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Health, Bio & Wellness Technology Startup Showcase, Oulu | Finland 2014


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Health, Bio & Wellness Technology Startup Showcase, Oulu | Finland 2014

  2. 2. Health is a megatrend Main market drivers are aging population (600 million people over 60), chronic diseases (diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke, hypertension and certain cancers) and overweight (1,6 billion people). Source: World Health Organisation Escalating costs and lack of resources drive new innovations in one the most promising global markets. For many health, bio and wellness companies, Oulu is one of the leading environments for research, product development and pilot projects. As a result several new products and services related to health care field are being created and tested for the first time in Oulu. In Oulu region, 14.000 people work for 1.400 companies and communities within the health and social services sector.
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  4. 4. Digital Health 6 Bio & Medtech 13 Self Care 19 Smart Health Services 23
  5. 5. Digital Health " Detemex develops a measurement tool for real-time monitoring of bodyfat burning for people who want to lose weight effectively. Detemex improves customers’ motivation to weight loss. Our solution is based on measuring the fatburning process by-products which have been scientifically shown to correlate with weight loss. Juha Lampela CEO Detemex Detemex Juha Lampela 6
  6. 6. Digital Health " Spektikor develops a disposable heartbeat indicator which indicates the patient heartbeat with a visible light. Spektikor helps paramedics to save time and lives with a fast alert when patients condition detoriates. Our product is already used at University Hospitals, Ambulance companies, Police and Finnish Defense Forces in Lebanon and Afghanistan. It has also been approved for the NATO Support Agency NSPA. Kari Kivistö Managing Director Spektikor Oy Spektikor Oy Kari Kivistö +358 40 745 3167 7
  7. 7. Digital Health " Mediracer’s portable nerve conduction system helps medical doctors with diagnosing of carpal tunnel syndrome and ulnaris entrapment in the elbow at early stage of treatment path, contributing to reduced medical and sickness absence costs by enabling the right kind of treatment for patients faster. Yoko Keränen Chief Business Development Officer Mediracer Mediracer Yoko Keränen +358 400 114 175 8
  8. 8. Digital Health " Trividi is creating the world’s first fully automatic retinal imaging device and service. With Trividi, diabetic screening can be made available for the first time to both public and private sector healthcare specialist, including optics stores and opticians, nurses, family doctors, diabetic doctors, elderly care centers, etc. We change slow and labor intense work into fully automated service. Petri Pohjanen CEO Trividi Trividi Petri Pohjanen TRIVIDI 9
  9. 9. Digital Health " Listen to, record and share your baby’s heartbeat! Odosoft’s UnbornHeart Fetal Doppler Ultrasound Monitor and Mobile App allows an expecting mom to monitor her baby’s heart rate, and gives her the opportunity to record and share the experience with her loved ones. Tero Alamäki CEO Odosoft Ltd Odosoft Ltd Tero Alamäki +358 50 483 6543 10
  10. 10. Digital Health " CHECK™ is a revolutionary way to assess and monitor Training Readiness and recovery aimed especially for athletes engaged in sports requiring strength, explosive power, skill and coordination. CHECK™ is designed to be a training aid for athletes, coaches and medical professionals. It helps to optimize training, to avoid over-training and to reduce injuries. Minna Saloranta VP Sales, Co-founder FAM Sports Check FAM Sports Minna Saloranta +358 40 564 6498 11
  11. 11. Digital Health " motiMind develops health tracking service to help wellbeing coaches to guide their clients progress efficiently by using real time data collection. Matti Niemistö CEO motiMind Oy motiMind Oy Matti Niemistö tel. +358 45 1209 882 12
  12. 12. " Bio & Medtech Nurse is for the patient, not for the computer. Our solution releases more time to actual care work and improves patient security. Oh, you don’t believe ask comments from our extremely satisfied customers. Juha-Matti Ranta CEO Medanets Oy Medanets Oy Juha-Matti Ranta +358 44 566 4999 13
  13. 13. " Bio & Medtech Admescope delivers tailor-made research services for drug discovery and development companies from small biotech to big pharma for example to help them determine the metabolic and safety profiles of the new drugs in the field of preclinical ADME-Tox. Ari Tolonen CEO Admescope Oy Admescope Oy Ari Tolonen +358 400 011 490 14
  14. 14. " Bio & Medtech HorseGeneTest develops a test for Talent Gene DMRT3, which is a proof of horse’s genetic ability for speed, coordination and rhythm in harness racing. With the help of the test’s results horse trainers can define the optimal development and training plans for every horse individually and get valuable information for the breeding process. Sakari Juusola CEO, Founder HorseGeneTest Europe HorseGeneTest Europe Sakari Juusola +358 40 838 4955 15
  15. 15. " Bio & Medtech Global Innovation Network (GIN) Ltd. develops standardized, modular and space saving automation solutions for sample and liquid handling in diagnostic and drug screening processes and for diagnostic test and implant manufacturing. Matti Koivu VP, Marketing and sales Global Innovation Network Oy Global Innovation Network Oy Matti Koivu +358 400 544 376 16
