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BROCHURE - Executive Education - International Portfolio


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Discover our International Executive Programmes designed for global leaders:

Executive MBA & Masters:
- GEMBA. Global Executive MBA.
- MMBA. Multinational MBA.
- EMBA. Executive MBA.
- MBA. For executives
- EMMS. Executive Master in Marketing and Sales

Short focused programmes:
- Design Thinking for Business Innovation
- Advanced Marketing Strategy
- InDigital - Programme in Digital Management of Marketing and Sales
- B2B Management
- Finance for non-financial managers
- Growth Strategy in Global and Digital Times

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BROCHURE - Executive Education - International Portfolio

  1. 1. 1 Executive Education International Portfolio YOUR PARTNER FOR GLOBAL LEARNING
  2. 2. International Portfolio 3 Are you a global leader?
  3. 3. International Portfolio 5 Your partner for global learning ESADE Campuses BARCELONA / MADRID / MIAMI ESADE has campuses in Barcelona and Madrid, and has recently started its activities in Miami, in partnership with Adolfo Ibáñez School of Management (Chile). ESADE has partnerships with AISC (Chile), Georgetown University (Washington DC, Qatar and Costa Rica), SDA Bocconi (Italy), and Aalto (Finland and Singapore). Business School Europe Financial Times 20166 th Executive Education Worldwide América Economía 20164 th Executive Education Worldwide Financial Times 20168 th ExecutiveEducation atESADE BARCELONA MILAN HELSINKI MADRID QATAR SINGAPORE MIAMI COSTARICA WASHINGTOND.C. Full-Time Faculty With PhDsNationalities 123 73%27 International Chapters 32 Countries 114 Alumni 60.000 FACULTY ESADE ALUMNI Since 1962, ESADE Executive Education serves the business world through its Custom Programmes and innovative portfolio of Open Programmes and Executive MBAs and Masters, all reflecting our values that emphasise customer orientation, flexibility, integrity and corporate responsibility.
  4. 4. International Portfolio 7 SENIORITY PROGRAMMES GLOBAL EXECUTIVEMBA/ MULTINATIONAL MBA MBA FOREXECUTIVES(Asia-Europe) EXECUTIVEMASTER INMARKETINGANDSALES OPEN PROGRAMMES ADVANCED MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME EXECUTIVE MBA Designed for global leaders InternationalExecutive Programmes Our International Executive Programmes have been designed to meet the needs of global leaders, executives who work in multicultural environments, who need to see things with a different perspective. We support these leaders throughout their careers. Level of leadership Programme Categories They will gain new insights into business leadership to bring their companies to the next level. They will gain a broader perspective on company operations to become business-unit, division, or regional leaders in the near future. They will learn how to bring strategy into action and get to know more about how companies develop in a globalised world. They will be prepared to become the leader their companies need. Executive MBA & Masters Global Executive MBA (GEMBA) Global Focus Multinational MBA (MMBA) Latam Focus Executive MBA (EMBA) European Focus MBA for Executive (Asia- Europe Focus) Executive Master in Marketing and Sales (EMMS) Open Programmes AMP. Advanced Management Program Advanced Marketing Strategy In Digital – Programme in digital management of Marketing and Sales B2B Management Finance for non-financial Executives Design Thinking for Business Innovation 7 C-LEVEL & SENIOR LEADERS FUNCTIONAL MANAGERS EMERGING LEADERS OWNERS/ENTREPRENEURS
  5. 5. International Portfolio 9 GlobalExecutiveMBA GEMBA The Global Executive MBA programme mirrors the complexity of the global business environment by: Integrating and packaging multi-disciplinary information within modules. Incorporating participants’ diversity of experience into classroom discussions. Using residencies as opportunities to extend and apply new skills and capabilities. Integrating a unique perspective on geopolitics and international diplomacy by partnering with Georgetown University’s Walsh School of Foreign Service. Unparalleled exposure to consolidated and emerging markets. Who is it for The programme is specifically designed to accommodate executives with demanding professional lives. Participants have an average of 15 years of work experience and most of them have experience of working in multicultural environments and in different countries around the world. C-LEVEL&SENIOR ANDOWNERS/ ENTREPRENEURS USD155,718 Level Fees For more information A global curriculum: Programme structure 6 residency modules spread over 14 months, each module lasting 12 days. Washington D.C. June 2018 The Global Environment of Business Barcelona and Madrid, August - September 2018 Dynamics of Globalizing Industries San Jose and Panama City, November 2018 Global Strategies for Sustainable Business Doha and Bangalore February 2019 Global Management: Capabilities and Processes Beijing and Shanghai, May 2019 Organizational Innovation and Evolution in Advancing Economies New York and Washington D.C. July 2019 Leading Global Transformations “The programme’s methodology has the right combination of practical cases, theory and other real-life examples.” Andrey Kostyuk (Russia) Director, Taurus Aurum Real Estate Investment Fund GEMBA 2014 MODULE 1 MODULE 2 MODULE 3 MODULE 4 MODULE 5 MODULE 6 In partnership with:
