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Web Engineering Workshop


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Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Web Engineering Workshop

  1. 1. Web Engineering A Discussion D. J. Sanghvi College of Engineering 7th August 2009.
  2. 2. Say what you feel! Are you confident of delivering the subject effectively? Is the motivation behind introducing this subject clear to you? Did you interpret the scope of the syllabus coverage correctly? Were you involved in deciding the topics? Do you believe that industry folks can be consulted for syllabus coverage?
  3. 3. Statistics Total Participants:10 Aspects YES NO Course Delivery 7 3 Confidence? Alignment with 8 3 Motivation? Scope Clarity? 1 8 Personally 3 6 Involved? Involve Industry 8 3 Experts?
  4. 4. What still bothers us? What should we How are we supposed focus on: Software to make students Engg. aspect or the appreciate the Web Tech. aspect? architectures without students really What should we knowing design cover for practical principles? sessions: Software Engg. Aspect or Web Syllabus has implicit Technologies? dependencies (pre- requisites) to design What level of depth before we teach should these wide- architectures ranging topics be dealt with?
  5. 5. What still bothers us? What would students learn by visiting a software development center...this concept is good for other disciplines, but for software industry this idea of “Industry Visit” does not hold true
  6. 6. A Possible Approach for Term-work Take a project based What you teach in approach class SHOULD be reinforced during Marry Software Engg way and Web Technology out is to take a aspects in a project- hand-in-hand oriented approach for approach for topics the entire semester delivered in-class and (theory and topics done during practicals) practicals.
  7. 7. A Possible Approach for Term-work Choose a delivery Chop the slice such that approach, i.e Waterfall or each sub-division becomes any other SDLC or may be a term-work experiment Agile spanning all the topics (to comply with university Slice the project or norms). project modules based on chosen delivery approach Evolve the slice in a and allocate slices to a natural progression where group of students. the first experiment is elaborated by the next and so on...until, the slice is ready for delivery.
  8. 8. A Possible Approach for Term-work In short, iterate on Term-work success the slice again and criteria: a project again and go on that “RUNS” on “MY” enriching it until machine. deployment. Either you decide the Make sure to test project or let each sub-division of students come-up the slice. with project ideas, but you need to be Schedule and track consulted on the each sub-division. decision.
  9. 9. Tools Analysis and Modeling Test Eclipse Plugins Unit Testing: JUnit, TestNG ?? Tracking Design and Code Wiki, OpenOffice, Eclipse, Netbeans Excel, MPP or plain old notepad/vi. JUnit, TestNG
  10. 10. Participants Narendra Sheokokar, Priyanka Desai, T.C.E.T D.J.S.C.O.E Bhagyashri Sonawale, Khushali Deulkar, S.C.O.E, Khargar D.J.S.C.O.E Asha Rawat, P.V.P.P.C.O.E. Chetan Mahajan, P.V.P.P.C.O.E Sheetal Pereiza, K.J.S.C.E, Vidyavihar Chitra Bhole, K.J.S.I.E.I.T, Sion Gopal Gupta, T.S.E.C Hasmukh Sutar, Atharva Swati Ringe, F.R.C.R.C.E College