data mining security classification clustering manet ontology genetic algorithm cloud computing machine learning feature extraction svm fuzzy logic fpga particle swarm optimization qos image processing big data vanet segmentation natural language processing privacy authentication cryptography mac information retrieval neural networks web services hadoop psnr direct torque control optimization network protocols computer vision wsn encryption ad hoc network artificial neural network ad hoc networks edge detection feature selection e-learning wireless sensor network steganography framework wireless sensor networks naive bayes simulation content based image retrieval image segmentation k-means clustering scheduling ant colony optimization image watermarking decision tree nlp vector control object tracking performance decision trees congestion control web usage mining medium access control (mac) mri wireless network soa aodv privacy preservation sensor network social network analysis hidden markov model microcontroller modelling mimo noise mobile network block cipher texture virtualization wordnet wavelets neural network mobile multiagent system wimax dsr compression singular value decomposition v2v communication routing prediction data compression decryption text mining algorithms throughput semantic web stemming artificial neural networks load balancing support vector machine gpu cuda knn dwt dct big data analytics software engineering arabic language sentiment analysis deep learning gesture recognition image quality assessment preemption twitter mapreduce reduced reference no reference full reference oversampling semantic network analysis parallel algorithm wireless sensor networks. outage probability log skew normal alamouti learning algorithm language detection automation knowledge management semantics access control higher education processor smart mobile ad hoc network (manet) wireless sensor networks (wsns) pmipv6 cluster image inpainting exemplar based privacy preserving data mining hand gesture ubiquitous rotation forest distributed system. traffic engineering trust management energy harvesting internet of things trust spectrum sensing distributed system exploitation pos tagging dft gsm payload filtering peak signal to noise ratio (psnr) snr secret sharing discrete cosine transform confidentiality service composition handoff guard channel k-mean java middleware test case generation smart antennas microstrip patch antenna requirements intrusion detection system (ids) latency robustness discrete wavelet transform visual cryptography association rule mining p2p jpeg fcm medical imaging data gathering correlation software testing project management knowledge base activity recognition pid controller robotics erp implementation multi-label classification stbc cdma adaptive systems knowledge discovery materials database sensors embedded system tracking mobile ad hoc network character recognition support vector machines j48 partial migration evolutionary algorithm bbo biogeography-based optimization mobile networks face detection lda leach. flex workflow map reduce vlsi xml cooperation hierarchical clustering qos routing. contourlet transform intensity data center zero crossing rate modeling software development data gabor filter mode of operation authentication. motion estimation semantic compression thresholding canny cbr c4.5 live streaming apriori algorithm biclustering distributed systems formal concept analysis sar fingerprint image histogram equalization mfcc component perturbation reconstruction social media model architecture sorani kurmanji kurdish language dialect identification pattern recognition smoke detection scrutiny of admission forms knowledge capturing hog features video database fast search medical imaging analysis time dependant functional response signal processing iso/iec 25051 iso/iec 9126 ready to use software software development cycle quality analysis quality model evaluation process fta long-term depression long-term potentiation compressed sensing excitatory postsynaptic potentials etl pseudo random number generator (prng) healthcare sql image enhancement software process modeling complexity software architecture case-based reasoning huffman coding vector quantization memorability of passwords . snakes & ladders game graphical passwords intrusion prevention rsu network topology dsrc cellular network wavelet transform watermarking rtos psnr. privacy requirements dependability agile modeling security architecture image encryption energy consumption educational data mining assessment communication information systems web services security energy efficient manhattan distance preprocessing optical character recognition (ocr) stability mobility models mobile ad hoc networks mobile application gps tcp owl pir hindi support vector machines. standards beamforming routing protocols top-hat transform level set method k-means xst lut fir dalut multirate hidden markov model. spwvd wvd stft hrv cloud security web search engine web mining semantic similarity differential evolution median normalization mean square error (mse) lifting wavelet transform opencl google maps chemotherapy breast cancer fractal dimension arabic real-time processing distributed processing diabetic retinopathy transfer learning manets video surveillance supervised learning opinion mining recommender systems knowledge engineering artificial intelligence uav human-computer interaction semantic analysis eigen faces pca scalability quality of service nonparametric regression time series prediction kernel regression rmse resolution coherence surface deformation gradient (sdg) radar interferometry (insar & dinsar) discrete hartley transform kernel discriminant analysis discrete cosine transform algorithm lip segmentation capstone project waterfall process agile process instructional technology student engagement evaluation metrics answer extraction neutral language processing question-answering pronunciation dictionaries. word distance measurements semantic similarity. e-examination subjective assessments knapsack problems african buffalo optimization binary problems swarm intelligence metaheuristic domain name frequency analysis & malicious dns malicious domain names domain generated algorithm private key public key digital rights management cryptocurrency blockchain gnp-gender number person. pos-parts of speech tl: target language sl-source language mt: machine translation conformable fractional derivative exact solutions fractional partial differential equations functional variable method penetration testing standards. ethical hacker penetration test fmri alzheimer’s disease dementia brain network structural equation model fuzzy formal concept analysis fuzzy association rules validation posterior distribution class imbalance butterfly cataloging ecology image recognition analytics stream processing urban data streams amharic posts and