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6 tips for winning in the social revolution

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  • People are PEOPLE
  • ANZ: We are in your world
    Insights: Sentiment, Buying intentions, Semantic Meaning, Influence
  • Lyn McGrath … become educators not transactors

    NAB – Substitute
  • These six things; sales, service, marketing, collaboration, work and innovation, we believe that this is the core to the fundamental customer interaction in a company. That this is the new social front office.

    And what we want to show you is why our customers who have made the decision -- who made the decision right now to make this change, to make this transformation in their lives and their businesses that it creates a level of success like we've never seen.
  • Social Media Assessment
  • FST Media - Winning in the Social Revolution

    1. 1. in/derektweets @derektweets Derek Laney Director Product Marketing Management Winning in the Social Revolution Simon Banks Director Financial Services
    2. 2. Resource: GE Share
    3. 3. “the result will be a new kind of conversation. And it will be the most exciting conversation business has ever engaged in” Source: cluetrain.com Markets are Conversations
    4. 4. engaged customers spend 40% more and are 30% more satisfied Source: Bain & Company, “Putting social media to work” 2011 Social Finds its Pay Day
    5. 5. Business is Social Enterprise Adoption of Social Networking 70% Companies Adopted Social 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 $1.3 Trillion in value can be unlocked through social technologies.“ ” Source: 2012 McKinsey Global Institute Study: “The Social Economy”
    6. 6. Resource: Virgin
    7. 7. By 2017, CMOs will spend more on IT than CIOs.
    8. 8. People are No Longer Faceless Data
    9. 9. Enormous Opportunity: Listen in real time Build & engage connections Turn insight into action Be more targeted than ever And more connected than ever People are People
    10. 10. 1. Align Social Goals to Business Goals Resource: A Framework for Social Media Analysis - susan_etlinger
    11. 11. Listen / Analyze Publish / Measure Your Brand Your Competitors Your Customer’s World 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Engage Resource: Deriving Insight From Social Data 2. Listen to Your Customers World
    12. 12. 3. Find Your Interesting Story “The Caterpillar brand is built on the backs of great relationships” Briant R. Stokoe, Social Media Program Manager for Caterpillar
    13. 13. 4. Prepare to Engage at Scale
    14. 14. Jeremiah Owyang, Altimeter: Prioritizing for Scale – #DF12 4. Prepare to Engage at Scale
    15. 15. 5. Use the Whole Kitbag
    16. 16. 6. Measure Everything Advanced Social Media ROI #DF12
    17. 17. Social has Created Chaos for Marketing & IT
    18. 18. The New Social Front Office Your Customer
    19. 19. Where to Get Help & Develop Your Strategy http://bit.ly/measureupsocial