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We are a Portland Oregon based transmedia branded entertainment agency. We work with you to understand your Core brand values / positioning / themes and integrate its messaging strategy into the structural and narrative dimensions of a story.

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Evergreen Branded Media

  1. 1. A Transmedia Branded Entertainment Agency
  2. 2. Defining Transmedia Branded Entertainment Branded Entertainment is the integration of a product or a brand into a piece of entertainment content. Web Series “Transmedia is storytelling across multiple forms of media with each element making distinctive contributions to a viewer/user/player's understanding of the story world. By using different media formats, it attempts to create "entrypoints" through which consumers can become immersed in a story world.” - Henry Jenkins
  3. 3. What We Do Evergreen Branded www.backontopps.com Media starts with high quality content and organically integrates your brand messaging into the story line.
  4. 4. How We Do It Content Integration Distribution We identify and build relationships with top tier digital content studios and independent writers and directors. Current content producers we represent: - Vuguru - Comedy Time TV - Import Productions - Integrated Alchemy - Dice Films - Baditude Entertainment - Toggle TV We also create original content at our in house production facility, Cine Rent West.
  5. 5. How We Do It Content Integration Distribution Brand as Brand as Scenery Story Brand as Brand as Conversation Character Brand as Utility
  6. 6. How We Do It Content Integration Distribution Targeted distribution through leading: - Media Partners - Video portals Brand -- Top Publishers As - Ad Networks Broadcaster Extend the message through Transmedia Activation: - Social Media - Mobile - Gaming - Widgets - Live Events - Apps We provide detailed reporting metrics of user engagement.
  7. 7. The Business Case For Branded Entertainment
  8. 8. A Major Marketing Disruption
  9. 9. The Numbers are Growing People consume an average of 75 Million + Twitter Accounts 186 videos online per month (average length 4 Min) 33 Billion monthly video streams (US) Hulu 44 Million Unique Viewers Facebook = More than 1 Billion streams / month 450+ million active users & 3rd largest video sharing platform DVR usage will grow more than 70%, to 51.1 million U.S. TV homes by 2014 160 Million Four Square Geo-location based service has over 1 mySpace users Million check in’s a week Source: Comscore 2010
  10. 10. Video Snacking is Now an all Day Media Habit TV Print Outdoor Radio Online / Mobile Morning Journey to 7:00 AM Breakfast Paper Morning Email /Video Work News Show Social/News 9:00 AM Search/Blogs 11:00 AM Paper Lunch Drive Time Magazines Video 1:00 PM Snacking 3:00 PM Search/Blogs 5:00 PM Journey Drive Leisure Home Time Magazines 7:00 PM News Out to Digital Sports Dinner Multitasking 9:00 PM (Video, Social, Mail, Entertainment Blogs, Podcasts) 11:00 PM Reaching Consumers Throughout Their Media Day
  11. 11. Net Result Consumers choosing to spend less time with your brand’s traditional media messaging
  12. 12. Solution Entertain : to Engage Integrate your brand messaging strategy into entertainment and STORY based content that your consumers choose to watch
  13. 13. Target New Profitable Consumer Segments (at a lower cost) Women 21 + into yoga Teen girls who play soccer Men 17+ Sports geeks Teen boys who Entrepreneur CEO’s 25+ Traditional Media Primary Brand play Lacrosse Proposition Secondary / Tertiary Brand Proposition Unlimited Digital Media Shelf Space Digital TransMedia: The Long Tail Of Brand Image
  14. 14. Transmedia Distribution Drives Engagement CRP Nielsen Rank Rank Lost: 2 34 Gossip Girl: 14 125 (Originally a Web Series) Chuck: 25 57 (Subway Brand sponsorship) CRP: Content Power Rating - combines TV and online social media metrics to measure full consumer engagement
  15. 15. The Economics of Branded Entertainment 90 Seconds 1.5+ Hours For less than the average cost of a 90 second broadcast TV media buy you can produce and distribute 1.5+ hours of targeted branded entertainment content. * based on average national Broadcast media buy cost of $300K for a 30 second spot
  16. 16. Client Case History - Web Series: www.backontopps.com - Client: Dicks Sporting Goods - Studio: Vuguru.com -Target Audience: Men 18+ who like sports and popular culture / sitcoms - Integration Strategy: “The Authentic sports retailer”. Connect the character’s passion for all things sports to the DSG brand. - Media Partner: www.foxsports.com http://www.YouTube.com/BackonTopps#p/u/4/ZwRLM-pM4Hs
  17. 17. evergreenbrandedmedia.com 2580 NW Upshur Portland, OR 97210 info@evergreenbrandedmedia.com 503-224-4087