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Stress combat

HeartIn, smart-t-shirt,

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Stress combat

  1. 1. STRESS COMBAT by HeartIn
  2. 2. Problem We Are Addressing Stress is an important social issue. For a person under increased level of stress, the following health risks arise: digestive problems, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, muscular tension. Among long-term effects of distress, development of cardiovascular diseases and cancer plays the key role. Stress is a serious economic problem. Employees’ stress costs companies about $300 billion each year in the U.S. alone. Stress impairs performance and financial stability of organizations in several ways: through reduced employee productivity, increased number of workplace accidents, health and welfare issues, as between 75% and 90% physician visits are stress-related , growing employee turnover and professional burnout. Therefore, monitoring of stress level and careful approach to stress management are among the most important tasks at personal, corporate and public health levels.
  3. 3. Stress Monitoring STRESS COMBAT Cardiac Diagnostics Self-Help Medical Advice Assessment and monitoring of stress levels at the personal level Easy-to-follow recommendations for coping with stress and preventing cardiovascular diseases and conditions Easy-to-follow recommendations for coping with stress and preventing cardiovascular diseases and conditions Access to quick and affordable doctor’s advice online when needed, in a comfort of your home or office Goals of Stress Combat
  4. 4. Stress Combat Ecosystem Stress Level and Cardiac Diagnostics Medical Advice Data processing, analysis and alert Wearables and smart T-shirt Mobile App Stress Revief Doctors' Marketplace Backend solution Publichealthandwelfarebenefitsforsociety
  5. 5. Heart beat-detecting bracelet containing electrode attached to a person’s wrist and ECG data processing and transmitting body. Designed for everyday use, the bracelet takes electrocardiogram (ECG) and heart rate (HR) in a single touch and transforms the data into indicators of stress level, which are transmitted to the server for processing and analysis. If the stress load is high, mental health doctor's teleconsultation is offered The results come to the person’s smartphone. Owing to clinic level of signal our system can detect life threatening heart rhythm abnormalities. Instant alerts are sent to the patient and his doctor if the following episodes are detected: • Arrhythmia • Atrial fibrillation • Atrial flutter • Ventricular tachycardia • Supraventricular ectopy or tachycardia Stress Level and Cardiac Diagnostics: Wristband Wrist Band
  6. 6. Garment-based ECG monitoring Stress Level and Cardiac Diagnostics: Smart Clothes Smart Singlet with attached electrodes coming along with HeartIn portable go-anywhere miniature electrocardiograph 1, 7-leads (for ongoing stress monitoring and cardiac diagnostics) and 12-leads (advanced ECG at rest) Wireless, telemetry compatible, washable, comes in a variety of sizes No patient preparation required 1 lead 7 leads 12 leads Stress monitoring Cardiac episodes diagnostics* Advanced ECG at rest *The following episode types can be detected: • Arrhythmia • Atrial fibrillation • Atrial flutter • Ventricular tachycardia • Supraventricular ectopy or tachycardia
  7. 7. Smartphone Application Smartphone Application Self-assessment of stress level Dashboards indicating level of stress basing at ECG and HR data Customized recommendations to reduce stress load Exercises to decrease stress level developed by mental health doctors Augmented reality used to control if exercises are done System of alerts and notifications about cardiac episodes detected Teleconsultation from a mental health professional or cardiologist (now recommendation level only but after FDA approval it will be medical service). Gamification mechanics based on customer engaging and competition-based standards with scores, sharing,
  8. 8. Doctors' marketplace is an online platform connecting customers with certified cardiologists and mental health professionals. The marketplace allows customers to get online professional diagnosis and recommendations to promote heart health and to relieve stress Doctors offer their services World Target market Target audience Large corporates SMEs Individuals Customer gets online consultation within their subscription package The marketplace gets its commission
  9. 9. Business model is based on subscription packages for different types of customers Individuals Small and medium Business Large Corporates Each subscription package includes: • Diagnostic gadgets: bracelet, garment-based electrocardiograph • Smartphone app usage • Ongoing stress level and ECG monitoring • Alerts and notifications • Access to doctor's marketplace for teleconsultations