  6. 6. International Portfolio 11 MultinationalMBA MMBA ESADE Business School and Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez (Chile) have partnered to offer this unique programme where the realities of the developed countries and emerging countries converge. The programme is specifically designed for top executives working in multinational companies with a special interest in Latin America. It is also targeted to owners of small and medium sized companies operating in the area, who are looking to increase their knowledge in global business from a Latin American point of view. Participants come from more than 15 different countries, creating positive synergies and great networking. Another profile are family business owners and entrepreneurs. “The Multinational MBA strengthened the competencies of leadership, teamwork and communication and, over the course of various modules, covered topics such as strategy, economics, finance, coaching and mentoring.” Gabriela Villamar (Ecuador) Board of Directors Grupo GPF MMBA 2016 8 residency modules spread over 15 months, each module lasting one week. Programme taught mainly in Spanish. In partnership with: Miami, November 2018 Awareness MODULE 1 Madrid, January 2019 Scenarios MODULE 2 Silicon Valley, March 2019 Strategy Orchestration MODULE 3 Barcelona, May 2019 Value Deployment MODULE 4 Miami, July 2019 Numbers MODULE 5 Santiago de Chile, September 2019 Alignment MODULE 6 China, November 2019 Emergent Atmosphere MODULE 7 Miami, January 2020 Execution MODULE 8 Programme highlights: Participants will learn how to lead in contexts of uncertainty. Special focus on Latin America and its relationship with the rest of the world. Extremely practical programme designed for highly experienced executives with strategic responsibilities in their companies. Who is it for C-LEVEL&SENIOR ANDOWNERS/ ENTREPRENEURS USD75,000 FeesLevel For more information Programme Structure:
  7. 7. International Portfolio 13 ExecutiveMBA EMBA The programme provides participants with: FUNCTIONAL MANAGERS,OWNERS/ ENTREPRENEURS ANDEMERGING LEADERS “I needed to gain a more global perspective of business in order to give my career an international focus. Before nishing the programme, I fulfilled my dream of embarking on an international career in a large multinational company, in this case IKEA.” Yuliya Nikolaeva (Russia) Multichannel Programme Manager, IKEA Centres EMBA 2016 Company. Setting and Function Outdoor Strategy. Value and Business International Week in France or Brazil Summer Study Tour Boston, US Development in complexity International Week in China or India Intensification period International Week in Georgetown U.S. PHASE 1 PHASE 2 PHASE 3 PHASE 4 PHASE 5 Schedule and formats STARTDATE September 2018 October 2018 January 2019 January 2019 CAMPUS Barcelona Bcn/Mad Barcelona Madrid LANGUAGE Spanish/English* English Spanish/English* Spanish/English* FORMAT Weekly Monthly Bi-weekly Weekly *25% of classes taught in English A breadth of knowledge across every discipline of business and management. The analytical skills, understanding, con dence and language to influence strategy at all levels of your organization. The possibility to customise the programme to your professional interests. An international exposure to call upon throughout your career. The enhanced management competencies needed to make an impact in your organization and advance in your career. Who is it for Executives and entrepreneurs with great potential for development and motivated to become agents of change in their companies and in the new economic context. Average age is 34 years and average work experience is around 8 years. EUR62,500 Fees For more information Level The programme has four stages; the first three are the core courses and take 14 months to complete; the last one is made up of optional courses and takes 4 additional months. Programme Structure:
  8. 8. International Portfolio 15 MBAforExecutives (Asia-Europe) The Executive Education departments from both ESADE and Aalto University have joined forces to offer a different MBA with innovation and design thinking at its core. Asia and Europe are closer than ever. FUNCTIONAL MANAGERS,OWNERS/ ENTREPRENEURS. TRACK 1 Analysing and Resourcing Business TRACK 2 Strategy and Innovation TRACK 3 Managing a Global Business TRACK 4 Leadership Singapore December 2017 Barcelona, May 2018 Singapore March 2018 Singapore July 2018 Helsinki September 2018 Barcelona March 2019 Vietnam December 2018 Barcelona June 2019 In partnership with: WEEK 1 WEEK 2 WEEK 3 WEEK 4 WEEK 5 WEEK 6 WEEK 7 WEEK 8 A global curriculum The programme is structured in 4 academic tracks that will be covered in 8 intensive weeks, 4 of them in Asia and 4 in Europe. Each intensive week includes face to face sessions (lectures, group activities and case discussions) combined with company visits and guest speakers. Executives with 10 or more years’ professional experience, interested in developing their career in global business, with a specific focus on how business is conducted throughout Asia and Europe. Programme objectives: Focus on intra/entrepreneurship, innovation and design thinking. Develop out-of-the-box thinking in order to improve ability to identify and develop innovative opportunities within the participant’s organization. Special topics on how to do business and the innovation landscape in Asia and Europe. Develop the skills and capabilities for managing global teams and performing in global companies. Who is it for EUR59,000 FeesLevel For more information
