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Guide to RecruitmentHiring world-class talent fromLondon Business
Welcome to your guide to recruitmentat London Business School         At London Business School, we understand that       ...
Why recruit from London Business School?Our purpose is clear – to develop break-through insights and successful leaders th...
Meet your potential business leaders Experience Level   Skills gained from each programmePre-Experienced     Masters in Ma...
Meet your potential business leaders Experience Level    Skills gained from each programmeExperienced-Hire     Executive M...
1Which recruitment method suits you?                     TNow that you are familiar with your potential business leaders, ...
Working with our student and alumni clubsThe variety of our clubs is a fantastic testament to London Business School’s glo...
Connect with the London Business School Community Quarterly recruiter newsletter                     Training our communit...
Recruitment policies and guidesTo clarify our recruitment policies, we have put together a Statement of ProfessionalStanda...
Career Services   Guide to RecruitmentCareer Services: Partnering with youVisit to find o...
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Guide to recruitment at London Business School


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Whether you are new to recruiting at the School or have a longstanding relationship with us, the guide will help you to maximise your recruitment strategy by outlining important calendar dates, detailing the full range of options you
can use to connect with our community and walking you through the logistics of the recruitment process.

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Guide to recruitment at London Business School

  1. Guide to RecruitmentHiring world-class talent fromLondon Business
  2. Welcome to your guide to recruitmentat London Business School At London Business School, we understand that To help you to access our talent we have compiled this recruiting the right people is one of the most important guide to recruitment at London Business School. Whether steps in creating and maintaining a successful you are new to recruiting at the School or have a long- organisation. We also firmly believe that, whatever your standing relationship with us, the guide will help you to recruitment needs, our talented students and alumni maximise your recruitment strategy by outlining important possess the international leadership and strategic calendar dates, detailing the full range of options you business skills to drive change and performance in any can use to connect with our community and walking you organisation. through the logistics of the recruitment process. We are proud to have the most diverse community of any As you will see, there are a wide range of recruitment top business school. There is no such thing as a typical methods you can employ depending on your London Business School student. Our students come to organisational needs. The Career Services team is us from a huge range of geographies, backgrounds and committed to working in partnership with you to identify professional experiences and, on graduation, their varied the approach that works best for you and develop career paths take them into a wide diversity of positions a tailored joint recruitment plan to maximise your all across the world. However, London Business School recruitment success. If there is anything we can do to students have one thing in common – they all graduate assist you with your recruitment needs, please do not equipped with solid communication and decision making hesitate to contact us. skills and professional experience that make a real Thank you for your interest in partnering with London difference to businesses. Business School. We look forward to working with you. Fiona Sandford Director, Career Services at London Business School
  3. Why recruit from London Business School?Our purpose is clear – to develop break-through insights and successful leaders that havea profound impact on the way the world does business. Recruit from our community andensure your next hire is amongst the next generation of business leaders.First-class programmes World class faculty Diverse student & alumni Both the School’s full-time and Executive Our 158 faculty members come from more population MBA programmes rank among the world’s than 30 countries and work at the forefront We have 2,700-plus degree students per best, according to the Financial Times of global business research, spreading our year from more than 170 countries. Our and Business Week business education intellectual capital around the world. Our Executive Education team serves over surveys. In 2011 our full-time Masters success in competing for talent with other 8,000 executives on its programmes each in Finance programme was ranked no.1 top-ranking business schools is a mark year. London Business School’s 34,000+ globally by the Financial Times for post- of our international standing. And in turn, alumni are in more than 120 countries. experience programmes. our faculty members enable us to create In September 2007, the School launched its innovative programmes for our world-class operation in Dubai, with the Dubai-London students. The London advantage Executive MBA (EMBA) programme. This The School excelled in the last UK-wide London provides an ideal environment was the first programme of its kind offered Research Assessment Exercise (RAE); for the School’s focus on pre-eminence in the region by a leading business school, 55% of our research received the top 4* and internationalism. Uniquely placed and the first time London Business School “world-leading” rating. This was the highest in the heart of the world’s most thriving, has set up its own branded programme percentage achieved by any university in cosmopolitan centre, our community outside the UK. the UK in the business and management stimulates individual and business sector. Our quality profile highlights across- performance. In 2008 the School built on its existing the-board excellence in our research partnership with Columbia Business School London is the world’s largest banking activities. to launch the EMBA-Global Asia with Hong centre. £1.1 trillion is traded on London’s Kong University, the first programme of foreign exchange every day. its kind to offer learning and networking opportunities in London, New York and Hong Kong.