comments social networks and spark amharic hate speech detection viterbi algorithm general regression neural networks nlp &co-occurrence matrix. emoticons hashtags arabic tweets classifying dsm data resource evaluation metric automatic evaluation sequence-to-sequence models paraphrasing systems of systems reliability supply chain management. system of systems serious game multi agent systems economic geography sparql endpoint. data warehouse ontology engineering hsv colorization pseudo-coloring smart mobility point of interest anonymity location based services location privacy contiki cooja. performance analysis symmetric key based ciphers linear and grid based wireless sensor networks wto mra tbt(technical barrier to trade) conformity assessment title properties people titles rule-based classifier biomarkers mass spectrometry team data science process foundational methodology for data science crisp-dm kdd process user data discovery data-driven decision-making data science methodology cybersecurity business models. m-commerce wireless technologies mobile payments fast handover handover aaa university web-based learning cricket multiclass svm random forest firmographics public records bankruptcy prediction robotics application image clustering darpa third wave of ai. rumlsm really useful machine learning black-box problem deep neural network ai risk recall product harm crisis galaxy note7 social communities social live streaming uses and gratification couchsurfing airbnb home-sharing sharing economy the duality feature. the p versus np problem np complete problems np problems p problems aomdv &dsdv mobile ip false vote injection attack false report attack aes algorithm.. lsb algorithm degree of interaction. time- interaction digital interactive story telling graph algorithms graph parallel computing graph analytics graph processing big graph boundary scan jtag tmp controller tap ieee 1149.1 ip core low resource devices lightweight cryptography hight dydog digital signatures concealed data aggregation smo part of speech tagging named entity recognition footer switch header switch leakage current sleep mode mtcmos delay and switching activity. hazard filtering multiple threshold transistor balanced path delay gate freezing power dissipation glitch test data. test case optimization meta-heuristics harmony search algorithm triplets short answer friendship matrix friendship graph risk management & information security drug response multifractal fractal histology indoor localization fall multi-agent tele-health smart-home relaxation labelling registration graph matching point pattern matching multiple support vector machines yacbir skeleton model microsoft kinect turkish sign language recognition packet routing setup delay communication networks security anal rsa cryptosystem fault tolerance digital signature permutation flowshop scheduling problem tabu search metamodel lessons learned technological innovation management attacks handshake protocols ssl/tls protocols skeletal muscle micro array gene expression filter techniques multi-filter system sharp objects precautionary measures pattern match real-time dynamic video surveillance behaviour management architecture service management saml federated identity management probabilistic model topic model character segmentation and recognition number plate recognition number plate localization wireless. protocol future internet ccn gossiping local algorithms distributetd data mining postgresql. mongodb cassandra nosql database multiprocessor and cluster trajectory queries databases evaluation random effect linear regression tuition growth rate modified vortex search algorithm. vortex search algorithm numerical function optimization metaheuristics emerging markets gjr model garch model conditional volatility rust detection. caffe framework complexity and connectivity. mutation testing continuous integration fault localization basel. computer simulation banking regulation economical informatics computer network erlang c erlang b banking system queueing theory global optimization migration period microprocessors data encryption standard communication security cisc and risc comparison candidates conventional universities hand detection hand signs construction sign language noise in audio recordings. power grids media recordings region of recording enf standard completeness strong completeness hedge first-order logic mathematical fuzzy logic dynamic environment. python ide. pydev crt decision tree algorithm thyroid diseases bootstrapping asymptotic variances kalman filtering and smoothing expectation maximization algorithm maximum likelihood estimation state-space model teo poa msa vot torque control brushless machines electric vehicles bldc motor control blac motor control pmsm motors prometheeii. cartography mcda-gis integration industrial zones multi-criteria decision analysis (mcda) geographic information system (gis) ch’ gateway sub-cluster orphan nodes o-leach leach wsns probabilistic rules. bayes sentiment classification decision rule mining associative regression radio channel measurement multi-radio wmn labelling fuzzy clustering vertebra segmentation fuzzy term. web log file fuzzy association rules artificial neural network (ann). hand written and printed character recognition (hw bottommiddletop layer (bmtl) topmiddlebottom layer (tmbl) layer service sector manufacturing sector moora mcdm madm gkfcm kfcm skew correction skew detection braille to text conversion feature selection & adversarial ir content spam spamdexing web spamming file transfer web cloud file integration sha-1 final user conceptual query language fnirs. digital watermarking technique and wireless sensor linear feedback shift register guidelines middlebox security keypad attack potential shoulder surfing attack attack potential of password systems security requirement of web sites threat of web sites password authentication system of web sites user equipment mobility management entity home subscriber server authentication and key agreement long term evolution – advanced transportation modes similarity analysis barcode receipt electronic referendum election transparency packet lost. survey. security services attacks on manet cluster energy & root node. role factor histogram eigen values match points safety and liveness property. node monitoring protocol verification validation sdl (specification and description language) supervised & unsupervised training convolutional deep belief network [cdbn] convolutional neural network [cnn] image processing & projection method water meter recognition dsp technology-organisationenvironment (toe) diffusion of innovation (doi) cloud computing adoption comprehensibility. extraction feed forward unsupervised system fabrication photocopy document ocrs autocorrelation orientation number plate change of radix re-integerization fractionification matrix transformation gnu/linux core utilities good programming style cyber situational awareness security evaluation cvss markov reward models non-homogeneous markov model attack graph traffic-aware queue length potential field depth potential field genomic knowledge. microarray data heuristic algorithms medical diagnosis island model trust. bio-inspired algorithms artificial agents big data mining time reversal ostbc ofdm/oqam j2ee . red5 web2.0 ria videoconferencing system energy clusterhead ber. cir zps ola mb-ofdm ecma-368 uwb aes cipher selective encryption shadowing environment. asymptotic approximation moment matching lognormal sum interference correlated lognormal sum relay’s diversity siso multi-hop system rayleigh fading diversity distributed-stbc/dstbc mc cdma multi carier performance analysis. resource scheduling lte macrocells femtocells software defined network security configuration virtual network virtual machine virtualized infrastructure primary/secondary user bpsk modulation power spectral density energy detection radio cognitive image similarity image features cross-validation circular sectors cbir camera calibration. lidar calibration remote sensing sensitivity analysis lab test icu single machine dispatching rules dependency patterns dependency parse trees aspect-based opinion extraction semantic enrichment ontology learning figurative expressions graded salient hypothesis teaching synchronous approach and semantically enabled web services. shared understanding collaborative requirements elicitation recommendations systems (rs). quality attributes a general architectures multi agent system (mas) ittp. d-mux-ittp voip bandwidth utilization packets multiplexing medical data stream visual metrics svd medical images fuzzy c-means (fcm) t2 multiple sclerosis speech to text translation ibm watson api speaker pronunciation time informatized caption lesión r-cnn convolution neural network mammography web advertising google ads pay-per-click advertising smt. cyber physical systems critical infrastructures detection and prevention systems security monitoring crime analysis really useful machine learning. ai query inversion. query processing structured query language (sql) data provenance cloud storage service attribute-based encryption digital archive management semantic grid long-term preservation (lpt) two-tiered architecture pmsm control ubiquitous environments ubiquitous interaction model mutation owl-s petri-nets finite element modelling quartic polynomial equation energy optimization manipulator trajectory convex set. gvg roadmap departability nonholonomic sensor based system management multi agent system cloud technologies mapping. support maximal frequent itemset knowledge pattern. project life cycle services security aomdv protocol. residual energy time processing. em hmm machine learning methods association rule concept taxonomy granular computing multidimensional data mining statistical analysis metrical linguistics environmentology english text analysis heart disease diagnosis. initial centroid selection methods improved apriori algorithm. weighted association rule mining (warm) dynamic programming web page prediction reliability. pssm rbf nac emotion recognition. human computer interaction behavioral science texture analysis local variance local binary pattern image retrieval and owl-s learning objects learning style mp-soc architecture road recognition software processors multistage architecture neural network. park’s vector approach inter turn stator fault pwm inverter doubly fed induction machine agent attack prevention synchronized defense distributed attack denial of service confidence interval numeric signature privacy preserving standard deviation opinion mining. sentiwordnet rouge-su (2) fmeasure automatic language processing evaluation automatic summary extraction scheduler operating system online machine learning reinforcement learning decision tree. rheumatoid arthritis predictive model cuckoo’s algorithm adaboost fuzzy decision making. minimum spanning tree data aggregation continuses rule extraction bee colony optimization multi-objective algorithm cuckoo search numeric association rule higher education institutions (heis) critical success factors (csfs) enterprise resource planning (erp) system java programming language. oracle applets jdbc ordbms oop multithreads intranet geographic informational systems environmental optimization public transport network hybrid algorithm commodity of interest multi-commodity network flow optimization linear programming graph theory parallel. extended mixed network maximum flow alogrithm cycle distributed parallel tsp pattern-based approach antonym semantic relations precursor step random graphs eigenvector centrality degree graph isomorphism fourier analysis orthogonal arrays experimental design sampling theorem digital signal processing geometrical features hsv appearance non-overlapping views human tracking pedestrian detection. apache storm distributed stream processing haar-like feature heterogeneous sensor work-experience stem unemployment post-graduation economy thyroid tumour patients malignancy logistic regression analysis micro-strip line(mlin). advanced design system(ads) gysel power divider(gpd) wilkinson power divider (wpd) error convergence rate. beam width side lobe level (sll) augmented clms (aclms) complex least mean square (clms) adaptive array traffic theory multicasting markov chain kendal’s notation k-fold network fis edito routing metrics aads model mobility secure protocol manet security bit error rate(ber). code shifted quadrature chaos shift keying ( csqcs code shifted differential chaos shift keying (cs-d quadrature chaos shift keying (qcsk) differential chaos shift keying (dcsk) ambient networks. local preference mpls bgp wired part delay (delay between ar/mag). binding update/registration delay total number of hops wireless link delay average hop delay total handover delay mipv6 protocols genetic algorithm (ga). shortest path (sp) bilateral gradient sharpness criterion. dwt (discrete wavelet transform) laplacian pyramid multiresolution enhanced packet reception rate (prr) weight based advanced leach correctness multi ttp single ttp trusted third party (ttp) secure multiparty computation (smc) and soft real-time (srt). hard real-time (hrt) real-time routing (rt) ns2. wireless adhoc network backoff mac layer spectrum dcas fixed channel dynamic channel hop count filtering (hcf). time to live (ttl) blind spoofing. ip spoofing replay attack distributed denial of service attack (ddos) sha-1(secure hash algorithm) otp (one time password) iba (image based authentication) mobile router. bulk binding update nemo nbs aodv & rfactor. energy efficiency ontology based classification (domain specific). centroid based classification hybrid approach punjabi text classification ace event. event coreference resolution data publishing. suppression anonymization