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Definition and scope of environmental education


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Environmental Education AKU -IED Course

Published in: Education
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Definition and scope of environmental education

  1. 1. Definition and Scope of Environmental Education Abid Shah Hussainy 13 March 2006 Email: Ext 3039 First Floor Faculty Offices
  2. 2. Class Activities- “For and About” the Environment
  3. 3. Defining Environment
  4. 4. Defining Environment
  5. 5. Defining Environment
  6. 6. Define Environment • Group Work • Can you go outside the class in group of four and observe you environment • Observe the relationship of environment with human ( how they are using/enjoying the environment) • Bring one element of environment in the class • Present your environment , its relationship and element to the class for 5 minutes
  7. 7. Relationship with Environment • Livelihood • Spiritual • Cultural • ?? • Add
  8. 8. A Drought Song…..
  9. 9. Environmental Issues • What is a environmental issue? • ……issue which has its roots in the environment and involves a problem surrounding which there are differing belief and values ( Hungerford etal 1990) • Rule 1 and Rule 2 Page 5
  10. 10. Group Work • Discuss within yourself in a group of 5 environmental issues facing your school • Make list of common issues • Both groups will share their issues and do a final list • Share it with the class
  11. 11. Student Presentation
  12. 12. Environmental Issues • Human actions during the last 50 years have altered ecosystem to an extend and degree un precedent in human history ( Millennium Ecosystem Assessment 2006) • A large number and growing number of people are at high risk of adverse ecosystem change . The world is experiencing a worsening trend of human suffering and economic loss from natural disasters ( Millennium Ecosystem Assessment 2006)
  13. 13. Environmental Issue and Response • The world must tackle international terrorism and tackle the forces of poverty, environmental degradation and hatred that give birth to interference that can lead to fundamentalism and terrorist act ( Klaus Toepfer, Executive Director of the UNEP, Kazakhstan 21 September 2001)
  14. 14. Environmental Issue Response • Environmental education is seen as one of the historical unanimous response to environmental issues by educating present and future generation to care for the earth and conserve environment • Environmental Education can awaken communities to the danger facing their environment ( Orr 1994 )
  15. 15. Environmental Education • 'Education is critical for promoting sustainable development and improving the capacity of people to address environment and development issues. ... It is also critical for achieving environmental and ethical awareness, values and attitudes, skills and behavior consistent with sustainable development and for effective public participation in decision-making.' (Hart etal 1999)
  16. 16. Challenge Ahead • Despite all international and national commitment the environmental education at the local level through curriculum enrichment , teaching and community action present major challenge to the dominant conception, organization and transmission of knowledge (Palmer 1998 ).
  17. 17. Characteristic of Environmental Education • Holistic – Group 1Biodiversity • Problem Oriented- Group 2 Cultural • Participatory- Group 3 Rivers • Value Laden - Group 4 Deserts • Group work : read in the group characteristic assign to your group . • Give examples how you will use this aspect in your teaching
  18. 18. Key Aspect of Environmental Education • Knowledge • Skills • Attitude • Action
  19. 19. Environmental Education Framework ( Palmer & Olive 1994) • Education IN FOR ABOUT the Environment
  20. 20. Environmental Education Initiative • Post and share on IED Online one initiative form the net and also provide link of the source or resource • What did you like most about this web site • Share a photo…or quote another link … related to environment and its conservation …in your country , place or region.. • WWF Pakistan • What can we do …..