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Rich Crandall / OakX: Better By Design


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Rich Crandall / OakX: Better By Design

  1. 1. TRADITIONAL THINKING DESIGN THINKING(Directed) (Emergent) Planning of a flawless intellect Enlightened trial and error Avoid failure Fail fast Expert advantage Ignorance advantage Right answers Right questions Rigorous analysis Rigorous testing Presentations and meetings Experiments and experiences Telling Showing Headquarters In the field Subject expert Process expert Arm’s length customer research Deep customer immersion Periodic Continuous Thinking and planning Doing If you build it, they’ll buy it If they inspire it, they’ll buy it
  2. 2. 1) How do we shorten the iteration cycle?
  3. 3. Process | Leadership Public Schools Leadership Public Schools is on a mission to address the most challenging issues in urban high school education. We have deliberately structured ourselves as an R & D organization focused on developing a range of technology- enhanced instructional and data tools and innovation processes that are replicable and cost effective for both charter and traditional schools. All of our products and processes begin from a collaborative, iterative design process and move through the prototype, alpha and beta phases with many feedback points based on qualitative and quantitative data from key stakeholders – the teachers and students.
  4. 4. 2) How do we redefine the problem?Make version 2.0 of an incubator.
  5. 5. Credit: Education Elements3) How do we break the curse ofknowledge?
  6. 6. Credit: Education Elements
  7. 7. YES, AND.
  8. 8. Doug
  9. 9. Adventure Series: Cozy Camp