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LinkedIn for Business by SocialMedia AMP'd


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How to leverage LinkedIn for business and professional purposes.

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LinkedIn for Business by SocialMedia AMP'd

  1. 1. LinkedIn for Business
  2. 2. What We Will Cover Connect. Engage. Thrive. •Why you should use LinkedIn for business •Why and how you should update Personal Profiles •How to leverage Groups •Why you should update Company Pages if you own a business
  3. 3. Why You Should Use LinkedIn
  4. 4. LinkedIn Benefits Connect. Engage. Thrive. •Over 332 million active LinkedIn users. •Create referral relationships to generate clients. •Attract B2B Clients •Generate New Leads & Fill Pipelines •Shorter Sales Cycles •Larger Per Deal Purchases •Longer Client Lifecycles •Get Found •Create Inbound Leads Consistently •Create a Targeted Online Communities •Stay Top of Mind •Establish Cutting Edge Social Strategies
  5. 5. Personal Profiles
  6. 6. First Impressions • Use a professional headshot • Use your REAL name • Update your headline Connect. Engage. Thrive.
  7. 7. Good Headshots Connect. Engage. Thrive. Bad Headshots
  8. 8. Headlines Connect. Engage. Thrive. Bad This is not Facebook. Professionals want to know what you do professionally.
  9. 9. Headlines Connect. Engage. Thrive. Better Headline is optimized. It is clear what she does professionally.
  10. 10. Headlines Connect. Engage. Thrive. Headline is optimized. It clearly states how she can help her demographic. It states what he does professionally. Best
  11. 11. Privacy Settings Connect. Engage. Thrive. Rather than omitting information, selectively choose the information you want to be made public.
  12. 12. Updating your profile Connect. Engage. Thrive. Summary Experience Projects Organizations Certifications Skills Education Publications Honors & Awards
  13. 13. Posts Connect. Engage. Thrive. •Establish yourself as an industry leader. •Increase engagement. •Drive traffic to your website or company profiles. •Repurpose your content between social profiles.
  14. 14. Background Image Connect. Engage. Thrive. Updating your background image will help you brand yourself.
  15. 15. Groups
  16. 16. Groups Connect. Engage. Thrive. •How many groups do I need to join? Which groups should I join? •Should you create your own group? •Identify who you want to target {target demographic} •Network directly with your demographic •Share your posts to maximize engagement •Become known as industry leader •Maximize exposure to your personal and company profiles •Generate leads
  17. 17. Company Pages
  18. 18. Company Pages Connect. Engage. Thrive. •Every business should have a company page •Share company information •Have employees link to your profile to maximize reach •Share updates to increase engagement and reach •Recruit new talent (paid feature •Highlight groups
  19. 19. Contact SocialMedia AMP’d 1785 E Sahara Ave Suite 490- 1055 Las Vegas, Nevada 89104 702.624.1543 Paola Seminario Founder & CEO 702.624.1543 Connect. Engage. Thrive.