Casual Connect Seattle - TV Play Along


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A presentation on TV Play Along by Jeroen Elfferich at Casual Connect 2008 in Seattle

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Casual Connect Seattle - TV Play Along

  1. 1. TV Play Along The Business Model You Haven’t Heard Of Jeroen Elfferich Casual Connect Seattle 2008 Ex Machina Social Gaming Technology +31 20 617 26 85
  2. 2. Ex Machina Social Gaming Technology • Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands • Enabling multiplayer web games since 1998 • Enabling multiplayer mobile games since 2002 • Enabling crossplatform games & communities • since 2006
  3. 3. Julius 4.0
  4. 4. TV Is Magic 4 hours a day (2 months non-stop per year!) • At least one TV in 99% of all households • 2.24 average TV sets per US household • TV is turned on 6h47m a day • Total hours of TV consumed: 250 billion • Percentage of Americans who say they watch too • much TV: 49 • Youth – hours in school: 900 behind TV: 1,500 • TV commercials seen per year: 20,000 • 65+ billion $ industry, 7% growth
  5. 5. TV Is In Decline • Internet will eclipse TV in advertising by 2012 • TV is source for news – ’04 campaign: 68% ‘08 campaign: 60% • Want to watch video on PC: 82% • 24% of US households has DVR • Teens are online more than watching TV • Interactive digital TV has slow adoption rates The Achilles heel of television. “The inherent weakness of television has always been the indirect relationship between the viewer and the broadcaster. Because there has never been any way to make individual viewers pay for the parts of the service they actually watch, broadcast television is based upon a business model which forces viewers to pay indirectly.”
  6. 6. Or Is It? • Viewer participation as new source of income & entertainment • Triple-play multitasking • Low distribution costs, rise of the mid-tail • Balancing DVR & (live) events • TV Game Shows doing better than ever Television Web Sites Thrive During Prime Time, According to Nielsen//NetRatings “At in February, 40 percent of total time spent was during prime time, making it the No. 1 Web site when ranked during prime time. Web properties ABC Primetime and Fox Broadcasting took the No. 2 and 3 spots, with a respective 30 percent and 26 percent of total time spent taking place between 8pm - 11pm”
  7. 7. Voting (Inter)action Medium Channel surfing Embedded Time shifting TV Infrastructure Digital meta-data Analog broadcast VOD Online meta-data Digital Cable/Sat/T EPG Proprietary return Interactive digital Respond to ads IP return IP (IPTV, P2P, d/l) TV content portal Non-TV: IVR Mobile Voting Non-TV: SMS Communicate Non-TV: Online Play Along
  8. 8. Communication (IM, Sharing, Twitter…) (Inter)action Medium Channel surfing Embedded Time shifting TV Infrastructure Digital meta-data Analog broadcast VOD Online meta-data Digital Cable/Sat/T EPG Proprietary return Interactive digital Respond to ads IP return IP (IPTV, P2P, d/l) TV content portal Non-TV: IVR Mobile Voting Non-TV: SMS Communicate Non-TV: Online Play Along
  9. 9. TV Play Along (Inter)action Medium Channel surfing Embedded Time shifting TV Infrastructure Digital meta-data Analog broadcast VOD Online meta-data Digital Cable/Sat/T EPG Proprietary return Interactive digital Respond to ads IP return IP (IPTV, P2P, d/l) TV content portal Non-TV: IVR Mobile Voting Non-TV: SMS Communicate Non-TV: Online Play Along
  10. 10. From Games to Broadcast to Games • Until the 20th Century, games was the #1 pastime • Radio, then TV turned us into passive consumers of entertainment • Late 20th Century, videogames showed that people care about interactive entertainment • And now, the broadcast industry is trying to figure out how to succeed in interactive formats • Or can the games industry serve this trend?
  11. 11. Crossplatform Gaming • Anytime, anywhere, any connected device • 3 Dominant screens – TV: sit back, play along – Web: versatile, pervasive – Mobile: always on, personal • Create interactive experience for all screens
  12. 12. Today’s Viewer Participation • SMS & IVR very successful, but… – Only simple interactivity, asynchronous – Poor usability, complex controls • TV-only (teletext, digital TV), but… – Multiple players, one remote control? – Often no return channel, no interactivity – No integrated payment option People want to participate, but compared to PC & mobile games today’s solutions are too primitive
  13. 13. TV Play Along • Beyond simple SMS / Call-in • Extend TV formats to include continuous gameplay on web and mobile • Engage new and existing TV audiences • Convert online audience into program viewers • Strengthen broadcast brand and program brands • Popularize game brands
  14. 14. TV Play Along Sweet Spot • Any TV Medium • Use online return Embedded channel TV Infrastructure Digital meta-data • Mobile, laptop as Analog broadcast ultimate TV Online meta-data Digital Cable/Sat/T companions Proprietary return Interactive digital • Optimal reach, IP return optimal IP (IPTV, P2P, d/l) interactivity Non-TV: IVR Mobile • Billing, Non-TV: SMS community, Non-TV: Online personalization
