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Mobile Learning Academy


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We believe the real world is the most relevant context to learn in. That’s why we give you all you need to create educational games for smart phones.

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Mobile Learning Academy

  1. 1. Mobile Learning Academy The world is your classroom! @ PICNIC ’12, by Ronald Lenz
  2. 2. Mobile has arrived...
  3. 3. Potential for education
  4. 4. Research @ Urban Reality Lab
  5. 5. Frequency 1550
  6. 6. Mobile Learning Game Kit
  7. 7. Games Atelier
  8. 8. 7scenes
  9. 9. Online visual authoring
  10. 10. Apps for iPhone and Android
  11. 11. Online monitoring tools
  12. 12. Best Scene in Town
  13. 13. The Island
  14. 14. Global Gincana
  15. 15. Hong Kong Design Institute
  16. 16. Hong Kong Design Institute
  17. 17. Parsons, Hive Learning Network
  18. 18. Politecnico di Milano
  19. 19. Utrecht University
  20. 20. Lessons Learned• The real world is the most relevant context to learn in.• Technology platform• Game ingredients for learning• Versatility of concepts• Mobile Learning has been widely accepted..• Challenges for the next steps
  21. 21. Launch!
  22. 22. Challenges for success• Easy, out-of-the-box technology• Curriculum blueprint• Design methodologies• Didactics & accreditation• Support for educators and students• Availability phones & data plans• Low costs
  23. 23. Easy technology• Game Maker• Free apps for iPhone and Android• Game Community• Admin tools
  24. 24. Game Maker• Drag & drop media, slideshow, opinion poll, challenge or reward onto places.• Configure settings: roles, objects, time limits, levels..• Single & multi-player treasure hunt, role-playing, collect & trade.• Indoor upload floor-plans & print out QR codes.• Custom maps navigate on any map you want.• WebQuest format you play exclusively on the web.
  25. 25. Apps for iPhone & Android• Explore games featured, in your neighborhood or in your personal channel.• Navigate on a map and activate places when close-by.• Experience the story, watch a video, answer a question, trade an object, upload photos, score points...• Share games, places and UGC on FB and Twitter.• Preload games over wifi before starting.
  26. 26. Game Community• Browse all games, check out featured ones and those in your personal channel.• Explore game pages. Discover the story, check out the places on the map, see user reviews, share it on Facebook and Twitter.• Play back your personal game experience: GPS trace, uploads, scores and more.• Integrate games easily in any website with our Game Player.
  27. 27. Admin tools• Secure access for educators only. Directly in your browser.• Grant teachers and students access to create and publish games in your channel.• Manage all published games and update at any time.• Monitor statistics of game results in your channel. Play back GPS traces, answers to questions, uploaded media & more.
  28. 28. Curriculum blueprint• Developing minors with Webster University, Utrecht University, Hogeschool Utrecht and others.• Describing concept design methodologies• Creative Learning Lab
  29. 29. Didactics & Accreditation• Link to didactic theory: constructivism & authentic learning• We simply need more evidence.• Integration into accreditation systems.
  30. 30. Support• Training for teachers and students• Online support & project community• How-to guides• Onsite support• Phone kits• Subscription service
  31. 31. Thanks! Questions? @mobile_academy @ PICNIC ’12, by Ronald Lenz