generalization data privacy min-based operator product-based operator possible worlds possibilistic linkage model possibilistic linkages possibilistic data model uncertain object model uncertain data computation partitioning criteria contourlet transfor medical image compression extended wavelet transform overloading. toll-plaza vehicle checking vehicle classification hsrp (high security registration plate) digital video holography. digital image holography code book generation stream cipher. permutation self organizing map rf transceivers ultracapacitors medium access protocols sensor node architecture dvs comparison. co-occurrence matrix principle component analysis representative rule. distortion association rule hiding k-means clustering. computing intelligence project clustering software effort estimation neural networks. levenberg – marquardt genetic algorithm (ga) fuzzy systems diabetes low-resource lwl classifier k star classifier ibk classifier ib1 classifier delay tolerant network. routing protocol mobile trace opportunistic network e-learning broker & e-learning registry e-learning discovery web service maximal frequent item first (mfif). apriori algorithm (aa) association rules (ar) frequent item set (fis) data mining (dm) 4g umts gprs edge awgn and raleigh fading channels bit error rate(ber) ecb and cfb cryptographic algorithm pre-zf pre-mmse mimo-ofdm robots cleaning directed acyclic graph (dag) session construction partial ancestral graph (pag) test case generator. plan synthesizer path synthesizer watch variable handler flow graph analyzer token parser test bed master section head. event driven lifetime sensor nodes search environment. uml models mdl phy amc ofdma 802.16e 802.16m ieee principle component analysis (pca) text classification feature clustering sensitive data visual editor flow based programming complex event processing fuzzy c-mean. artificial neural networks (anns) hidden markov model (hmm) features extraction human computer interaction (hci) hand posture empirical mean principal component analysis de-blurred fused image modified genetic search algorithm. haar wavelets attribute subset selection computational intelligence cognitive user common control channel primary users spectrum opportunities cognitive radio (cr) motor controller. dispenser monitoring pervasive medical diagnosis systems. ensembles similarity matching & image retrieval. teo-cb-auto-env. duration vocal tract spectrum lpc formant frequencies power system stabilizer d-k iteration h∞ control theory secret key multiple keys bitmap image braille format ip networks. lan router and switches soc ethernet etl algorithm. fuzzy cmeans algorithm binary neural network geometrical expansion semisupervised classification explicit window adaptation(ewa) dynamic buffer sizing transmission control protocol (tcp) wireless lans(wlans) flip-flops atpg bi-stable element latch scan chain low complexity video compression 2d svd wiener index. fibonacci weighted tree distance in graphs image fusion. hpdi spatial metrics spectral metrics image quality in-vehicle network health monitoring ecu ecu adaptive learning learner portfolio scaffolding asynchronous e-learning web filtering messenger application client server proximity monotonicity m)-anonymity k-anonymity smart phone application radar mobile maps android fuzzy logic optimization asynchronous motor control load balancing. replication delay-tolerant networks heterogeneous processors mpsoc creativity. what if ? why not ? adaptation tutelage anthropomorphism content mirroring remote display location-based services (lbs) trilateration algorithm distance-based filtering algorithm indoor positioning indoor location tracking weight application weight unified qos metric dynamic weight qos metric qr-code data protection deniable encryption indistinguishability obfuscation selective opening attack functional encryption african national research and education networks ( internet exchange points software defined networking active vehicle tag identification processing delay sensing energy computational rfid medium access control. framed slotted aloha random access protocols wireless lan grouping machine-to-machine point-to-multipoint (p2mp) wireless metropolitan area networks (wmans) los (line of sight) digital subscriber line (dsl) visible watermarking technique and discrete wavele digital watermarking neighbourhood function weight vector learning rate anomaly detection interference management hsupa load matrix resource allocation target trajectory i-imm tracking and prediction geomagnetic sensor technology surface surveillance label ranking. learning object cognitive radio wireless network. network coding joint network/channel decoding software job ads software development curriculum ieee/acm computer science curriculum personal cloud public cloud secure cloud architecture multiclouds nist reference model. intermediation task scheduling algorithm deadline dynamic service allocation cloud broker stackato & stratos openshift cloudify cloud foundry appscale feature model-based virtual cluster commonality an virtual cluster disk provisioning security screening system. cross-language information retrieval border security displacements inter-event time probability distribution armada analysis and performance study. data dissemination huge amount of source code static source code analysis bidirectional search graph path call graph action unit fitting bayesian framework facial landmarking bag-of-words (bow). modified lesk (ml) word sense disambiguation (wsd) semantic web. sparql rdf structured information extraction feature weighted grey relational based clustering grey relational analysis software estimation mutual exclusion. formal specifications event-b vector clock formal methods collaborative design. camms mbd dmu cc ide plm processor performance. branch handling prefetch uniprocessing exploration parametric uniform crossover parameter control genetic algorithms software size olap systems materialized views class point academic networking recommendation engine contextual model ieee lom learning styles inspection wbs user requirements scope definition software scope verification urdu ir tora awale databases endgame minimax search total harmonic distortion transformer-less shunt hybrid active filter shunt active filter power quality tertius algorithm inference engine root cause analysis communicable disease. health ontology development knowledge representation il pos tag set brain abnormality . computer tomography magnetic resonance imaging fpgas stastical anlysis method voice activity detection peak valley detection temporal domain. pitch synchronous non-nasal nasal subscriber identity module (sim) lcd partitioned iterated function systems (pifs). iterated function systems (ifs) affine map quardtree partition compression ratio fractal compression authentication and message digest. lsb-0 ibt bt optimal cost