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TV & Second Screen (at MediaFutureWeek 2011)


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Presentation at MediaFutureWeek, May 2011 in Almere

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TV & Second Screen (at MediaFutureWeek 2011)

  1. 1. #mfw11@jeroen020
  2. 2. We like Games, TV & PeopleHQ in Amsterdam, US office in SFFocus on Entertainment & Brands
  3. 3. SKO Tijdsbestedingsonderzoek“TV kijken op hettelevisietoestel isopnieuw met eenopmars bezig.”2006: 143 min/dag2008: 135 min/dag2010: 148 min/dag
  4. 4. 1988The „HennyHuisman Effect‟ isa situation wherethe national phonesystem grinds to ahalt due to asudden, massiveamount of phonecalls.
  5. 5. 1999 Big Brother: Making headlines worldwideInteractive voting via SMS and IVRToday still broadcast in 32 countries, 320 million viewers
  6. 6. "The old adage that TVis a lean-backexperience comparedto lean-forward websurfing no longer holdstrue, our researchshows that increasinglypeople are doing bothsimultaneously.”Ivan Ristic, Diffusion
  7. 7. SKO TijdsbestedingsonderzoekMultitasking NL“Op prime timetelevisiekijken (…) isde computer debelangrijkstenevenactiviteit metsurfen, e-mailen enhet gebruik vansocial media.”
  8. 8. “Mainstream TV viewing, more and more, theyhave a device in their hand (…) when ‘Glee’starts, tweets per second shoot up 100 timesand stay that level until the show ends.” (TwitterCEO)“We may extend Facebook Places to TV check-ins” (Facebook VP EMEA)
  9. 9. “Everyone says that social television will be big. Ithink it’s not going to be big — it’s going to behuge. (…) It’s going to change the landscape ofthe industry.” (Endemol Group CEO)“Peoples appetitite for live, shared, communalexperience is actually more voracious thanever...” (ITV CEO)
  10. 10. beyond the check in
  11. 11. the art of programming
  12. 12. From 1 to 4 ScreensTV – Proprietary operator boxes (‘Red Button’) – Connected TV, Boxee, Apple TV, Google TV, Xbox, …Laptop – BrowserSmartphone – Browser, appsTablet – Browser, apps
  13. 13. TV & Game MechanicsTV is an event – Live or linearThe art of programmingArtificial ScarcityEpisodical contentGame mechanics – Collect, earn points, get feedback, exchange, customizeRewarding loyalty and achievements
  14. 14. • December 2010, 90 minutes, pre- recorded• ~800K viewers• Features: Real Time Q&A, Predictions, Bonus Questions, Post to Twitter, Facebook• >1% participation rate
  15. 15. • Call To Action hugely important• Bonus questions overlooked• HTML5 rules• The power of iPad: 12% of users• Experienced internet users (FF, Chrome)• (Pre-)registration not important
  16. 16. • Semi-final & final, January 2011, 120 minutes, live• Features: live rating (personal / national), post to Twitter/Facebook• Website takeover ‘widget’• About 3 Million viewers
  17. 17. • Accurate prediction• Talent > clock• Call to action on TV tripled users• 7% iPad, 7% phones• Tweak algorithms & controls• Embedding vs destination• Friendsfriendsfriends• Twitter, facebook integration
  18. 18. Ex Machina 2010
  19. 19. Ex Machina 2010
  20. 20. Case: Germany’s Next Top Model
  21. 21. 1. Existing formats2. New, multiplayer formats3. Add TV to multiplayer games
  22. 22.  Launch quick & iterate Metrics, metrics, metrics Pilot, episodes, seasons Artificial scarcity works Make the moment matter Interaction over form Balance show-specific and generic, social features
  23. 23.  A TV stays a TV Live > pre-recorded > on- demand Register optionally & at any moment Format relevance Be careful with apps Synchronous & synchronized
  24. 24.  Make technology invisible … but make it scale Me vs tribe vs nation Say it loud, say it often, say it proud! Ads, product placement, freemium, skill, … 2% conversion is easy 10% achievable …
  25. 25. A Million Players Isn’t Cool
  26. 26. You Know What’s Cool? A Billion Players
  27. 27. Smart people wantedPS @jeroen020