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Forest action for climate change mitigation

Published in: Education
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Gkotzos leaf

  1. 1. The International Thematic Networks of Environmental Education in Greece The case of LEAF Program Dr Dimitrios Gkotzos Environmental Education Officer, Athens B Directorate of Primary Education. Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs President of the Hellenic LEAF Coordinating Committee
  2. 2. The Thematic Networks of Environmental Education (supervised by the Ministry of Education, Research & Religious Affairs) Collaboration among schools in various areas, that implement Environmental Education (E.E.) projects of similar content Support of E.E. projects (pedagogical and academic) Development of educational resources Organization of teacher training seminars and school visits Thematic Networks of E.E. Local or Regional National International
  3. 3. The International Thematic Networks of Environmental Education International collaboration Promotion of ministerial policy at international level Directorates of Primary & Secondary Education, Environmental Education Centers, Local Government institutions, Non-profit, Non-governmental Environmental Organizations National Coordinating Committees -President: Officer from a regional department of the Ministry of Education -Representative from the Ministry (Department of Environmental Education) and other stakeholders
  4. 4. The International Thematic Networks of Environmental Education coordinated by HSPN International Coordinator: FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education) National Operator: HSPN (Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature) (the oldest environmental NGO in Greece) National Coordinators: Directorates of Primary or Secondary Education Coordinating Committees: HSPN representatives & stakeholders of the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs (Environmental Education Officers, School Advisors, School Principals, Directors of Environmental Education Centers) Primary and Secondary Schools (state and private) throughout the whole country Any action of the Networks receives approval from the Ministry (meetings of the Committee, teacher training seminars etc.) Submission of a detailed report every year.
  5. 5. Learning about Forests – Teacher training Educational activities in forests Educational activities in forests Environmental awareness, practice and attitudes on issues related to the forest Training seminars in forests Summer schools
  6. 6. Learning about Forests – Tree and seed planting activities Τree & seed planting Enhancement of forest resources Enhancement of biodiversity Demonstration of active citizenship Environmental protection and management
  7. 7. The LEAF award Special award ceremonies every 2 years Schools that have successfully implemented the program Fieldwork bag, which includes instruments and tools useful for fieldwork activities in the forest
  8. 8. Learning about Forests – Educational resources Theoretical and practical information (e.g suggestions of activities) on Forest Education
  9. 9. Learning about Forests – Treasure hunt game Poster Tool of learning and action Searching and finding Adventurous story, legend, fantastic journey Forest ecosystem, interaction between natural and human relationships Adjustable (player’s number, age- experience, location, climatological conditions)
  10. 10. Hellenic LEAF Coordinating Committee President: Dr Dimitrios Gkotzos, Environmental Education Officer, Athens B Directorate of Primary Education. Vice President: Sofia Kainourgiou, Member of the HSPN Board Secretary: Panagiotis Mpegetis, Principal of the 4th Athens School Laboratory Center Τreasurer: Marianna Hatzimichail, Principal of the 13th Primary School of Halandri Members: Marina Papageorgiou, Department of Environmental Education, Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs. Stamatis Skampardonis, Primary School Teacher, 8th Primary School of Glyfada. Vice President of the HSPN Board Dr Sofia Pedrikari, School Advisor, 51st Prefecture of Preschool Education Varvara Petridou, Environmental Education Officer, Athens B Directorate of Secondary Education. Alexandra Koskolou, Κindergarten Teacher, 1st Kindergarten of Melissia
  12. 12. Forest Action for Climate Change Mitigation -Τhe thematic areas Forest and Biodiversity Bulgaria Forest Fires Cyprus Forest and CO2 Greece Forest and Energy Romania Forest and climate change Climate change is one of the greatest threats humankind has known. Forests can be part of the solution.
  13. 13. Forest Action for Climate Change Mitigation The program Educational activities • Designed and piloted by a team of 24 teachers • Late primary and early secondrary education (ages 10-15) Ecocode • Poster, text (catchy and creative slogans), song, poem • Environmental attitude and ecological behaviour Action Day • Promotion and information actions • School and local community
  14. 14. Day 1 The theoretical framework and presentations from the participating countries Day 2 Visit to the EEC of Elefsina Fieldwork in the city of Elefsina and in a mountain forest Day 3 Working group for educational material Interviews Forest Action for Climate Change Mitigation International seminar, Athens 24-26/11
  15. 15. Concluding remarks - Implications - Recommendations Educating for forests’ contribution to climate change adaptation and mitigation Our response to SDG’s 4, 13 & 15 After piloting, large-scale implementation in the participating countries Presentation at the next NOM as an example of regional collaboration within LEAF Educational material in English - available to all LEAF countries