Using the Second Screen (at IFA Medienwoche 2011)


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Presentation at MedienWoch during IFA in Berlin, September 2011

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Using the Second Screen (at IFA Medienwoche 2011)

  1. 1. Using the Second Screen:Linking TV, Games and Social media #ifa #medienwoche @jeroen020 1
  2. 2. We like Games, TV & PeopleHQ in Amsterdam, US office in SF Entertainment & Advertising
  3. 3. TV is huge250 billion hours/yr 20.000 ads $140B Etc.
  4. 4. 4
  5. 5. 1988The ‘HennyHuisman Effect’ is asituation where thenational phonesystem grinds to ahalt due to asudden, massiveamount of phonecalls.
  6. 6. 1999 Big Brother: Making headlines worldwideInteractive voting via SMS and IVRToday still broadcast in 32 countries, 320 million viewers
  7. 7. TV, Internet, Meals“The amount oftime we watch TVon a TV set isgrowing again”2006: 143 min/day2008: 135 min/day2010: 148 min/day
  8. 8. TV vs SocialUK viewers spend 35x more time watchingtelevision than on social networks
  9. 9. TV vs SocialIf television consumption were to stay flat asof May 2011, and if time spent on Facebookcontinued growing at the same pace asmaintained in the last two years, in tenyears’ time aggregate UK time spent onFacebook would have reached ten per centof TV viewing. (Deloitte)
  10. 10. “Mainstream TV viewing, more and more,they have a device in their hand (…) when‘Glee’ starts, tweets per second shoot up 100times and stay that level until the showends.” (Twitter CEO)“We may extend Facebook (…) to TV check-ins” (Facebook VP EMEA)
  11. 11. “Everyone says that social television will bebig. I think it’s not going to be big — it’s goingto be huge. (…) It’s going to change thelandscape of the industry.” (Endemol GroupCEO)“Peoples appetitite for live, shared,communal experience is actually morevoracious than ever...” (ITV CEO)
  12. 12. "The old adage that TV is a lean-back experience compared to lean-forward web surfing no longer holds true, our research shows that increasingly people are doing both simultaneously.” Ivan Ristic, DiffusionSocial networks and television complementeach other. People use social networks asthey watch television; social networks areused to talk about television.
  13. 13. Second Screen• In US, 75% use TV and internet simultaneously – 50% do so every day (Clustalabs)• 86% of US mobile internet users use their phone while watching TV (Yahoo!Nielsen)• 72% of under 25’s in the UK comment on programs via social networks (Digital Clarity)• 30% of total iPad usage is while watching TV (Nielsen)
  14. 14. 1, 2, 3, 4 ScreensTV – Proprietary operator boxes (‘Red Button’) – Connected TV & OTT, Boxee, Apple TV, Google TV, Xbox, …Laptop – BrowserSmartphone – Browser, appsTablet – Browser, apps
  15. 15. the art of scheduling
  16. 16. beyond the check in
  17. 17. TV & Game MechanicsTV is an event – Live or linearContent schedulingArtificial ScarcityEpisodical contentGame mechanics – Collect, earn points, get feedback, exchange, customizeRewarding loyalty and achievements
  18. 18. • December 2010, 90 minutes, pre- recorded• ~800K viewers• Features: Real Time Q&A, Predictions, Bonus Questions, Post to Twitter, Facebook• >1% participation rate
  19. 19. • Call To Action hugely important• Bonus questions overlooked• HTML5 rules• The power of iPad: 12% of users• Experienced internet users (FF, Chrome)• (Pre)registration not important
  20. 20. • Semi-final & final, January 2011, 120 minutes, live• Features: live rating, post to Twitter/ Facebook• Website takeover ‘widget’• About 3 Million viewers
  21. 21. • Accurate prediction• Talent > clock• Call to action on TV tripled users• 7% iPad, 7% phones• Tweak algorithms & controls• Embedding vs destination• Twitter, facebook integration
  22. 22. Das Grosse AllgemeinwissensquizSat.1 / June 2011 28
  23. 23. 29
  24. 24. • Quiz with synchronized questions to TV• Score model, friends challenge• Operated by Sat.1• High amount of concurrent players• Call to action on TV very successful 30
  25. 25. Case:  Germany’s  Next  Top  Model
  26. 26. } Launch quick & iterate} Metrics, metrics, metrics} Pilot, episodes, seasons} Artificial scarcity works} Make the moment matter} Interaction over form} Balance show-specific and generic, social features
  27. 27. } A TV is a TV} Live > pre-recorded > on- demand} Register optionally & at any moment} Format relevance} Be careful with apps} Synchronous & synchronized
  28. 28. } Make technology invisible} … but make it scale} Me vs tribe vs nation} Say it loud, say it often, say it proud!} Ads, product placement, freemium, skill, …} 2% conversion is easy} 10% achievable} …
  29. 29. 1. Add second screen to existing formats2. Create new TV formats optimized for second screen3. Blending interactivity, story, moment, impulse, scale, game mechanics
  30. 30. It’s Not About People Watching Connected TV It’s About Connected People Watching TV
  31. 31. ex machina gameswww. .com