Showcase Wellness Technology Oulu Finland 2011


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  • We can use TECHNOLOGY to SAVE LIVES-something that innovatively eases access of medical information of patients. Please have a look at this product and see how revolutionary it is in aiding provision of medical support:
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Showcase Wellness Technology Oulu Finland 2011

  3. 3. Wellness trends
  4. 4. Consumerism Managing Self-tracking, health self-care, at home self-management Smart environment Tele-health care Social media in wellness and health care Prevention Independent Communities, living user-generated health care
  5. 5. Health and Wellness is a Megatrend Main market drivers are aging population (600 million people over 60), chronic diseases (diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke, hypertension and certain cancers) and overweight (1,6 billion people). (Source: World Health Organisation) Escalating costs and lack of resource drives new innovations and results a rapidly growing field of business and one of the most promising global markets. For many health care and wellness companies, Oulu is one of the leading environments for research, product development and pilot projects. As a result several new products and services related to health care field are being created and tested for the first time in Oulu. There are over 100 Wellness companies in Oulu with the total revenue of 250 Million euros.
  6. 6. Showcases Ball-IT Eneris Solutions Juno Medical MILitUP Optomed Otometri TimerGPS Valkee Wisecom OWI
  7. 7. Ball-IT Oy Business brief: Wireless Motion Control Gaming with Unique Ecosystem. Product category: Wireless Motion Control Gaming for PC and MAC. Main milestones achieved so far:  Product Launch in Finland Q4/2009.  Working ecosystem for selling the additional content supply. Contact person: Juha Rytky, CEO Contact info: Tel. +358 50 5623 285
  8. 8. Eneris Solutions Business brief: IT-solutions to optimize laborious processes in company operations. Product category: a) solutions to optimize laborious processes b) HIFRA-tool to analyze risk of hip fracture Main milestones achieved so far:  Well known and trusted software co-operation partner for health care companies.  HIFRA-product soon ready to market. Contact person: Tuomas Fabritius, CEO Contact info: Looking for new enterprise customers or Tel. +358 50 534 5311 potential co-operation partners in field of health care.
  9. 9. Juno Medical Oy/LLC Business brief: Juno Medical/Juno Sports provides novel method to optimize physical therapy treatment and professional athletic training. Product category: Medical devices and equipment/Therapeutic/ Non-invasive; sports technology Main milestones achieved so far:  Shipping ISO13485 –certified products. Contact person: Katriina Otsamo, CEO Contact info: Seeking distributors in Europe and North Tel. +358 44 551 3005 America.
  10. 10. MILitUP Business brief: Remote stress monitoring package for the management of soldiers’ physical load. Product category: Activity monitoring devices, Wellness Technology. Main milestones achieved so far:  Soldiers’ physical performance research, product development  3/2010 U.S. Patent pending  3/2010 MILitUP concept release and marketing campaign in Finland  4/2010 Scientific article published and presented at ICPS 2010 Berlin, Germany  6/2010 Presented to American Defense International (ADI) Contact person: Jukka Huovinen, CEO  8/2010 Presented to U.S. Military forces in FHPC Contact info: 2010 in Phoenix, Arizona  9/2010 First delivery (Air Force cadets school, Tel. +358 50 442 1267 Finland) Seeking distributors in Finland, Europe and in North America.
  11. 11. Optomed Business brief: Affordable and easy-to-use hand held digital ophtalmoscope, otoscope and dermatoscope in one device. Product category: Digital ophthalmoscopes, otoscopes and dermatoscopes for screening and diagnosis. Main milestones achieved so far:  ISO 13458:2003 certified Quality Management System  Smartscope and optics modules are CE marked complying to 60601 standard  FDA approved  Certified in Japan Contact person: Seppo Kopsala, CEO Available in over 20 countries through distributors. Optomed aims to become the world’s leading Contact info: manufacturer of handheld digital ophthalmoscopes, Tel. +358 40 555 1050 otoscopes and dermatoscopes. Looking for distributors and pilot customers in new markets.
  12. 12. Otometri Oy Business brief: Otometri develops and markets ear infection meter for home use, and a related Web-service. Product category: Non-invasive medical devices and equipment for home use. Main milestones achieved so far: Shipping product 12/2010. Seeking distributors in Finland, Europe and Contact person: Manne Hannula, CEO in North America. Contact info: Tel. +358 45 321 9440
  13. 13. TimerGPS Business brief: TimerGPS helps trotting coaches and drivers in controlling their trotting horse training. Product category: Trotting horse training device. Main milestones achieved so far:  Product launch July 2010  Web-pages in Finnish July 2010  Brochure in Finnish July 2010  Pre-orders for 2010 Contact person: Niklas Törn,  Dealer contacts in main markets Executive Vice President  Deliveries start in October 2010 Contact info: Tel. +358 40 755 4600 Seeking distributors in Finland, Europe and in North America.
  14. 14. Valkee Business brief: Develops and produces Bright Light Headsets. Company aims to offer non-chemical and convenient relief for people struggling with mood disorders, especially seasonal affective disorder. Product category: Medical devices Main milestones achieved so far:  Invention of a new and more efficient way to deliver light into brains via auditory canals.  Medical device approval and first launch in Contact person: Juuso Nissilä, CEO March 2010. Contact info:  Excellent clinical results in intervention involving Tel. +358 40 701 9897 patients with severe seasonal affective disorder in 2008-2009.
  15. 15. Wisecom Business brief: Wisecom develops and produces empowering innovative services for education and rehabilitation. Our competitive advantage is research findings in the field of positive psychology, solutionfocused working approach and latest information technology. Product category: Mobile and internet applications for personal support and training. Main milestones achieved so far:  Development projects in co-operation with UbiGo -project and Center for Internet Excellence, Oulu, FI  Conference Participation: - EBTA 2009 – Imagine, European Brief Therapy - Association Conference in Helsinki 4th - 6th September 2009 - ECPP 2010 - 5th European Conference on Positive Psychology 23rd - 26th June 2010 Contact person: Hilkka Putkisaari, Development Director  First pilot customer 5/2010  Launch of WiseSteps® - helps students to notice Contact info: success steps in their studies, and activates Tel. + 358 44 591 2334 encouraging communication between the students and their counselors, tutors and support persons. Looking for development and business partner in the Europe and US market.
  16. 16. Oulu Wellness Institute - OWI Business brief: We support companies and other actors in the commercialization of the world-class competence and services of the wellness sector. Product category: Wellness industry knowledge cluster/Non-profit. Main milestones achieved so far: We have created networks, arranged partnerships, evaluated business ideas, coached entrepreneurs, created wellness industry community and helped entrepreneurs on their path toward global Contact person: Eeva Kiuru, Executive Director marketplace. Contact info: Tel. +358 40 588 6237