  4. Meet your potential business leaders Experience Level Skills gained from each programmePre-Experienced Masters in Management(0-1 years Fundamental knowledge and skills in the key areas of business such as Financial Tools, Accounting, Marketing and Strategyexperience) A balanced perspective on international business, developed by learning alongside other high achievers from all around the world reinforced by exchanges with two leading European business schools and Business Immersion Week Ability to balance theory and concepts with skills and practice, having gained insights from both world- renowned faculty and high-profile industry practitioners Essential soft skills developed as part of the Professional Development Programme which compliments the academic aspects of the Masters. Availability Summer Internships: Upon graduation from July. Permanent employment: From July of graduating year. Projects: Throughout the year.Entry-Level MBA(Fewer than 7 A thorough grounding in business and general management in core areas including Corporate Finance, Marketing and Business, Government and Societyyears work International leadership and communication expertise. The Leadership Development component of the programmeexperience in ensures graduates are strong leaders with the solid business skills needed to succeedthe field they A truly global business perspective, gained from studying alongside classmates from over 60 different countries.plan to enter) Availability Summer Internships: June – October between first and second years. Permanent employment: In February, May or July of their second year, depending on their chosen graduation date. Projects: Students must complete their second year projects by the end of April of their second year of study to meet the academic deadline. Companies can offer a project anytime between late August and late January. Students are also available for other projects throughout the year. Masters in Finance (Full-time and Weekend formats) On average six years experience in the financial services sector or a closely related field A strong foundation in the principles and practice of finance along with a substantial base of new concepts and knowledge learned from world-renowned faculty and leading industry practitioners Deep analytical and quantitative skills needed to make a significant contribution across a wide range of job functions in the financial services sector. Our Masters in Finance graduates are also represented in a wide variety of firms, including consulting, industry and the public sector. Availability Summer Internships: During Easter break and during the summer from June. Permanent employment: Full-time: July. Weekend format: Throughout the year. Projects: Full-time: January – May. Weekend format: September – May (following year).
  5. Meet your potential business leaders Experience Level Skills gained from each programmeExperienced-Hire Executive MBA (EMBA)(More than 7 High-calibre managers, executives and entrepreneurs, equipped with the business skills to influence strategy at all levels of your organisationyears experience A breadth of knowledge across every discipline of business and management, with the potential to become trulyin the field they global, multi-skilled business leadersplan to enter) Students study across four great international financial centres: London, New York, Hong Kong and Dubai, graduating with the knowledge, insights and confidence to operate successfully anywhere in the world. Availability Availability Permanent employment: Immediate. Projects: Throughout the year. Sloan Masters in Leadership and Strategy Graduates from our Sloan programme have the drive to lead change and improve performance in organisations Typically with more than 15 years of management experience Successful senior managers, professionals and entrepreneurs with a passion for learning Effective global leaders equipped to handle business problems in uncertain environments and create real strategic value for your business Solid decision making, merging strategic thinking, leadership skills and practical application. Availability Individual Project: Please contact Balbir Guru ( for more information. Permanent Employment: The Sloan class graduates in December.Alumni Alumni(A range of With more than 34,000+ alumni from our degree and Executive Education programmes in over 120 countries, our alumni community represents an invaluable talent pool for recruiters. From recent alumni to those with more thanexperience levels) 40 years experience, our alumni bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to any role. Availability Permanent Employment: Immediate.