path. land acquisition priority land-type-data-bank flat-file-systems digitized map sdhtiwcia and message digest. lsb-1 ilt lt wavelets. spatial adaptive microwave speckle roi tracking optical flow non-rigid deformation multi-resolution pyramid maxwell's demon clbp periocular chromosome. crossover advanced sobel operator otsu method image fidelity (if). frequency domain z-transform wireless communication. session key traingularized simulated annealing multilayer perceptron bit level encoding. tolerance level of embedding message song authentication perceptual coding embedding secret message in quality song mobile agent. ns2 agent based intrusion detection system (aids) sequences conservation alignment homology mirna consistent clusters priors evolutionary clustering mean square error (mse) and peak signal to noise r mpeg (moving picture experts group) jpeg (joint photographic experts group) least significant bit (lsb) background color and feature extraction. foreground color color segmentation denoising and filters video processing gray & color image. modified directional weighted cascaded-mask median stego-image adaptive pixel-value differencing pixel-value differencing sensor node and sink relay node dominating set image extraction and classification pre-processing ocr object oriented database model. materials informatics engineering materials halftone visual cryptography error diffusion mean square error and peak signal to noise ratio quantization substitution cipher ciphertext plaintext key establishment key distribution key generation face recognition. region covariance matrix descriptor monogenic scale space riesz transform log-gabor transform adaptive summarization center-surround color difference motion coherence motion intensity visual attention index vanet. wireless networks v2i communication energy consumption. simulator & cfg sub-classification of ‘paas’ vanchipaa kalipaa aasiriyapaa venpaa issues adhoc network sensor netwok digital evidence. digital forensic history digital forensic model computer forensics digital forensics application layer & entropy ddos service discovery semantic web services computer experiment section. average case analysis empirical-o statistical bounds empirical analysis theoretical analysis shape braintumor linear discriminant analysis time complexity information hiding image steganography channel borrowing dynamic nk sc dpso pso propagation model path loss exponent pathloss hsv color space cross-layer framework cross-layer optimization cross-layer design cross-layer medical confidentiality roi & roni ant colony optimization (aco) wireless ad hoc networks steiner tree multicast routing sharing two way security cloud environment mobile sink reference set model set starter reference graph model graph cloud computing and storage near field communication (nfc) root mean-squared error naviebayes mean absolute error bayesnet emotion word ontology textual emotion detection web traffic content. associations hybrid clustering k-harmonic mean clustering algorithm c#. browser platform xss attack replace technique parsing mitigation technique test optimization. test coverage state chart diagram / state charts test sequence generation test generation technique error handling choreography services esb bpel micro -rotations. pipelined architecture cordic ie3d software. circular polarization adaptive array antenna. power management mobility aware. ma-aodv ad-hoc pentagonal and circular polarization (cp). wireless capsule endoscopy root features pos rmwe crf organizational culture people focus petri net message sequence charts(msc) modeling/simulation spatial web services mapping function. pair programming agile software development kfcm. adaptive thresholding information loss. variable-size microaggregation denial of service (dos) cache prefetching real-time database backup optimization database decompression database compression diastole cycle systole cycle rr- cycle formant frequency bayesian belief network. fp-growth incremental cluster-patterns incremental pair-patterns lossy-counting algorithm white-washing. free-rider incentive mechanism multimodal authentication exponential kronecker product (ekp) kronecker product context-sensitive exponent associative memory mode finger face biometric fusion biometrics dna computing. asymmetric cryptography otp symmetric cryptography dna security routing optimization cluster head gateway proactive apriori pattern growth isomorphism frequent subgraph mining self-management and live migration. autonomic computing industrial designs fine-grained access control non-perfect secret sharing ramp code mix-split density histogram image representation similarity kernel density function entropy encoder source reduction image compression integration tagging software web application nbs distance. mhcph histogram smooth distribution hsv colour space human colour perception swarm intellegence. super pixels performance and speedup chip multicore processor amdahl's law local content preservation enhancement human vision thresholdin human visual system adaptive histogram equalization scanning methods. hardware accelerators h.264/avc range filter texture filter medical image texture segmentation and parsing. cyber-crime ssl phishing internet attacks quantization. boundary artifacts mse jpeg2000 state space point distribution parameter state space map reconstructed state space coverage loss time node lifetime mobile sensor networks minimum distance spanning tree maximum stability engine” openness of a search input/output file verification program automatic assessment programming assignment tampering. facial recognition technology masked face colour imposed face dummy face product reusability fault detection. modified condition/ decision coverage (mcdc) branch operator strategy (bor) boolean specification humanistic society community machine culture art image entropy. xml schema robust secure coder (rsc) triple des fs1015 lpc data encryption standards (des) enhanced melp mamdani fis early estimations effort estimation service model sqa practitioner managed itil cmmi process improvement requirement based test effort estimation (rbtee) sdlc software requirement specification (srs) rbdee ieee-830:1998 - srs requirement based development effort function poin irbc role management oop php mvc architecture online journal spem.extension adaptive guidance guidance profile meta modeling program test data generation search based test data generation competencies. expertise project managers imbalanced data c-svm bipartite networks software product evaluation lexico-semantic similarity. semantic integration automatic ontology mapping grid computing data replication data grid twinrotor vtol dynamic model of mobility. artificial traffic data traffic microsimulation modeling and simulation robot feed-forward controller nero-fuzzy system artificial bee colony shuffled frog leaping dynamic