  9. 9. International Portfolio 17 ExecutiveMasterin MarketingandSalesEMMS The Executive Master in Marketing & Sales is a unique 14-month degree programme conducted by ESADE Business School and SDA Bocconi School of Management in Barcelona, Milan and Madrid. Participants will: Develop a more strategic mind frame. Systematise their marketing and sales skills. Become more international thinkers and stronger business leaders. “I had high expectations for the emms programme, and what I got was actually even better. The quality of the courses and the faculty is simply exceptional. The programme is demanding, and I am already using lessons in my day to day work. All in all, I think I have made one of the best decisions of my life.” Todor Lesov (Bulgaria/UK) Partner Manager - Multiplay at Dixons Carphone EMMS 2014 In partnership with: Milan. January - March 2018 Barcelona. March - May 2018 Milan. May - July 2018 Barcelona. July - September 2018 Madrid. September - November 2018 MODULE 1 MODULE 2 MODULE 3 MODULE 4 MODULE 5 Milan. November 2018 - January 2019 Barcelona, February 2019 Business Project Presentations and Graduation MODULE 6 MODULE 7 Who is it for The programme is designed to suit business professionals who have a strong interest in marketing and sales. They have worked for minimum 4 to 6 years, are internationally-oriented and eager to boost their skills. Since the content of the programme is designed to develop well-rounded leaders, participants are ambitious, self- FUNCTIONAL MANAGERS, HIGHPOTENTIALS EUR36,000 FeesLevel For more information confident and substantial contributors to their company. They are looking both for professional enrichment and career advancement, a deeper knowledge of their field and faster progress on the executive scale. The programme has a blended learning method: face-to-face and distance learning. The seven face-to-face modules are one week long and take place in three different cities. Each module and its courses continue online with final exams in the next face-to-face module. Programme Structure:
  10. 10. International Portfolio 19 Open Programmes The Advanced Management Programme Description The Advanced Management Programme (AMP) is a modular programme with an international focus, helping participants gain a greater understanding of the world and business reality. The programme is aimed at senior corporate executives and strives to help participants interiorize new ways of leading and improve their performance as leaders within their organizations. Who is it for The AMP is a focal point for the interaction of executives with more than 15 years of management experience, who share an interest in updating their management skills, while extending their network of contacts and looking for new ways in which to generate value for their organisation and stakeholders. Programme Structure The programme is structured in 4 intensive periods at ESADE Madrid, ESADE Barcelona and the United States. Fees EUR 22,600 “ESADE enriched me personally and professionally. It allowed me to acquire qualifications, a critical spirit, knowledge and skills that have been very valuable in my career. It also instilled in me something that I think is fundamental in today’s world: responsibility. Towards our teams as well as our clients.” Laura Ros CEO Volkswagen Spain AMP 2015 MODULE 1: Madrid, November, 2018 MODULE 2: Barcelona February, 2019 MODULE 3: USA April, 2019 MODULE 4: Barcelona. June, 2019
  11. 11. Open Programmes Programme Design Thinking for Business Innovation Advanced Marketing Strategy inDigital – Programme in Digital Management of Marketing and Sales B2B Management Finance for Non-financial Executives Description This intensive workshop will give corporate leaders the skills to bring new creative solutions into their company, using design thinking processes that are powerful tools for corporate innovation and transformation. Advanced Marketing Strategy deals with the challenges that executives face today and helps them to develop a meaningful understanding of markets, customers and prospects, and to use this knowledge to develop and deliver superior offerings in order to capture value. InDIGITAL is a programme that meets the needs of today’s companies forced to change their sales and communication strategies. We are offered a variety of new opportunities for those who have the skills and know-how to fully take advantage of them. The programme vision is both strategic and practical, working through the theory to help participants grow as professionals. It adds value to companies and achieves objective, quantifiable results. The aim of this programme is to make sense of the Strategy and Sales concepts and understand the importance of aligning the two to reach business goals. It will focus on understanding the B2B sales process, defining best practices for communicating in business situations, adapting your Marketing plan to B2B situations, learning how to use social networks to sell in B2B environments and honing your strategic vision of the B2B sales process. In this programme we will take a look at the main topics in finance and we will provide non-financial executives with the right tools to be able to participate in financial discussions and decision-making. The final goal is to help participants to understand the world of corporate finance and give them the tools to