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Steps and Rules for Paraphrasing with Examples


Published on If any help with paraphrasing is needed our ppt may be helpful for you.

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Steps and Rules for Paraphrasing with Examples

  2. 2. PARAPRASING Paraphrasing to some may seem a little tricky. But with this easy steps and rules to remember will be of great help to do it on your own. And we will also provide you with example of paraphrasing so you are able to understand it clearly. Paraphrasing is a method of writing in which you are to reword a passage from the original author through your own language.
  3. 3. UNDERSTAND Reread the passage that you are to paraphrase. Be sure you have perceived what it meant. Reading the material carefully will give you a wide range of thought what the material is trying to convey. You can also find some paraphrase example online that will help you understand how to do it.
  4. 4. START WRITING After you fully comprehend the passage, start writing in your own language. A good tip here is to put away the material and write. This way you are preventing to copy the exact words from the original passage. Get example paraphrase from reliable online services to help you master paraphrasing.
  5. 5. USE A DICTIONARY If you are not able to think of any similar words, you are free to use a dictionary. This will be handy in constructing your sentences correctly. Remember that you are just paraphrasing, so the original meaning of the passage must be conveyed properly. Find the best article summary sample from our services.
  6. 6. COMPARE After you have written your own version, it is time to compare it from the original. This step will make sure you are still on track. Ask yourself, is the message clear and somewhat the same from the primary passage? Check if you have imitate what the author is saying. We can provide you with paraphrase sample that you need for your writing.
  7. 7. REARRANGE Now that you have verified your work. The next step is to rearrange your sentences. It is important that your sentence structure is not the same of the original. But make certain that the message you are to convey is not compromised. Or perhaps, search for paraphrasing examples that will aid you for better understanding the concept of paraphrasing.
  8. 8. CHANGE THE VOICE Try changing the voice from the original passage. If it is in active voice, use a passive voice to modify it. Active voice means that the subject performs the action(verb), while in passive voice the subject do not perform the action. Acquire examples of paraphrasing through a trustworthy services online.
  9. 9. USE QUOTATION MARKS If you can’t avoid using a unique word from the original passage, you can use it but be sure you enclose them with quotation marks. In this manner you are giving credit to the owner’s word. And shows acknowledgement as well. You can get paraphrase example APA style with the help of our professional writers.
  10. 10. RECORD THE SOURCE Record the source from which you borrowed the idea from. In this manner you are acknowledging the work of the author, and also saves you from a serious crime, called plagiarism. Keep in mind the differences in MLA and APA paraphrase.
  11. 11. EXAMPLES: Here are some examples of paraphrasing. 1. Original text: “The economy is travail because of the bank’s poor judgement.”(passive voice) Paraphrase: “The bank’s bad decision have caused the economy to crumble.(active voice) 2. Original text: “On one hand, Mark is a total loser. On the other hand, mark is a loving father.” Paraphrase: “Mark is such an affectionate daddy, yet he doesn’t seem to be successful on other aspects of his life.” 3. Original text: “Ballroom dancing is an enjoyable pastime. It is loved by many young people.” Paraphrase: “One fun activity that many teenagers delight in is ballroom dancing.”
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