How to ensure your brand delivers growth for your business


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What gets measured, gets managed or so the cliché goes. The implication is clear. Measuring how your brand delivers growth for your business is essential if it is to be managed with any conviction.

In our session we will focus on the benefits of a clear and competitive brand positioning. Through case studies and exercises we'll illustrate the impact your brand positioning should make on your overall business performance. How it brings an edge to your marketing and sales activity and how it can motivate and inspire your employees.

We will reveal ways to avoid the pitfalls many brands fall into and conclude with best practice principles for making your brand count for your business:

What you will take away from this session:

• Tips on how to create a great brand positioning
• Examples of stand out positioning across sectors
• Ways to use your positioning to inspire people inside your business
• 5 practical steps to assess the strength of your current positioning

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How to ensure your brand delivers growth for your business

  1. 1. Positioning for success.How to ensure your brand delivers growth for your business01 November 2012Joe Hale & Rosa Wilkinson
  2. 2. How do you know if your brand positioning needs attention?1.  Colleagues struggle to summarise your positioning on a Post-it note2.  Your current positioning isn’t understood by the majority of the business3.  Your current positioning is ignored by the majority of the business4.  The last positioning project you worked on was a nightmare you don’t want to revisit5.  Your positioning explains what your business currently does, rather than what it aims to achieve6.  Your current positioning is seen as a straightjacket rather than a springboard7.  Your business lacks a clear personality8.  You rely on a brand onion / wheel / key / pyramid to share your positioning with the rest of the business9.  Your positioning doesn’t challenge people (internally and externally) to think differently about your business10.  Nobody would care (or notice) if you changed your positioning tomorrow
  3. 3. Why do positionings fail to reach their potential?
  4. 4. Why?1. Positioning is approached as a purely intellectual exercise without demonstrating the value it will deliver to the business.Brand positioning is a practical exercise, notan intellectual pursuit. To be taken seriously,it needs to align with business strategy.A new positioning should be an investment inthe business – so you should know whatreturns you expect to see.Positioning should create value for thewhole business, not just the marketingdepartment. 4
  5. 5. Why?2. Brand models are treated as the end, not the start of the process.Positioning needs to inspire action. Onions,wheels, bridges and PowerPoint can’tachieve this. You have to show people howthe world is going to be different as a resultof your hard work.If you have to constantly explain yourpositioning to colleagues and police its use, itmeans there’s still work to be done.Filling in the brand template is just thestart of the positioning process… 5
  6. 6. Why?3. Positioning aims for the lowest common denominator. So it can be safely ignored by the rest of the business.Too often positioning seeks to capture what abusiness is like now, finding somethingvague enough that it’s not going to offendanyone.Really great brand positioning should scarepeople. They should see that it’s going tomean doing things differently from now on.Brand positioning should fuel change. It’sa challenge to your business to be great. 6
  7. 7. From good to great positioning
  8. 8. Hallmarks of great positioning at work in businesses#1 #3 #5Prosperity Curiosity #2 Elegance #4 Integrity Craft 8
  9. 9. Five hallmarks of great positioning #1ProsperitySetting out the value you want to deliver,the contribution your business makes tothe world.You can’t be clear on positioning until you know what kind of value you want to create. 9
  10. 10. #1 Prosperity: Telling the story of your contribution to the wider worldTo be the global sector leader in the mining andmetals industry…To attract another 10,000 new colleaguesglobally in the next 5 years…> …takes a different approach to storytelling.Communicating the role Rio Tinto plays inmaking modern life work is essential to pride,positioning and productivity. 10
  11. 11. Five hallmarks of great positioning #2IntegrityCommitting to a clear belief orconviction, that sets out what you can do– and what you can never do.Great brands inspire belief in others because they are built on belief themselves. 11
  12. 12. #2 Integrity: Committing to what really matters for your customers 12
  13. 13. Five hallmarks of great positioning #3EleganceArticulating your positioning in a simpleand well-designed way that enablesothers to see how they would use it.Great brand positioning creates the maximum impact with the minimum input. 13
  14. 14. #3 Elegance: Finding the big idea that your business can get behind98% of employeesunderstood and wereinspired by the newbrand story and visualexpression.92% were aware ofactions and changes atcorporate level, whichhelped them deliver thebrand story better andmore consistently.96% had identifiedactions on a personallevel, which will helpstrengthen the brand. 14
  15. 15. Five hallmarks of great positioning #4CraftWorking positioning through thebusiness to create practical changein the way things are done.Great positioning should humanise your business. 15
  16. 16. #4 Craft: Living up to global leadership in your sales and marketingAllen & Overy seeks to be thepreferred counsel to the world’s mostadvanced companies.Advanced becomes a way to measureand stimulate progress in everyaspect of the firm’s business.> Business Development initiatives bring insight and expertise to life.>  Campaign management developed from a central organising idea.> Partners articulate confidently the value the firm can offer. 16
  17. 17. Five hallmarks of great positioning #5CuriosityThe restlessness and inventiveness thatdrives your business forward, beingprepared to try new things (and to fail).Great positioning challenges a business, allowing it to learn and adapt to a changing world. 17
  18. 18. #5 Curiosity: Setting your own agenda for category innovationMarshalls strives to improve landscapesfor everyone> Harnessing insight and trend analysis to set out future trends in garden design> Fairstone – A Fairtrade model for sandstone supply chain and ethical trading> Opening the right conversations with customers to plan their product innovation 18
  19. 19. Hallmarks of great positioning at work in businesses#1 #3 #5Prosperity Curiosity #2 Elegance #4 Integrity Craft 19
  20. 20. 5 practical steps to assess the strength of your current positioning1.  Ask 5 colleagues how they would describe the company’s purpose and see if they can manage it in a sentence or two2.  Review 3 proposals from your sales team to see if there’s any mention of something bigger than product and service3.  Check through the criteria you use for interviews and recruitment to see if you’re recruiting people who share your brand values4.  Read the latest entries on your Twitter feed or your blog – can you see a point of view on your industry or the wider world?5.  Print off the ‘About Us’ page for your company and competitors – if you cover the name, can you spot the difference? Is your positioning visible and consistently portrayed wherever and however people find you? 20
  21. 21. Taking it further…Business is Beautiful:The hard art of standing apartThe immeasurable aspects ofbusiness that create real valueFeaturing interviews with innovativecompanies such as 3M, Arup & BMWReleased February 2013> Leave your card to win a copy 21
  22. 22. So…How does this sound?Any questions?Is there anything that particularly resonates?Anything to add? 22
  23. 23. Thank you.We hope you enjoyed our perspective on great B2B brand positioning.If you’d like to find out more, please don’t hesitate to get in call us on +44 (0)20 7262 4488 23