create value in their institutions. Who is it for —— Corporate leaders responsible for innovation. —— Senior executives and managers who want to integrate cutting-edge creative practices into their business processes. —— Senior and mid-level marketing and sales executives in B2B and B2C markets. —— Directors of smaller companies and entrepreneurs who want to implement and develop market strategy with the end goal of delivering superior offerings in a competitive environment full of new challenges. —— Managers and professionals in the marketing, sales and communication fields who need to understand the new setting to lead their teams and to add value to their companies. —— Marketing executives who wish to promote to marketing management in companies with a digital focus. —— Company owners or directors who wish to drive change in their organisations through knowledge-based leadership. —— Business owners, CEOs, Marketing Directors and Sales Directors of B2B companies seeking to boost their company’s results by reorganising their sales efforts. —— Executives with limited knowledge and/or experience with finance who are currently, or who will be, functioning in non-financial areas and need to enhance their financial background. Location Barcelona, Helsinki Barcelona Barcelona Barcelona Barcelona Level Functional Managers Functional Managers/ Owners and entrepreneurs Functional Managers/ Owners and entrepreneurs Functional Managers/ Owners and entrepreneurs Functional Managers/ Owners and entrepreneurs Fees EUR 7,200 EUR 5,300 EUR 5,300 EUR 5,300 EUR 5,300 Dates May 2018 June 2018 July 2018 July 2018 July 2018
  12. 12. International Portfolio 23 CustomProgrammes Customisation, innovation & results ESADE designs customised learning programmes and experiencies that allow both organisations and executives to grow and transform into leaders of change. Executive Education blended PRE-PRO-POST© model IDENTIFICATION OFOBJECTIVES &KPIS —— Pre-Programme On Line Lead 360º —— Finance PRE PRO POST Individual Development Programmes (IDPs) Action Learning Programmes (ALPs) PRO-PROGRAMME: HIGHLEVEL OFAPPLICATION Process with modules, participation of executives, customised simulator, role-plays, deep-dive, live-cases... Strategy - Innovation/ Finance - Leadership EVALUATION RESULTS&KPIS —— Post-programme online executive coaching —— IDPs —— ALPs SOURCE: Hugas, 2009. C. Ille based on Cordero et al., 2005 MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMMES-MDPS Solutions Designed for future leaders and high potential professionals LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMMES- LDPS Solutions Designed for functional and business directors PERSONAL EXECUTIVE LEARNING Solutions Designed For CEOs And TMTs CORPORATE UNIVERSITY SOLUTIONS Executive Programmes developed to align strategy needs and talent development. Management of corporate universities and strategy processes to improve their impact. AD-HOC PROGRAMMES ANDWORKSHOPS COVERING SPECIALIZEDNEEDS: Finance and value creation, Business models innovation, Leadership skills, Strategy, Innovation Designed for each level of responsibility in the company:
  13. 13. International Portfolio 25 Our clients Participating Companies ESADE Custom Programmes offer you ESADE Business School has more than 30 years’ experience of providing personalised solutions for companies all over the world. Our close contact with the world of business means we have built up extensive specialist knowledge: we understand your requirements and that means we can create the kind of highly specialised programme your organisation needs. Involvement and partnership: we become a real partner for the company. Impact on results: ROE (Return on Expectations) and ROIB (Return on Investment for the Business). Intensive training solutions for immediate application. Innovation and differential values. Flexibility in the design and development of the programmes. “FIA University course was a great way of building on the knowledge, experience and diversity of the FIA family.” Susan Pikrallidas Secretary General, Fia Mobility France CustomProgrammes
  14. 14. International Portfolio 27 RESULTS KNOWLEDGE 70% 20% 10% APPLICATIONS REACTION LEARNING Action Learning (70/20/10) —— Action Learning Programmes - ALPs —— Individual Development Programmes - IDPs —— Deep Dive Cases —— Simulations —— Leadership Outdoor On-the-job real life experiences Coaching and mentoring relationship Classroom and on-line education SOURCE: Kirkpatrick, 2006. Methodology A practical approach The best training for any executive emphasises experimentation, as up to 70% of our learning is through experience. Coaching is the second most influential methodology (20%) with traditional classroom teaching in the form of lectures, case studies and conferences providing the remaining 10%. We replicate this model in the learning methodologies of our management programmes, dedicating the majority of our programmes to experiential learning followed by leadership development and executive coaching programmes, and lastly, lectures and similar activities. 27
  15. 15. International Portfolio 29
  16. 16. International Portfolio Executive Education Campus Barcelona - Pedralbes Av. d’Esplugues, 92-96 08034 Barcelona T. +34 932 806 162 Campus Madrid Mateo Inurria, 25-27 28036 Madrid T. +34 913 597 714 Accurate at time of print. ESADE Business School reserves the right to modify any content without prior notice. September 2017