How to Build Innovative Culture (BandT MAD Week)


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Twice named as Forbes Magazine’s Most Innovative Company, Salesforce has one of the most dynamic company cultures in the world. They know for any forward-looking firm you’re only as good as your next idea.
So how exactly do they do it? Here Derek Laney will look at some of the features of the world’s best innovators, and talk about how you can make your business a forward-looking powerhouse of creativity and disruption.

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  • Delighting Customers
  • Technology ModelBusiness ModelPhilanthropic ModelBehind the Cloud:Everyone else hated itPR said - “never promote yourself with a negative message”For us it was the necessity to differentiate your brandBruce Campbell – the logo is a graphical representation of the company its not the brand.It has to be a collective set of memoriesBy consistently delivering an attitude which is future focused and pioneering we have created a personality that customers trust to keep delivering
  • Customer TrustBuild Relationships on Equal TermsRespect Privacy, Identity & MoneyThe foundational value of the company is trustOur customers trust us with data of courseBut more importantly our customers trust us by hitching their wagons to us and trusting we will continue to be their guide, to innovate and be ahead of the marketWhen have we missed this >> Analytics Product
  • Social Media Listening Kraft – Customer Insights – what flavors, product groups are trending Corning – Gorilla glass listening to customer complaints directlyExecutive Listening Discovery
  • ** Connected Employees **Goals > Combine Top Down Vision and Self Direction feedback loopsOnboarding > Fast Ramp, Tell the Stories, Drink the CooladeBehind the Cloud – Play #7 – Define your culture and values up frontJorge Barba : To create a culture for innovation, leaders must focus on outcomes, develop trust, challenge status-quo & be inspiring. - See more at:
  • Form small self organizing scrum teams to research, design and Healthy Paranoia, the sense of anxiety that drives you to continue to look around the corner at whats coming a prepare
  • Ignite is a combination of Facilitation: Lean Six Sigma: Design Thinking: Human Centered Design: Agile & Scrum: Access - Open Innovation -
  • Nestle has climbed to 12th spot from 16th in 2011 in the Reputation Institute's index of the world's most reputable companies.
  • is really a daily habit, whereby you constantly reassess what your customers need now, and what they will need in a few years. It requires anticipation, and a determination to never stop identifying new opportunities to serve your customers better through fresh and inventive approaches.
  • How to Build Innovative Culture (BandT MAD Week)

    1. 1. #8 tips for creating innovative culture Derek Laney Director Product Marketing @derektweets
    2. 2. The Original Disruptive Purpose
    3. 3. #1 Trust Transparency
    4. 4. #2 Listen & Discover
    5. 5. #3 Set Direction Tell StoriesGoals Open Dialogue Frederick Herzberg - the most powerful motivator is not money; it's the ability to learn, grow in responsibilities, contribute and be recognised.
    6. 6. December, 2009 Morgan Stanley Mobile Internet Report June, 2010 Chatter Live for all Customers #4 Adapt to Trends
    7. 7. #5 Collaborate
    8. 8. #6 Be Open to Partners People who know how to network effectively with other organizations will win as innovation becomes more open – FilippoPasserini of P&G
    9. 9. #7 Designate Space You need to bring an element of a start-up mentality into large companies to realise digital’s full potential – Peter Blackshaw, Nestle,
    10. 10. #8 Don’t Forget the Unsexy Innovation doesn’t have to be glamorous. It doesn’t require a “nano” prefix, a “tech” suffix or for that matter a standing room only press conference - Anthony Robbins