equations gryphon flying robot quadcopter human detection triadic association rules. galois lattice projection symbolic induction induction graph planning bloksworld data analysis. schema mapping relational databases ontology building speech recognition. part-of-speech tagger natural language parsing natural language applications similarity measures. keyphrases extraction suffix tree algorithm arabic text clustering visualization tool. formal conceptual graph synthetic representation association rules validation erp proposal business process erp contracting request for proposal for erp (erp rfp) enterprise resource planning (erp) casi. cellular automaton boolean inference engine concepts lattice text categorization jcolibri diabetes diagnosis multi-criteria decision support decision support design reuse openrisc systems on chip voice over ip mobile robots. kalman filtering flocking induction motor control space vector modulation fuzzy logic control migration pressure transmitter diaphragm actuation differential pressure sensor cantilever based mechatronics weighting function k-nearest neighbours mimo-cdma ber performance object uniqueness. object clustering similarity distance measure modified k-means clustering pixel segmentation qos optimization qos management service-oriented software engineering peer to peer (p2p) video on demand (vod) distributed file system google file systems parallelization trade list undirected item set graph allocation high level synthesis geospatial agricultural census data column charts enhanced visualization geo-spatial ontology idf(inverse document frequency) and recall term frequency(tf) gss coefficient keywords summary document image understanding script recognition document images correlation . regression mechanical property materials selection performance index similarity measure visual basic. ntc thermistor transmitter cross compiler center of gravity (cg) and feature extraction. blob visual surveillance rule cover cluster hea moga associative classification multi label classification context-free-grammar naive bayesian theory function tagging grammatical relations cache replacement cache sharing caching wbem icmp dns mib snmp arp aes des ism frequency hoping scatter net pico net bluetooth simple cart rbf neural networks earliest deadline first frequency switching pre-emption dynamic voltage scaling unified modeling language software performance engineering attackers . mac-layer threshold level hpc-maq. computational quantitative biology whole genome reference assembly high performance computing mysql and presents oltp application single migration simplified bbo sbml. narrative language bio-pepa epidemiology personality demand fulfillment blackberry use scaling gpu programming speech processing & fir digital filter. cochlear implant cis strategy bwt implementation network simulator image acquisition . drowsy driver detection haarcascade real-time system eye detection hfss. coupler circulator power divide siw microwave components rectangular waveguide robot control systems wall-following robot navigation 3d camera smoothing triangulation 3d reconstruction mesh point cloud policy management compliance and real-time change detection gme ransac (tvbc tu cvc model citation sentiment analysis. citation networks citation extraction citation classification citation analysis concept maps novelty score hpam topic modeling novelty detection wsn) ajax content delivery network ria frameworks ria security rich internet applications web server. compute cloud self-service portal enterprise portal cloud-based model portal infrastructure multi-tenancy customer support. speech analytic text analytics word level activity signal transition activity multiplexing mechanism dual-bit type (dbt) digital signal processing (dsp) over-the-air scheduling strategy thread-driven event-driven ptg dag task scheduling hdfs (hadoop distributed file system) oil paint algorithm. paint algorithm colour image processing linear image filters image filters pulse clarity gain ratio audio classification system on chip 3d architecture mapping network on chip graphcut maximum likelihood maximum a posteriori kappa coefficient. unsupervised classification supervised classification gram-schmidt spectral sharpening sar ice classification mems handof mobile agent cross polarization coupling fading correlation ml mmse zf v-blast dar pepas attacks. vanet architecture backpropagation (bp) system identification bayesshrink and sureshrink thresholding visushrink wiener filter pap smear test mathews algorithm. benveniste algorithm aclms clms adaptive step size image retrieval based on spatial features. semantic image retrieval semantic gap association hibernate orm (object relational mapping) outbound traffic. inbound traffic extrusion detection systems (eds) intrusion detection systems (ids) remote class attacks cyber security cyber space dominant region color image segmentation visualization. cra acquisition decryption. rfid path trust route trust dynamic topology hierarchical node addressing. wormhole attack optimal path identification aco ad-hoc network cyclic division algebra (cda) low complexity decoding effective channel matrix bit error rate (ber) reduced golden ratio golden code (rgr-gc) wireless networks. cooperative caching cache resolution hierarchical routing xml encryption usb variable key key symmetric key smtp pop3 intrusion detection system. security techniques mobile code multi-agent systems mobile agents roni roi harris corner detection fuzzy c-means spoofing liveness bagging pso and tamper detection. hash function dabechies4 image authentication web snippets. x-y-z image region growing object surface segmentation simulated annealing. median filtering exudates vm migration vm placement vm consolidation energy management model b. 3 dimensional galois field (5) cubic congruent operator linear congruent operator optical orthogonal codes(ooc) optical code division multiple access cepstrum. fundamental frequency short time energy multitenancy model attribute-based encryption model role-based access control access control models ocl formalization uml use case use case model abstraction behavior business intelligence amd csia short text dictionary (std) short word short mail bifurcation binarization minutiae encryption oracle stream cipher phase shift keying quantum communication vedic division algorithm fast bcd division division algorithm iaas paas regularization super-resolution intellectual property protection w-shingling sentence hashing longest common subsequence plagiarism detection lexical relationships knowledge acquisition semantic network gamma distribution. between class variance image thresholding mri images radar image. gradient weibull distribution otsu method . sar images hamming distance. wavelet daugman iris induction graph. boolean modelling automatic learning support vector machine. sequential floating