  10. 10. Timeline for Project Launch Oct '16 Feb '16 Production pototypes Dec '16 Jan '16Nov '16 Production Alpha Beta Release Already launched Smart Clothes & Wristband Smartphone App Telemedicine services 12-lead portable cardiograph In commercial operation, is being sold successfully in different countries All STRESS COMBAT components to be ready for operation
  11. 11. Competition Stress level assessment, stress relieve Portable ECG monitoring, biofeedback
  12. 12. Huge market - companies in the US lose $300 bn a year from employee stress Complex solution combining presize stress monitoring with cardio-diagnostics, professional stress relieve techniques and medical advice. Fun and easy customer journey with engaging game mechanics. Use of pioneering technologies including garment-based ECG and stress level monitoring, wearables, mobility, augmented reality, cloud- based data storage, smart data analytics, and telemedicine. Controlling stress was never as simple as now with STRESS COMBAT Why STRESS COMBAT? Success Factors
  13. 13. How It Works: Stress Management Stress management: People can not only manage their current stress level but also strengthen their performance in coping with stress day by day and compete with others (for example, with other work team members) sharing their sucess, earning badges, levels etc. as stress-fighters Monitor your stress level on the go with wrist band and/or smart garment Sync with the mobbile app for viewing your stress level in dynamics, for getting advice for stress relief, do AI-assisted exercises to fight stress and feel better Order online cardiologist/ psyсhologist teleconsultation when needed
  14. 14. How It Works: Managing Heart Health Monitor your ECG on the go with wrist band and/or 1-7 leads smart garment or take your ECG at rest with 12-leads wearable gadget Get instant alerts about risks for your heart health or about the following cardiac episodes: arrhythmia, atrial fibrillation, atrial flutter, ventricular tachycardia, supraventricular ectopy or tachycardia Reach online a certified cardiologist for ECG analysis and further recommendations Caring about your heart health: 1-7 leads ECG can be taken within the mode of ongoing monitoring to detect the common cardiac risks A high-quality hospital=level 12-lead resting ECG done from everywhere and transmitted to a cardiologist for rapid analysis and prearing recommendations. No travelling, no looking for a window in a tight doctor’s schedule, no waiting in lines – a qualified cardiologist’s consultation is available instantly from a smartphone or PC
  15. 15. Advantages of STRESS COMBAT • Reduced losses due to workplace stress • Increased employee loyalty, dedication and performance • Decreased turnover • Prevention of work accidents • Better relationship within the team, resulting in efficient communication and better performance • Prevention of dangerous stress- induced health conditions; • Effective stress-management strategies for everyday use; • Better quality of life; • Better work performance, resulting in job satisfaction and financial wellbeing • Lower strain on healthcare infrastructure • Increased productivity in economy • Stronger and happier families FOR BUSINESSES FOR INDIVIDUALS FOR SOCIETY
  16. 16. About Us - Heartln Inc. Heartln Inc. was founded as a Silicon Valley, California company by a group of like- minded investors, inventors and medical practitioners, whose main goal is to help people suffering from everyday stress as well as from cardiac diseases and conditions. The founder of Heartln Inc., Alex Vinogradov of Sunnyvale, CA and Kiev, Ukraine is a driven, goal-oriented and experienced professional investor with exquisite vision, Heartln ’s team thrives and works as one under his skillful leadership Dr. Dmytro Fedkov, HeartIn co-founder, is a treating ambitious cardiologist and rheumatologist and associate professor at Bohomolets National Medical University. He is board-certified (associate certified) in cardiology and rheumatology and maintains a thriving public practice in Kiev. He has authored or co-authored more than 80 scientific works. Heartln, Inc. has headquarters in Miami, FL, R&D office in Kiev, Ukraine and representative offices in Israel and India. HeartIn has contracts in the US, in Israel, South Korea and Ukraine and 10 pre-approved contracts.
  17. 17. Contacts Alex Vinogradov Founder and CEO 7950 NW 53rd Street Suite 337 Miami, Florida 33166-USA Phone: +1 (786) 573-8717 Skype: oleksiivinogradov Email: Web Site :