Generate leads with Linkedin


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A short and brief presentation how to use Linkedin to generate leads.

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  • Thanks for the post! Since this is a long process we prefer to use advanced tools like AeroLeads to generate leads from LinkedIn.
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Generate leads with Linkedin

  1. 1. How to generate leads David De Vos (
  2. 2. • A virtual social network that aims at Professionals.• The main goal is to let professionals use each others netwerk to expand their own.
  3. 3. Your list of contacts can be used to:• Search a job, a person, or new business opportunities by means of your own netwerk.• Employees can search employers and place a vacancy.• People with a Linkedin Profile can ask each other question and start discussions.
  4. 4. • You can make polls and ask or share opinions.• You can make or join a group. In these groups discussion or being held and documentation can be shared.• Users can follow companies to stay up-to-date.• You can link your blog with a RSS Feed.
  5. 5. How to use Linkedinfor promotion?
  6. 6. • SEO => When posting and setting up your profile keep into account that this has an influence on your SEO.
  7. 7. • Promote your blog
  8. 8. • Groups => Participate and make!
  9. 9. Linkedin Answers
  10. 10. • Ask for Recommandations to increase exposure.
  11. 11. • Make a company profile
  12. 12. • Make a personal profile => Give your FULL name => customize your ‘headline’. => Add work experience => Customize your Linkedin URL! (Ex.
  13. 13. • Make a personal profile => Customize your website URL
  14. 14. • Make a Personal profile• => Ask for recommandations
  15. 15. • Make a personal profile => Implement Twitter => implement your blog
  16. 16. • Send personal messages• LinkedIn Direct Ads (
  17. 17. • Three general TIPS for generating leads: 1) Be active 2) Publish and ad 3) Embed share buttons
  18. 18. Thank youFor more marketing/social media related stuff visit: