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Grow your business with linked in


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LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for growing your business

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Grow your business with linked in

  1. 1. Grow your business with LinkedIn Aidan Reilly Social Media Consultant
  2. 2. LinkedIn• 100 Million users.• >470,000 Irish profiles.• Ireland still has the 2nd highest penetration of LinkedIn users in the world.• The average user is aged 35 – 44, living in Dublin and AB social class.
  3. 3. LinkedIn, the business network• Designed for B2B connections• Network with professionals in your industry• Touch base with consumers• Build a powerful network• Get introductions• Trusted way to find people with required skills
  4. 4. LinkedIn Personal Page• Create a personal profile similar to a resume.• Add a picture, create a bio, link to website• Expand your reach by getting connected• Demonstrate your expertise by getting recommended by people who have used your services.• Create or join groups AND BE PROACTIVE
  5. 5. Does it work?rates highest of all social media sites among US sales professionals for generating leads and building brand awareness
  6. 6. LinkedIn Features• Company Page• LinkedIn Groups• Discussions• Recruitment• Asking & Answering questions• Follow a company
  7. 7. Thank You• BrightwayOnline – making Social Media work for you.• /6/5bb/899••• @brightwayonline