Introducing Salesforce Marketing Cloud Pt 2 - Publish & Measure


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In this presentation we outline how to assess your social marketing maturity level.

We also cover how to build a content plan and measure its success. What is the ROI of social, lets see?

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  • Social Media Maturity Model:
  • cc: marketing is driven by one big idea: if you produce and share fantastically useful content, your community will be more likely to become customers, remain customers, and send you more customers.
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  • Not every brand can be as prolific as American Express’s Open Forum right away. Acknowledge your strengths and weakness, know your limits, set realistic goals, and identify what success looks like.
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  • If your business goal is to … … then you should measure …Generate leads Number of leads generated through social media.Increase customer satisfaction Positive sentiment around your company and brand.Lower customer service costs Number of incidents resolved through social media.Improve your brand’s awareness Share of voiceImprove product quality Number of product-related issues posted.Looking for detailed guidance on how to build out your social media metrics? Download our ebook 5 Steps to Effective Social Media Measurement. It includes sections on some of the most common social media metrics, including:
  • For Marketers Lead and customer data is stored in a company’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System. To get at the data, it’s helpful to get the help of a business analyst and maybe your friends in the IT department. They can help with the technology that allows one software system to send data to another one. You’ll also need website analytics data and marketing automation data to get a complete picture of your marketing efforts.Use tools that can help you: • Segment website traffic by referral source • Set cookies on a customer’s web browser • Store leads and customer data
  • Social media measurement is just one component of Marketing Cloud’s Social Maturity Model. Answer 10 simple questions to see how your company ranks across all of the categories.
  • Introducing Salesforce Marketing Cloud Pt 2 - Publish & Measure

    1. 1. Introducing Marketing CloudPart 2 – Publish & MeasureDerek LaneyDirector Product Marketing Management@derektweetsin/derektweets
    2. 2. Am I on the right path? Today’s Learning Objectives: Assess your content plan Learn to measure your effortsResource: Social Media Maturity Model
    3. 3. Content Wars
    4. 4. Maturity: Content Reporter Producer Editor Publisher
    5. 5. Build Your Content Plan • Exec Summary • Goals, Objectives & Metrics • Target Audience Personas • Roles and Responsibilities • Theme, Topics and Types • Workflow, Optimization & DistributionResource: Craft a Plan
    6. 6. Live Content Publishing Examples
    7. 7. Maturity: Measurement None Tracking Track &Analyse Track, Analyse& Integrate
    8. 8. What am I measuring? A Framework for Social Media Analysis - susan_etlinger
    9. 9. Live Measurement Examples
    10. 10. More on ROI •Goals • Collect Data • Measure Cost • Measure BenefitResource: ROI of Social
    11. 11. Turn insights into action,and connections into customers for life.
    12. 12. Slides for Today:
    13. 13. Where to start?