registers access events and even calculates working times, all with a touch of a finger. System management is easy: registering and deleting fingerprints is a matter of only a few seconds, and access rights can be granted for the staff, patients and regular visitors separately. Deltabit Medi provides fingerprint-based patient identification ensuring that the right patient receives the right treatment. Faultless patient identification guarantees correct treatment in the most critical situations, like in radiation therapy. With Deltabit, the technology is in the background and the treatment staff can focus on what’s essential: taking care of the patients. Bittium SafeMove Based on a long experience with the healthcare industry in Finland and the United Kingdom, we understand the specific needs of mobile healthcare professionals. Bittium SafeMove Mobile VPN puts user experience in the foreground and enables easy and secure access to the corporate internal network, accessing your critical systems on the road becomes as smooth as when in the office. In mobile working increased connectivity equals increased productivity, but connectivity performance needs to be measured and analyzed to be understood. Bittium SafeMove Analytics is the answer. It is an intelligent tool for gathering enterprise connectivity data. Contact Jukka Hosio Managing Director +358 50 557 2271 Contact Tomas Granö Sales Director +358 40 344 5947 tomas.grano@bittium.comSammonkatu 47 FI-33540 Tampere FINLAND +358 10 835 8500 Stella Business Park Lars Sonckin Kaari 16 FI-02600 Espoo FINLAND
  30. 30. 30 E-health Digital hospitals Ciegus Digital Health We are a Nordic innovator in medication management and outpatient care for hospitals, health centers, home care and care homes. Our award winning products are: • PharmaTablet®, a Closed-Loop Medication Management (CLMM) capable and must-to-have cloud service for health care personnel delivering medications. • AVO®, Innovative, award winning support, screening, surveillance and analytics cloud service used in Basic healthcare, Child welfare, Social services, Psychiatric health, and Adherence support for people with critical medications. Online video doctors – Lookinno is a customer focused online video doctor service that provides video consultation via web browser. As a scalable cloud service, is easy to bring into use. is a solution for challenging global situations such as providing quality healthcare for aging population. Medics24.comprovidesalsoavideoconsultationplatformforcommunities, hospitals etc. Benefits include tremendous cuts on costs, improved results as well as better access to healthcare. aims to save lives by early treatment. get a doctor anywhere anytime. Contact Kari Paukkeri CEO +358 400 897 014 Contact Nils Kantola Area manager – Central Europe +49 175 522 4476 Health Innovation Village c/o GE Healthcare Kuortaneenkatu 2 FI-00510 Helsinki FINLAND +358 20 757 9140 Koskenharjuntie 8 FI-40200 Jyväskylä FINLAND
  31. 31. 31E-health Digital hospitals Kirontech Kirontech is a Finland-based machine learning company with a primary focus on healthcare. Our goal is to unlock the information value in genomics, proteomics, drug databases, electronic health records and biobanks. Using our novel technology, electronic health records can be analysed to help physicians diagnose and treat patients faster and better. The existing drug development process can be streamlined and new drugs and therapies can be discovered for previously untreatable diseases. Our technology, based on artificial learning, also offers advanced investigative tools for researchers in the medical sciences. Roidu Roiduisacloudserviceplatformforcontrollingamobiledevicenetwork’s content and infrastructure, closing the loop between digital signage, mobile and web at any venue. Use Roidu in digital and interactive marketing, surveys and education. Synopsys, Inc. Synopsys, Inc. is the Silicon to Software partner for innovative companies developing products and software applications we all rely on. Synopsys has a long history of being a leader in electronic design automation and semiconductor IP, and is also a leader in software quality and security. Contact Rauli Kaksonen Senior Director +358 40 062 5857 rauli.kaksonen@synopsys.comTutkijantie 4 E FIN-90590 Oulu FINLAND