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FAFCCM program


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Published in: Education
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FAFCCM program

  1. 1. Forest Action for Climate Change Mitigation: A Case Study in International Collaboration Dr Dimitrios Gkotzos Environmental Education Officer Athens B Directorate of Primary Education. Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs President of the Hellenic LEAF Coordinating Committee
  3. 3. Pilot program of environmental education in the thematic area “Forest and climate change” Providing information, raising of awareness, promotion of environmentally responsible action Addressing climate change causes and effects Forest action for climate change mitigation Program Ιdentity Climate change mitigation
  4. 4. Τhe importance of the program Climate change is one of the greatest threats humankind has known. Forests can be part of the solution. Forests Human intervention Climate Bio- diversity Εnergy Forest fires CO2 Our response to SDG’s 4, 13 & 15
  5. 5. Participants Local national operators/organisations Primary and secondary schools 24 school teachers and their learners (age 10-15) 198 teachers and 4473 learners involved
  6. 6. Τhe thematic areas Forest and Biodiversity Bulgaria Forest Fires Cyprus Forest and CO2 Greece Forest and Energy Romania Forest and climate change
  7. 7. The elements of the program Educational activities • Designed and piloted by a team of 24 teachers • Late primary and early secondary education (ages 10-15) Ecocode • Poster, text (catchy and creative slogans), song, poem • Environmental attitude and ecological behaviour Common Action Day • Promotion and information actions • School and local community
  8. 8. The educational activities Protection of biodiversity in the forests of the closest national park or protected area (Emphasis on local aspects of climate change) Classroom Experiments “Global Warming” and “Flooding” (Explaining relations between plants and animals and climate change) Badges “Save the animals in the forest” and Mailbox “Sharing is caring” (Conservation of ecosystems and biodiversity) Forest biodiversity and climate change (Discovering and realizing the interconnection between forest ecosystems, biodiversity and climate change) Forest and biodiversity (Bulgarian Blue Flag Movement)
  9. 9. The educational activities Little Forest Guardians (Raising awareness of the benefits of forests to ecosystem and the need to prevent forest fires) Soil erosion and restoration measures (Get to know the phenomenon of soil erosion and explore the consequences of wind and rainfall erosion to the ecosystem) Ecosystem restoration measures: seed balls (Exploring ways to restore the ecosystem at an affected area) Raising awareness of the impacts of wildfires in the forest ecosystem (Acknowledging the increased risk of wildfires due to climate change) Forest Fires CΥΜΕPA
  10. 10. The educational activities What I want to know about the forest – learn by playing (Experience the forest functions related to the consumption of carbon dioxide and its contribution to climate change mitigation) Discovering my ecological footprint [Introduce the concept of ecological footprint (carbon footprint)] The first step: learning in our schoolyard (Recognize the contribution of forests to climate change mitigation) The forest is talking to us (Give students feedback and information on the forest ecosystem) Forest and CO2 HSPN
  11. 11. Forest climatic influence (Convince learners that the more trees are in the schoolyard, the fresher and healthier the air is) The forest nature’s powerhouse (Raising awareness of the forest role as a major renewable energy source) Opportunities for funding local climate initiative [Increase the insight in effective strategies (local climate resilience plans) for climate change adaptation and mitigation] Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources (Promoting alternative and renewable energy sources) Forest and Energy CCDG The educational activities
  12. 12. Common action day (21 March) Presentations Lectures by expertsSchoolyard Paintings exhibition Questionnaires Use of broadcast media Making signs, poster
  13. 13. Day 1 The theoretical framework and presentations from the participating countries Day 2 Visit to the EEC of Elefsina Fieldwork in the city of Elefsina and in Mt Hymettus Day 3 Working group for educational material Forest Action for Climate Change Mitigation International seminar, Athens 24-26/11
  14. 14. Concluding remarks - Implications - Recommendations Educating for forests’ contribution to climate change adaptation and mitigation Our response to SDG’s 4, 13 & 15 After piloting, large-scale implementation in the participating countries An example of regional collaboration within LEAF Educational material in English - available to all LEAF countries