  6. 1Which recruitment method suits you? TNow that you are familiar with your potential business leaders, you can decide whichrecruitment method best suits you. Recruitment activity at the School falls into two categories:online and recruitment and networking events. Whatever you decide, our team is happy towork with you to offer training on our systems, schedule events and devise a tailoredrecruitment plan to meet your specific needs.Online recruitment Recruitment and networking eventsUsing our online systems to post jobs and search CVs is an efficient way Whether you are looking to fill permanent, project or internshipof connecting with thousands of our world class students and alumni, positions, recruiting on campus is a great way to increase your visibilityfree of charge, 24 hours a day. Online recruitment continues throughout with our community and to educate your target audience on everythingthe year and we provide regular training sessions to help get you from your company to available opportunities.acquainted with our system. Career Services is on hand to support you whether you decide toYou can connect with our students via Career Central, or recruit via connect with our students and/or alumni at a recruitment andthe Alumni Job Board and CV Database. networking event, through a dedicated presentation and reception, through interviews on campus or by interacting with the array of clubsOnce you have registered for an account you may decide to organise winterviews, presentations and company visits at your own facilities. amongst our community. Recruiting from London Business School has never been easier.Career Central Alumni Job Board & CV Database Career Central gives you access to our 2,700 + The Alumni Job Board and CV Database allow students across the world. As well as letting you post you to connect with talent from the School’s global jobs and search CVs, you can manage and review alumni community. It is easy and convenient to post your job postings, track applications and monitor jobs 24/7 or search CVs of our degree and executive presentation sign-up numbers and names. You education alumni worldwide using multiple criteria also have the opportunity to market your brand to or keyword search. students by building a company profile including Read more at: your logo, website address and company description that students will see on each of your job postings. Read more at:
  7. Working with our student and alumni clubsThe variety of our clubs is a fantastic testament to London Business School’s globally diversecommunity and an integral part of the Student Association. Connecting with clubs to organise anetworking event ensures that you tap into the heart of the student and alumni population. Clubscan also promote your organisation to their members and can help you find a Company Champion,who will be dedicated to promoting your organisation and ensuring your events run smoothly.Here’s just a sample of some of the Clubs at the School, ranging from professional to regional,sports to special interest:Africa / Asia / Brazil / Eastern Europe / Consulting / Energy / Student club conferencesEntrepreneurship / Finance / Health Care / Industry / InvestmentManagement / Marketing / Media / Middle East / North American / Annual conferences organised by clubs provide a forum for topicalPrivate Equity / Real Estate / Spanish / Technology / Women in Business business debate and a great opportunity for you to connect with the global London Business School community. Engage yourFor a full list and contact information of all student clubs please visit organisation in issues affecting the business world today and increase You can contact clubs directly to discuss your corporate profile by providing keynote speakers, panelists orupcoming opportunities or ask your Relationship Manager for an corporate sponsorship.introduction.Why not follow the London Business School Student Association onTwitter: londonSA C Student treksWorking with our professional interest and regional student clubs as wellas your contact in Career Services to organise a trek to your company /region is a great way to promote your brand amongst our global communityand offer students first hand experience of your company. In the last yeargroups of students have embarked on a number of career treks to regionssuch as Dubai, Hong Kong, New York and Los Angeles. Each trek has anappointed Student Trek Leader who will work with you to: Brief you on the trek Determine a convenient date to visit your company Educate you on the backgrounds and career interests of the A students participating Work with you to strengthen ties between the School and your organisation and develop a long-term relationship. SIf you would like to get involved in an upcoming Career Trek contactClubs directly or ask your Relationship Manager for information.
