LinkedIn for Law Firms - Conscious Solutions - Digital Marketing Masterclass


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Presentation on LinkedIn by Rich Dibbins at the Digital Marketing Masterclass for law firms run by Conscious Solutions in November 2013.

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  • If there was one thing I could tell you today about Social Media what would it be ?
    (Write this up on a white board)
  • Who uses social media ?
    Who has a LinkedIn or FaceBook Account ?
    For LinkedIn keep your hands up if you have 100 connections. 200? , 300? Keep going until no one has their hand up or they are near 500
  • £27,278 – What 6KBW made from the introduction of 1 tips booklet download
    £20,896 – What David (My boss) quoted for on a project from an old employee through LinkedIn
    £100,000 – What Higgs & Sons made from a single case as a result of connecting through LinkedIn
  • Click on Link -
  • Pay attention to status updates they are crucial
  • LinkedIn update weekly, again pain attention to this and engage with individuals where you think its necessary
  • This is an example of chat between David and Sinead, (click through to the next page to show where Sinead is on the social quadrant)
  • Switch to your LinkedIn profile – Go through the various text recommendations text David has supplied.
    Go through how to connect with someone you haven't met
  • Explain Groups – searching for and connecting with Groups
    How people have looked at your profile
    Settings and the various functionality of viewing your profile
  • This is a bad example of how to connect-
    It is not personal to the recipient and just jumps into a business advert
  • Again not a personal approach to the recipient.
    They discount their services straight away. I would ask myself why are you discounting your service before I have bough anything ?
  • Google Analytics page result (This is of the Conscious Site)
  • Impressions = How many times it has appeared on LinkedIn
    CTR = Click Through Rate
    CPC = Cost per click
    We recommend 1 month minimum if you are to run a campaign, this would be as much as your budget would allow. Example £10 per day for a typical medium sized firm.
  • Tell the story from last week of Snibor posting a message re. CRM software, me going to see them, then meeting a consultant in a coffee bar who is now the Biz Dev Dir for a large target client of ours.
    Story of us getting 12 downloads of our social media booklet as the link showed up in a LinkedIn Group wrap-up email.
    Don’t ask for recommendations it can be scene as intrusive and a sign of weakness. With this you risk losing credibility and make the connection feel uncomfortable.
  • Go through the Endorsements, skils and profile page on your Linked In profile
  • Show the message you get for an endorsement
  • Ghost writers = 3rd party blog writters
    Lawyers and trainees – get them to blog it helps build their profile and credibility
    Use the content for newsletters & social media linking = Social Signals by Google
  • LinkedIn for Law Firms - Conscious Solutions - Digital Marketing Masterclass

    1. 1. Social Media Marketing
    2. 2. Show of hands
    3. 3. Am I bovvered? Lauren is!
    4. 4. Outlook Connector
    5. 5. How to abuse a group you “run”
    6. 6. A rubbish incentive to join a group
    7. 7. LinkedIn advertising • Company size, Industry, Geography
    8. 8. LinkedIn Actions • • • • • • • • • Improve your Company profile Get more Fee Earner profiles added Build your connections A “button” on your staff profile won’t do it! P.S. Connect with me on LinkedIn Do NOT ask for recommendations Research prospects before you meet Make some “LinkedIn” time each week Join some Groups. Start one?
    9. 9. New things on LinkedIn • Endorse specific skills with one click • Notifications have changed in your toolbar • Company page updated allowing a new “banner” • Follow thought-leaders e.g. Richard Branson & apply to become one
    10. 10. Blogging • • • • • • • Needs to be regular Pithy & opinionated, not sanitised Share the load Ghost writers? Lawyers/trainees blogging in their name Sector specific blogs? Use the content for newsletters & social media linking
    11. 11.