  15. 15. Play Along Types • TV Originated – TV leads gameplay – Parallel gaming (pre-recorded) – Integrated gaming (live TV shows) • TV Terminated – TV follows gameplay – Skill-based Call TV – Turn online games into TV – Automated TV production
  16. 16. TV Originated Integrated Gaming TV PLAY ALONG EXAMPLE
  17. 17. Stage 1: Announce Welcome! In a few moments, Casual Connect Quiz will start. Now YOU can play along and be a contestant at home. Simply pick up your PC or mobile and join us! VectorTelevision Ex Machina
  18. 18. Stage 1: Announce For more information on how to take part in this show, see text page 123 or go to VectorTelevision Ex Machina
  19. 19. Stage 2: Provisioning SMS from 1234 Instructions on 123 CCS Quiz Click this link to install Ex Machina Mobile instructions: send text the game app on your message ‘CCS’ to shortcode 1234. You’ll then get a link to install phone the game on your phone. Web instructions: go to in your browser. Register first. After you log in, you’re ready to play Welcome to Casual Connect Quiz! Instructions Instructions Username: ………… Mobile……… ………… Password: …………. Web…………… Register or log in ………… VectorTelevision Ex Machina
  20. 20. Stage 3: Gathering CCS Quiz App Excellent! Now we’re ready to play. If you haven’t done so Ex Machina 13.479 players already, now is the time to start Game will start in the application and log in. 30 seconds You now have 30 seconds before we close our lines and start with the first round! CCS Quiz Web App 13.479 players Game will start in 30 seconds VectorTelevision Ex Machina
  21. 21. Stage 4: Game Start Game started OK, here we go! We have over 25.146 players online Ex Machina 25.000 players now, and a team of 5 famous game designers in Waiting for category the studio. Everyone will get the same answer at the same time, and is given the same opportunity to answer . CCS Quiz Web App 25.146 players online Waiting for studio candidate to select category VectorTelevision Ex Machina
  22. 22. Stage 4: Game Start Category selected We’ll pick a random contestant Casual Classics Ex Machina from the studio… It’s seat 1, Seattle Jessica Tams. Jessica, what will it State of the Industry be? Casual Connect Jessica: Well, this is my home turf, I’ll pick ‘Seattle’! Category selected Casual Classics Seattle State of the Industry Casual Connect VectorTelevision Ex Machina
  23. 23. Stage 5: Game Session Answer Here’s the first question: Which Answer 1) Ex Machina is the least rainiest city? Answer 2) Answer 3) 1) New York 2) Seattle 3) Portland Answer Answer 1) Answer 2) Answer 3) Use your mouse or keypad to enter your answer VectorTelevision Ex Machina
  24. 24. Stage 5: Game Session Answer Just 10 seconds left… 5… 4, 3, 2, Answer 1) Ex Machina 1…. so Jessica, time’s up, what’s 2) selected your answer? Answer 3) Jessica: Well, contrary to what most people think, Seattle’s not Answer the wettest, so Seattle! Answer 1) Answer 2) 1) New York 3) selected 2) Seattle Use your mouse or keypad 3) Portland to enter your answer VectorTelevision Ex Machina
  25. 25. Stage 5: Game Session Result Was Jessica right to be 2) Correct Answer Ex Machina optimistic? Were those playing at home correct? Let’s see… Yes Great! You receive 41 – Seattle it is! points, total at 41 Seattle has 37 inches or rain, Portland has 45 and New York Result 46! 3) Wrong Answer Too bad! Number 2) was the right 1) New York answer 2) Seattle You have 0 points 3) Portland VectorTelevision Ex Machina
  26. 26. Stage 5: Game Session Stats Now let’s have a look and see 44% answered correct Ex Machina how everyone did. Jessica, you You have 41 points were the only one in the studio Position 264 / 25.164 with the right answer. At home, 44% of our viewers answered correctly. Stats 44% of home players answered correct You have 0 points Position 18.964 out of 25.164 contestants VectorTelevision Ex Machina
  27. 27. Stage 5: Game Session (continued) Ex Machina Several more categories are selected and questions from those categories answered, the flow of which is similar to the previous slides VectorTelevision Ex Machina
  28. 28. Stage 6: Winner Final score: 494 You have answered 10 Ex Machina So the end of the game’s here – out of 12 correct. in our studio, Jessica has won. You’re in the top But we also have a winner from 5% of all players! those playing along from home. So here’s the top 5: Final result Your score is 284 Home winners You have answered 6 out 1) Mark1337 2) LeaLeah of 12 correct. You’re in the 3) Bozon top 40% of all players and 4) DragonSlay 2nd among your friends. 5) AnneH VectorTelevision Ex Machina
  29. 29. Stage 6: Winner TV Show has ended The TV show is now over. But if Do you want to keep you feel like having another go, Ex Machina playing? you can continue for as long as yes / no you like on your phone or PC. main menu Every hour, day and week there are great prizes! See you next week, same time, same channel, new quiz! TV Show has ended Click here to keep playing online, or go back to the main menu VectorTelevision Ex Machina
  30. 30. Suitable TV Play Along Formats Trivia quiz shows • Word & puzzle games • National tests • Card games • Live sports • Debates • E-sports • Betting • Avatar games •
  31. 31. Sources Australian Broadcasting Corporation • Wikipedia • PWC Media Outlook • NPR • Nielsen//NetRatings •