  16. 16. " Bio & Medtech BioSilta develops innovative reagent-based EnPresso® growth systems for research laboratories to maximize the yields and quality of products from microbial cultures by utilizing its proprietary EnBase® technology platform. Antti Vasala Director R&D BioSilta Oy BioSilta Oy Antti Vasala +358 44 557 1865 17
  17. 17. " Bio & Medtech Triacle Biocomputing combines Bio expertise and IT knowledge to provide life-science organizations with web and desktop applications notable for their extensibility, functionality, ease-ofuse by means of an attractive and effective user interface and integration of software solutions. André Juffer Triacle Biocomputing Triacle Biocomputing André Juffer 18
  18. 18. " Valkee develops and markets portable bright light headsets that substitute the positive health effects of daylight when not enough of it is available naturally. Valkee increases energy and can act as a preventative or treatment of mood swings. Juuso Nissilä Self Care Founder, CSO Valkee Valkee Juuso Nissilä 19
  19. 19. " Otometri Oy has a revolutionary ear infection measurement product for consumers. It helps in reducing unnecessary visits to doctor and use of antibiotics and so saves costs for consumers and increase effectiveness and quality of the health care process. Manne Hannula CEO Otometri Oy Self Care Otometri Oy Manne Hannula 20
  20. 20. " Increasing your day-to-day activity matters most when you want to lose weight. Sensorfit application motivates and coaches you to increase your day-today activity. Ismo Miettinen Self Care CRO, Co-founder Sensorfit Oy Sensorfit Oy/Ltd Marko Kailasuo +358 (0) 40 526 6406 21
  21. 21. " JouZen provides solution for optimizing cognitive performance and managing stress. Our focus is on scientifically validated, clinically proven technology and methods, designed for ultimate user experience. With JouZen you are a master of your own health & performance and can take actions to prevent diseases. Kari Kivelä CEO JouZen Self Care o e 22 JouZen Kari Kivelä
  22. 22. " FlowGenius develops webtools for home care service providers to increase staff and customer satisfaction by optimizing caretask quality and using personnel resources cost-efficiently. FlowGenius is based on long term Finnish research about work tasks and processes and systematic, long-term collection of care task timing data. Hannu Ahlqvist FlowGenius Oy Hannu Ahlqvist 23 Smart health services Director, Authorised Operations Developer FlowGenius Oy
  23. 23. " Laturi develops tools for businesses who offer corporate fitness services. Laturi’s first product is a new type of fitness test – Energy Test. Energy Test is a product designed for Personal Trainers to map out cost efficiently even a large work community’s fitness level. As a result the person gets an Energy Index, which tells the time a person is capable of energetically engaging in work and being active when off work. Niina Palmu COO Laturi Smart health services Laturi Corporation Niina Palmu +358 400 805 599 24
  24. 24. " HappyWise develops an easy-to-use and motivating e-learning solution for hospital training personnel and patients in health care clinics to help them save time and improve the quality of service for example by giving instructions to postoperation patients as well as persons with newly diagnosed illnesses. Olli Taimisto HappyWise Oy Olli Taimisto +358 40 776 7345 25 Smart health services CEO HappyWise Oy
  25. 25. " MedKit Finland Ltd is importing and exporting Emergency Medical Supplies for EMS professionals in prehospital environments. We are offering the full list of emergency medical supplies for ambulances from the one stop e-shop: Minna Åman-Toivio CEO MedKit Finland Ltd Smart health services MedKit Finland Ltd Minna Åman-Toivio +358 40 5025761 26
  26. 26. " With our services the event organizers can find the premises, where the hearing accessibility is properly handled, so they can make sure all their customers can hear all the details in the program. We help the end user to easily find the best possible seat in the conference, concert, training, church, etc. This means more customer satisfaction and it increases the customer potential. Juha Nikula Qlu Juha Nikula +358 40 5881138 27 Smart health services Qlu
  27. 27. " Somateq provides healthcare and medical software development services for public sector and private companies to help them succeed in business and operations. Anssi Ylimaula CEO Somateq Smart health services Somateq Anssi Ylimaula +358 40 512 5679 28
  28. 28. " Qaamos develops personalized, private food information service and community,, to help people who are interested in what they eat to find preferred healthy foods and groceries. Rami Potinkara Qaamos Rami Potinkara +358 40 360 3501 29 Smart health services Humble Marketing Technologist Qaamos
  29. 29. " Bonwell Intelligence develops intelligent insole technologies to help footwear brands bring smart solutions to footwear in categories of sports, fitness and rehabilitation. Vesa Kajanus CEO Bonwell Intelligence Ltd Smart health services Bonwell Intelligence Ltd Vesa Kajanus 30
  30. 30. " Wellness Wallet provides inspiring reward programmes to boost corporate wellness by activating the employees. Core of the Wellness Wallet offering is created around financial rewards and Wellness Wallet prepaid card which is issued by Aktia Bank under MasterCard licence. Another cornerstone is a motivational media to enable social collaboration and competitions around physical activity theme. Kim Ahola WellnessBank/Wellness Wallet Kim Ahola +358 45 888 8000 31 Smart health services Sales Director WWB Holding Oy, Wellness Wallet