  8. Connect with the London Business School Community Quarterly recruiter newsletter Training our community Corporate PartnershipDelivering the latest news from the London Our learning and development team is London Business School’s CorporateBusiness School community directly to your committed to equipping our students with the Partners enjoy a privileged position withininbox once a quarter, this is a great resource career skills they need for lifelong success the school community. In return for anfor keeping you updated on upcoming events, and are always eager to collaborate with annual investment our partners receiverecruitment calendars, student profiles and our recruitment partners to deliver the most priority access to our top internationalbusiness development activities. Subscribe practical and up-to-date training. Please let talent and world class knowledge andto the newsletter at us know if you would like to work with Career insights. They are able to build theirrecruitourtalent/ Services and the wider London Business visibility with our global community via School community to get involved in training the donor wall, recognition in the AnnualPlease note that if you register for our online our students. Review, and on the website as well assystems you will automatically receive the inclusion in the Corporate Partnersnewsletter each quarter. Directory. They also have numerous Dubai Centre opportunities to expand their peer-to-peer Company visits London Business School’s Dubai-London business relationships through networking EMBA programme has become a huge at events and conferences. Additionally,Throughout the year, and particularly during the programme promotes executive success since its launch in 2007 at thethe summer months, our recruitment team speaker opportunities and facilitates Dubai International Financial Centre,embarks on a schedule of company visits to access to faculty and thought leadership. firmly establishing the School’s presencecement our close relationships with our long- in the region. For more information please visitstanding recruitment partners and to develop As a result of this expanding presence in relationships. These visits are also a greattime to work with your Career Services contact the Middle East our dedicated Businesson a tailored joint recruitment plan for the year Development Manager based in Dubai willahead so, if you would like to arrange a visit, be happy to work with you at each step of Invest in your talentplease don’t hesitate to get in touch with your your recruitment strategy in the region, from When you recruit from London BusinessCareer Services contact to coordinate this. networking events to conferences and posting School, we connect you with world-class jobs to hosting treks. business leaders. We know that you expect the same performance from your Summer Internship Directory current employees, which is why theTo help you stay connected with our first School partners with organisations acrossyear MBAs between their first and second the globe to sponsor their staff on oneyears, we send our recruiters the Summer of our masters or executive educationInternship Directory, detailing their internship programmes.choices along with their contact details. For more information on our MastersWhether you want to forge new relationships degree and Executive Educationwith our soon-to-be second year students or programmes, please visitbuild upon a connection established during recruitment, the Directory provides anexcellent starting point, allowing you to contactstudents in your region or sector and keepthem up-to-date on any events you may beplanning over the break. The directories arepublished in July each year.
  9. Recruitment policies and guidesTo clarify our recruitment policies, we have put together a Statement of ProfessionalStandards for Recruiters available at document helps us to ensure that students and recruiters “The Boston Consulting Group recruitshave enough time to make thoughtful and informed decisionsregarding employment opportunities and allows students to balance consultants from London Business Schooltheir commitments by avoiding clashes between recruitment and for our offices world-wide. The diversity andacademic activity. high calibre of students and the experiencesPlease take the time to read our Statement of Professional Standards forRecruiters to familiarise yourself with the full details of these policies. they have while at School enable them to be well-prepared for a career in consulting. 2011 UK Immigration Reforms – They join us with strong analytical and what do they mean for your organisation? problem-solving skills, work well in multi-It is easier than ever to hire international talent from London Business functional teams and are fully committed toSchool into UK based roles. What are the headline changes fromApril 2012? delivering value for our clients.”1. ‘Cap free’ hiring – when recruiting from London Business School Sukand Ramachandran, London office Principal, The Boston Consulting Group using a Tier 2 visa, it will not count towards your limit of sponsorship2. No need to take the Resident Market Labour Test (RMLT) – The UKBA will remove the requirement for the Resident Market Labour Test for recruiting graduates from UK educational institutions3. Remember – This recruitment process is only open to graduates of UK educational institutions – recruit from London Business School to ensure a streamlined, structured sponsorship processFor more information on the reforms, including a guide to hiring fromLondon Business School via Tier 2 from April 2012, as well as usefulcontact details please visit our website at
  10. Career Services Guide to RecruitmentCareer Services: Partnering with youVisit to find out who in the Employer Engagement Team+ assist with your recruitment needs.canIf you are unsure who to contact, you can always reach us at careerservices@london.eduor on +44 (0)20 7000 7400 C Ny + +c R