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Unit 1.


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Unit 1.

  1. 1. THE WAY WE ARE  In unit 1, you learn how to …….  Use manner adverse and adjectives to talk about people’s behavior and personality.  Use adverbs like extremity to make adjectives and adverbs stringer.  Add prefixes to adjectives to make opposites.  Use always with a continuous verb to describes individual habits.  Use at least to point out the posited side of situation.
  2. 2. Lesson A People in a hurry Do you need to slow do Take this quiz to find out. 1. When I walk down the street,… a. I walk very fast and the time to 2. When I go out to lunch with friends… a. I eat quickly so make phone that I can get calls. back to my work. b. I enjoy the walk 3. When family ever a. I often have because I have. b. I try play that I can ate. b. I eat slowly, and I and look at the enjoy the food things and and people around conversation. me. 4. If traffic is heavy 5. If I´m waiting at and some people the airport and 6. If play a game or sport with
  3. 3. are driving a bit find out that my recklessly,… flight is a. I honk my horn a delayed,…. lot I get mad a. I get impatient and easily in bad complain to the traffic. b. I automatically slow down and people behind the counter. b. I wait patiently. I try to drive read something or careeffully. make a few phone calls. 7. If I get an assignment with a very fight deadline,…. a. I get much stressed I hate it when I don´t have time to do a job prpperly. b. I work hard to do the best. I can in the time I have. friends,…. a. I take the game seriously, and I feel very bad if I lose. b. I think it´s nicer to win than lose, but I don´t feel strongly about it.
  4. 4. GRAMMAR MANNER ADVERBS VS ADJECTIVES Ver + manner adverb Adjective + noun Be, feel, get, etc.+ adjective I wait patiently in lines. I´m a patient person. He doesn´t sing very He´s not a good singer. well. He drives very fast. He´s a fast drive. I´m voice sounds terrible. He gets reckless something. She´s a careful drive. I feel safe with her. She drives carefully. *but: I feel strongly about it. Regular – ly adverb Irregular adverbs Patient – patiently Good – well Careful – carefully Late – late Easy – easily Fast – fast Automatic - Hard - hard automatically EXERCISE
  5. 5. a. Complete the opinions about modern life. Use the correct form of the words. 1. They are quiet students  It is a fast car 2. The building is nice  It is perfect. 3. They work quietly.  It moves fast. 4. She described it nicely  It is absolutely perfect. 5. He walks slowly.  Pedro drives dangerously.  He returned home quickly. b. GROUP WORK: Discuss the opinion. Are they true your country or city? I think young people dress properly here. I, men they often dress casually, but that´s ok. The girl is very friendly and city is beautiful, every people enjoy her landscapes.
  6. 6. LESSON B Personality and Character 1. Building vocabulary and grammar a. Listen and read. Who do these people admire? Do you know any people these qualities? Who is someone you really admire? “My English teacher. She´s incredibly talented and creative. And she has a great sense of humor. She´s pretty disorganized, though. She forgets something almost every class, but her classes are absolutely wonderful” I really admire a guy in my karate class. He´s extremely competitive, but when he wins, he´s not arrogant like some of the other guys. He´s not very outgoing, so some people think he´s
  7. 7. unfriendly, but I think he´s basically just shy.” I think my dad´s a pretty cool guy. We get along really well. He´s fairly easy going and laid – back. And practical he´s and very down-to- earch, so he always gives me good advice. Also, he´s completely honest with me. I can trust what she says. b. Which of the personality words or expressions above describe these qualities. Winning is very important to you. People can always count and you. Competitive You handle everyday problems well. Justice You give a lot of time or money to people. Solidarity You tell the truth, and never cheat or steal. Honest c. How many words can you find in the article that make adjective. Make a list. Then compare with a partner.
  8. 8.  Incredibly ; Justice; solidarity; honest; cool; arrogant. GRAMMAR Adverbs before adjectives and adverbs Use incredibly, extremely, very, She´s incredibly talented. really, so, pretty, and fairly to She´s extremely generous. make some adjectives and He´s a pretty cool guy. adverbs stronger. We get along really well. Use absolutely or really (but not She´s absolutely wonderful. very) with adjectives that are He´s really fantastic. already very strong. The expression at all makes She´s not selfish at all. negative stronger. Complete and totally mean 100% He´s completely honest. She´s totally reliable. Adjective Patient - Inpatient Considerate - Inconsiderate Friendly – Unfriendly Reliable – Unreliable Honest - Dishonest Organized - Disorganized
  9. 9. Exercise a. Do you know people with these quality? Write a sentence for each expression, and follow it with an example. Then compare sentences with a partner.  Maritza is totality hones in the work.  Edgar is really competitive with her sister in the soccer.  Mauricio is completely disorganized in her homework.  Mabel is very impatient in the street.  Karla is incredibly generous with the people. b. Pair work: ask and answer the question with a partner. What´s your best friend like?  My best friend is Alexandra She has a great sense of humor, and She has a great sense of humor, is very demanding, respectful, she likes to study and help others.
  10. 10. LESSON C He´s always working. Conversation strategy. Describing individual habits. Read the sentence. Who is describing a habit, Kate or Jenny? Kate: My brother is always borrowing my car, and it´s so annoying. Jenny: Sometimes my brother borrows my car, but that´s ok. Alexis: so, how´s your new roommate working out? Jacob: well, I don´t see that much of him, really. I mean, he´s always working, you know, at the library or sitting at the computer. Alexis: well, at least he´s not always throwing wild parties or playing music all night. Jacob: yeah, and he´s pretty easygoing. I´m always borrowing his stuff, and he doesn´t mind. Alexis: he sound better than my old roommate, she was so unpleasant. Jacob: you´re right, she was pretty bad.
  11. 11. GRAMMAR Strategy plus AT LEAST You can use the expression AT LEAS to point out the positive side of a situation. Example: well, at least he´s not always throwing wild parties. In conversation At least is one of the top 500 words and expression. Exercise a. Find two place to and at least in each conversation. Then practice with a partner. a. My girlfriend is always late for you dates, so she´s always apologizing to me. It drives me crazy. b. Yeah, but she apologizes. My girlfriend never says she´s sorry when she´s late. a. I know, and my girlfriend calls to say she´ll be late. b. My friends is always boring my CDs and then giving them back weeks later. a. Well, he returns them to you. b. Yeah, and he never damages any of them. a. My brother is always getting good grades.
  12. 12. b. It´s impossible to keep up with him. LESSON D Little-known facts Read the biographies. Which facts do you think is most interesting about each person? Five things you didn´t know about.. Alicia Keys Pianist and singer – songwriter 1. Alicia Keys was born and raised in New York City. 2. She started playing the piano at the age of five. Her mother was very supportive and Matt Damon Actor and screenwriter 1. Actors can be demanding, but not Matt Damon. He´s extremely polite and easygoing. 2. He´s really smart. He studied always encouraged Alicia to English literature at Harvard continue playing. University but left school to become an actor.