forward search multi-layer perceptron coronary artery disease best first search bayes naïve memoing for logic programs. tabulation for logic programs incremental tabulation for prolog queries incremental evaluation of tabled prolog justification-based truth maintenance systems truth maintenance systems belief revision systems applications of justification-based truth maintena overlay multicast tree hybrid peer-to-peer (p2p) distributed algorithms model checking formal verification state space generation binary decision diagram graph distribution hash map prefixed-itemset association rules the grand canal large-scale cultural heritage virtual scene construction machine diagnosis machine monitoring taxonomy comparison processes & tools & languages cloud software development method engineering threat modeling extreme programming scrum agile manifesto software crisis agile methodology algorithm load-balance database parallel processing high-rate freshness functional safety domainspecific modelling model-based design hardware-software interface embedded automotive systems combining classifiers time-series shapelets engine design attribute implications negative attributes nowledge discovery switched array altimeter tan subarray formation dft beams correlated noise beamspace transformation cramér-rao bound prediction of stock exchanges reliability block diagram software architecture style evaluation temporal databases erosion dilation tolerance relation fuzzy time intervals temporal relations daimler. inria person dct global dct local hol pedestrian detection energy disaggregation blued nilm non-intrusive load monitoring dbscan density-based clustering change-interval detection event detection cognitive modelling psychosomatic disorders e-learning systems education decision justification decision-making 2-simplex prism 2-simplex cognitive graphics stable marriage problem with ties and incomplete l bipartite matching socially stable matching stable marriage problem & decision tree faulty model fault detection and isolation web mining. fuzzy linguistic modeling website classification phase estimation quantum fourier transform quantum computation voltage control. reactive power control isolated power systems fuzzy inference systems distribution automation planar template based tracking visual odometry camera tracking wsq. wave atoms ct image histogram based fast enhancement algorithm contrast enhancement linear feedback shift registers cellular automata pitch analysis emotion recognition enlarged training set hamming distance cellular automata formatting shearlets image denoising coordinate system variation-free discrete cosine transform (dct) cr(vi) reduction mutagenic effects toxicological effects hexavalent chromium trivalent chromium chromium heavy metals pump power and signal power scalar wave equation of core profile erbium doped fiber amplifier dispersion shifted fiber dispersion compensating fiber chromium (iii) multichannel analyser ϒ) reaction (n radionuclide dialysis sac ph radiotracer pvp (poly-n-vinylpyrrolidone) hpge detector aggregation & suppression arginine aggregation protein exact algorithm inhomogeneities complex permittivity iteration imaging continuous wavelet transform. interharmonics harmonics fcl band-reject filter multilayer structure reflection coefficient bragg mirror maodv ih-aodv hierarchical wireless mesh networks heat sink thermal resistance lumped analytical model junction temperature impatt diode educational management data centre item competence economic. ecofriendly ldr inverter transformer compact fluorescent lamps intensity control circuit solar cell and stability limit formulation energy merging transient energy function directs method power system transient stability analytics & cloud computing web-scale bandwidth. resonant frequency slot patch compact foam counter flip-flop vhdl perceptron threshold logic group mutations. frequency position dna bases chemical proprieties dna sequence city services cost estimation cloud architectures smart cities b-coefficients. combined economic and emission dispatch (ceed) economic emission dispatch (eed) economic load dispatch (eld) wi-fi fnirs attenuation coefficient. fwhm leakage loss transition loss s-shape bend excitation efficiency factorial design. multiplier decremented mosfet scaling routing overhead. opi malicious nodes correlation among neighbour nodes trust enhancement dimensionality reduction. eigen vector principal component analysis (pca) distributed data mining (ddm) business intelligence reporting snowflake schema star schema fact table dimension table business intelligence (bi) data warehouse architecture online examination system (oes) true random number generator (trrng) php random number generator (phprng) procedural language random number generator (prrng pseudo random pattern generator (prpg) ceptral coefficients intelligent system acoustic signatures ballmill telemedicine. electronic medical records clinical management information systems information communication technology (ict) information technology(it) 6-letter exchange group method. 2-gram encoding method protein sequence rough set classifier fuzzy artmap model neural network model threshold. congestion backward reservation protocol wavelength division multiplexing optical network domain key constraint replicated copy chunk deduplication image fusion 1. introduction auv underwater vision system similarity measure. adaptive guidance profile process engineering cohesión coupling architecture style maintainability evaluation run-time uncertainty self-adaptive software systems model-driven software software quality directed graph. parameterization unified modeling language (uml) software component software reusability business excellence engagement maturity risk management software quality assurance audit kml ossimplanet 3d global open-source platform flight trajectory multi-objective optimization interaction network protein structure satellite scalar quantization fft encoding entropy evidence theory. k-nearest neighbor h264 vpx corba pcl openni kinect 3d monitoring deafblind & emotional color finger braille emotional communication semi-total replication. 