SOCAP CCR 2013 - Quantum of Crises


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When Sandy hit the east coast of the U.S., the American Red Cross used social data to direct efforts and engage with affected communities from their crisis response centre. When the floods hit Brisbane, the city council was prepared to engage at scale, and used social channels to overcome limitations of stressed physical infrastructure. To rebuild Christchurch the city needed to create a response at social speed. When disasters strike, people turn to social media to get answers and help. During this session, we will analyze how the American Red Cross, City Council of Brisbane and City of Christchurch were able to leverage social media channels effectively to respond to and address the needs of their communities.

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  • Social Media Maturity Model:
  • the social Web to stay on top of emergenciesThe American Red Cross has come a long way since 1881 when the newly founded emergency response organization communicated by telegraph during disasters. Today, like many global organizations, The Red Cross sees the value of using social networks to connect more quickly and effectively than its founders could have ever dreamed possible.Social media that mattersA recent Red Cross survey revealed that nearly a quarter of the general public and a third of the online population would use social media to let loved ones know they're safe in an emergency. It also found that people use social media during disasters to get updates, seek and give help, and connect to others.With this data in mind, The Red Cross unveiled its Digital Operations Center, a command center dedicated to monitoring and staying in touch with the public using social channels. The innovative system uses Radian6 for listening to social media conversations—which can supply invaluable information during a disaster, and even monitor public preparedness for a serious situation."Radian6 gives us ways to measure the effectiveness of our community outreach," says Wendy Harman, Director of Social Strategy. "It's shortened the time for us to gather and analyze information so we can focus on turning what we learn into actionable strategies."Red Cross team members will also use social data gathered in its Digital Operations Center to determine where to position workers on the ground.A more organized orgStreamlining and improving administration—including managing volunteers, donors, training, events, and office functions—is also part of The Red Cross's social strategy. Communication with its 150 national partners and with disaster directors at more than 800 Red Cross chapters is easier with Salesforce. "It's the future," says John Crary, CIO. "Salesforce helps us effectively manage our most valuable resources—the volunteers, partners, and donors that make what we do possible."
  • Added 7M more subscribers Most retweeted on twitter Most shared post Most upvoted on reddit $700M raised onlineSalesforce success story
  • Christmas bin campaign
  • Over 4.5 million impressions on FacebookOver 18 million impressions on Twitter Follower increase of 22% across both Facebook and Twitter 92% positive sentiment on Council’s social media channels 8,831 posts on social media channels Council’s tweets were shared by many lead agencies including the SES, Queensland Police, 4BC, 612ABC, Lord Mayor, Bushfire Connect, CouncillorSchrinner, Councillor Newton and a variety of media outlets such as the Courier Mail, Brisbane Times, Channel 7 and Channel 9.
  • Wins: a – Immediate ability to connect with community b – Integration between Contact Centre, Social Media Team, Media Team, Disaster Ops c -  Internal awareness of social media
  • A - Understanding and awareness of the speed needed in social media for responses b - Cultural issues around what agency views as important and what public views as important c - Resourcing and skills
  • Importance of having a skilled team ready to go to form the core team.Ongoing awareness, education and training of wider organization ensures that you’re not forgotten about.Expectations internally were higher the second time and there was increased pressure to deliver.
  • Innovation and Measurement
  • Social media measurement is just one component of Marketing Cloud’s Social Maturity Model. Answer 10 simple questions to see how your company ranks across all of the categories.
  • SOCAP CCR 2013 - Quantum of Crises

    1. 1. Social Media & Natural Disasters learning for crisis mgmt Derek Laney Director Product Marketing @derektweets
    2. 2. Am I on the right path? Today’s Objectives: Assess Readiness Review Disaster Case Studies Practical TakeawaysResource: Social Media Maturity Model
    3. 3. Am I ready for this?
    4. 4. Red CrossCommunity Expectations:80% expect us to be listening33% assume tweets bring help play video
    5. 5. Organised Social Strategy Wins 8 Key Plays from the obama campaign
    6. 6. Prepare to Engage at Scale Jeremiah Owyang, Altimeter: Prioritizing for Scale – #DF12
    7. 7. Compile Your Playbook • Business Objectives • Roles & Responsibilities • The Plays • The Workflow • Escalation • ReportingResource: Build a Playbook
    8. 8. Queensland Floods … again Tracey Whitelaw @gadgetgirltracy Watch video
    9. 9. 2011 - Social Media provided a Clear Channel1660% increase in followers
    10. 10. 2013 – Community Expectations Ahead of Internal4.5M facebook impressions 18M twitter impressions 22%increase in followers 92% positive sentiment 9000 posts
    11. 11. Council took the role of trusted Curator #thanks 230,001 page views 271,508 views
    12. 12. Process was in place for Coordinated Response awareness community network team integration
    13. 13. Process - Improvements speed v control resources perception of & skills what matters
    14. 14. People – Culture had the Greatest Impact
    15. 15. Slides for Today:
    16. 16. Where to start?