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Next Generation Content Creation, Delivery and Consumption at MediaLive, Abu Dhabi


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Presentation at MediaLive in Abu Dhabi, October 2011

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Next Generation Content Creation, Delivery and Consumption at MediaLive, Abu Dhabi

  1. 1. Next GenerationContent Creation, Delivery and Consumption MediaLive Abu Dhabi Jeroen Elfferich @exmachinagames
  2. 2. We like Games, TV & PeopleAmsterdam HQ, London, San Francisco Entertainment & Advertising
  3. 3. Build itAnd they will come
  4. 4. Screens Everywhere• Public, shared: outdoors, stadium etc• Private, shared: TV• Personal, productive: PC, laptop• Personal, consumption: tablet• Personal, digital swiss army knife: smartphone
  5. 5. Feel, watch, listen• Remote Control• Mouse• Keyboard• Touchscreen• Waving arms & stomping feet• Voice
  6. 6. Cross-platform and online viewers skewCross-platform viewingsignificantly younger 18- 52% 37% 11% 34 35- 4% 73% 22% 49 85% 13% 2% 50 + Base sizes: Total=2833 TV Only TV and Online Online Only TV Only=1921 Online Only=189 Both TV/Online=723 ‘How do you typically watch [original series TV]?’ Research study conducted among online consumers by comScore in May 2011 US, Comscore, 2011
  7. 7. Content Discovery• Advertise• Guide (newspaper, TV EPG, online guide)• Social (watercooler, mail, IM, facebook, Twitter, check-in apps)• Search (Google, Netflix, piracy)• Artificial intelligence (oh dear)
  8. 8. How much media doesa 20 year old consumes per day?
  9. 9. 9 hours
  10. 10. How much time does this take?
  11. 11. 6 hours
  12. 12. Media Multitaskers UK, Deloitte, 2011
  13. 13. US, Nielsen, 2011
  14. 14. Building Blocks• Social (inside or outside of facebook?)• Touch, gesture, voice• Media multitasking• Screens everywhere• Broadband everywhere• Game mechanics
  15. 15. Technology vs Media• Technology is global• Culture is local• Media is culture• Future media depends on technology
  16. 16. Challenges• Shovelware• Fragmentation• Synchronization• TV producers vs broadcasters• Operator’s and manufacturer’s roles• Twitter, Facebook, Apple, Google?
  17. 17. Content Ecosystem• Content value chain diversification• More power to content creators, consumers• Pressure on operators and non-exclusive distributors and retailers to add more value• Advertising money will be spend wiser• Interaction, participation = business
  18. 18. Content & Interaction• Movie, drama: lean back, ambient data• Documentary: background, ‘did you know’• Reality: chat, gossip, poll, prediction• Game show: play along, compete• Talent contest: vote, rate, chat• Sport: predict, stats, replay, fan trivia
  19. 19. Video Conver- Game sation Sweet spotInteraction Communication Com- munity
  20. 20. Future Media• Utilizes technology• Reflects culture• Multi-screen optimized• Often based on live, communal events• Involves, rewards, excites
  21. 21. ‫$#"ا‬@jeroen020