1. introduction partial replication drtdbms open interest contract velocity strategy volatility strategy automatic trading system invisible watermarking radial symmetry transform link similarity pagerank social networks morphological disambiguation morphological analysis concept mining ant colony algorithm path planning mobile robots manufacturing logistics originating calls channel allocation blocking probability synchronous programming language reactive control system esterel cruise control safety algorithm key space. binary sequence chaotic map lattice wavelet subspaces. multiscale embedding transposition technique. encryption systems chaos real time application shortest path wormhole mobile ad hoc networking inter band prediction s-transform spectral decorrelation spatial transforms qualnet dcf ieee 802.11 ad hoc routing cross language information retrieval (clir) thermal effects 3dmemory 3d integration big image dna sequences arnold cat map text-based. optical character recognition human interactive proof devanagari captcha two objective genetic algorithm non-dominated rule sets rule generation using fuzzy system intrusion detection system speech classification. zernike moment qos parameters. eolsr-ec eolsr-re olsr packet delivery ratio lar1 id3 algorithm c4.5algorithm linear parabolic lane model. road pixels lane boundaries edge pixels query expansion intelligent information retrieval information access domain ontology digital library twouln2004a. 74ls244 74als573bs 7segments pic16f877amicrocontrolle microprocessortrainer i/ounit key predistribution merging blocks reed-solomon codes e-governance integrity object oriented paradigm network telecommunication internet business strategy cisco pattern recognition. neocognitron multiple classifier combination error back-propagation classifier ensemble non-linear carima generalized predictive controller predictive preemptive approach power lagrange interpolation ad-hoc wireless networks formal security framework vdm++ soap e – healthcare ws-security metro ws-reliability ws-policy hop count. symmetric token routing protocol backpropagation self-organizing map (som) learning vector quantization (lvq) neuro fuzzy (nf) artificial neural network (ann) adult asthma pascal matrix and pascal graph wsn routing protocol white noise. fractal analysis continuous wavelet transform (cwt) linear scaling. echocardiograph data set bipolar coding back propagation steganography. numerical method csps randomized search algorithms graph colouring gsat sat genetic algorithm. dividend entropy-cost ratio model interval numbers stock portfolio selection domain keyword extraction. term frequency inverse document frequency (tf•idf) weighting method modified euclidean distance color histogram distance metric vector cosine angle distance euclidean distance asymptotically stable. susceptible infectious disease epidemic modeling and decision support system (dss). extract transform and load (etl) health care data warehouse influenza or flu over segmentation under segmentation compound word neuro computing soft computing mixed 0-1 programming interval-valued gp goal programming fractional bilevel programming multiple objective genetic algorithm utility function possibilistic risk premium possibilistic sharpe ratio fuzzy portfolio selection problem proactive acknowledgement. priority assignor flooding broadcast redundancy classification. rule based machine translator machine translation f-score measurement tri-state inverters. pass transistor logic gdi leakage power simulations connected dominating sets fault resilience network lifetime partition coverage self organization wireless sensor network (wsn) traffic management. road traffic emergency vehicle arduino microcontroller traffic signal preemption retransmissions resource description framework cloud and text computing adiabatic circuit full adder pfal ecrl selfish nodes. peer-to-peer networks overlay kin selection genetics altruism naïve bayes classifier. wavelet packet decomposition discrete wavelet transforms soft thresholding speech recognition ir ksordb vmm inter symbol inter-ference (isi). multiple access code division multiple access blind multiuser detection nds upo concept synset suspicious word jargon word natural language processing (nlp) k-means algorithm. induction motor radial basis function neural network (rbfnn) over-stemming and under-stemming. lemma lemmatization etc. analogy based estimation similarity difference fuzzy-logic back propagation network. road traffic analysis vehicle route selection and direction spiking neural networks pipeline graph dual & set theory fault detection &diagnosis droplet biochip visual web spider i csv gpu. multi-core local gradient steering kernel regression cloud ontology system and parameters datacenters cloudlets rough set theory cloud simulator vulnerabilities. osi wireless ecosystem re-sampling sampling imbalanced learning shielding effect ieee802.11ac full spectrum knowledge local spectrum knowledge cognitive radio networks neighborhood neighbor bonus points grade mirror roi segmentation. lane departure lane detection hough transform markov random field image segmentation. active counters difference in strength map watershed k - nearest neighbor mel frequency cepstral coefficient isolated digit recognition resampling rr tachogram legacy applications on cloud cloud data storage application scalability on cloud web snippets the human optimization humans optimization methods software metrics software life cycle quality assurance agile methods motion detection. object detection video segmentation heterogeneous. outliers snr & spcc audio steganography nvidia location based social networks. personalized recommendations gis bus tracking bus routing prognosis lacunarity image analysis dataset keyphrase extraction apache kafka real time image processing computer-aided diagnose retinal fundus images smile intensity landmarks smile veracity recognition human computer interaction. usability predictive text keystroke smart keyboard mobile app dqsmrp tuned csa & theory of flow hofstede's cultural dimensions expert system gamification room acoustics underwater acoustics source localization time-delay estimation big data. background subtraction nlp arabic language bfgs bss glcm ica matching learning roadmap digitalization openskimr life science cloud lustre genomicsdb textural features. gaussian mixture models intubation verification sparse classification. autoencoder multimodal biometrics background suppression transmission line extraction context information implicit interaction visualization least-squares method kullbackliebler distance people tracking articulated object tracking variational inference image database image creation collage image subjective quality computer vision performance surveillance. theft security viola-jones haar classifers opencv approximation packet scheduling wdm networks software agents psychoanalytically inspired ai cognitive automation cognitive architectures artificial recognition system (ars) simulation of mental apparatus and applications (s artificial general intelligence emotion learning connectivity. neighbour binary rules ode deterministic compartmental models infectious disease expansion software performance engineering. information communication technology ict telemedicine l’arcen-ciel ladygaga coldplay wom music concert advertisement hitphenomena revocability and fuzzy commitment discriminability cancelability time series mãe sarima network traffic netflow pig hybrid recommender system association rules mining asynchronous discussion group
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