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BISTrainer - Learning Management System


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Introduction on BISTrainer Learning management system (LMS) –

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BISTrainer - Learning Management System

  1. 1. Learning ManagementLearning Management SystemSystem
  2. 2. About BIS Training &About BIS Training & DevelopmentDevelopment E-Learning – An ultimate way of training anyone, anytime, anywhere in the world. At BIS Training & DevelopmentAt BIS Training & Development ,, We make valuable informationWe make valuable information accessible to the world.accessible to the world. ‡ Training Record Management ‡ Application Programming Interface ‡ Online Evaluation Tool We have the assets having enough experience required to develop effective Learning strategies & Campaign, track history and obedience across any size organizations.
  3. 3. DetailedDetailed Over View:Over View: This Power Point Presentation gives an overview of the top features of the BISTrainer Learning Management System (LMS). Features would be explored in this presentation include: ‡ Course Delivery ‡ Testing Functionality ‡ User Management ‡ System Reporting ‡ Support & Feedback
  4. 4. BISTrainerBISTrainer Course DeliveryCourse Delivery We are constantly looking for Quality Online Courses that could be accessible over our network to thousands of enterprises through Canada and around the World.
  5. 5. BISTrainerBISTrainer Course DeliveryCourse Delivery Course Selection  Dynamic Videos Interactive Activities  Course Notes Multilingual  ‡ New Courses ‡ Courses in Progress ‡ Courses Completed ‡ Virtual Hosts ‡ Motion Graphics ‡ Typography ‡ Interactive Activity ‡ Simulations ‡ Info Retention ‡ Training Objectives ‡ Learning Points ‡ Space - Record Notes ‡ French and English ‡ German Language ‡ Additional Slangs Professional services for all of your course development needs…
  6. 6. Course SelectionCourse Selection InterfaceInterface A user-friendly interface shows all courses accessible to learners. Learners can see - Which courses are new, Which courses they have started, Which courses they have completed, Corresponding test results.
  7. 7. DynamicDynamic VideosVideos BISTrainer uses a delivery system that allows an experience and cont ributes to higher information retention. Helps Operator’s view training videos including Virtual hosts, Motion graphics, Typography, High resolution images & more
  8. 8. Interactive ActivitiesInteractive Activities - Simulations- Simulations These activities keep learners engaged and increase information retention. BISTrainer has the ability to deliver Interactive Activities, Simulations throughout training m odules.
  9. 9. CourseCourse NotesNotes BISTrainer can upright PDF docs to supplement every single course. . These notes can deliver learners - Training Objectives, Key Learning Points etc. This tool is a useful resource, as on e can review in future.
  10. 10. MultilingualMultilingual This tool has capability to be interpreted into added languages upon request. BISTrainer is currently available in French and English Languages and soon would be available in German.
  11. 11. BISTRAINERBISTRAINER TESTING FEATURESTESTING FEATURES Online Testing Passing Mark Repeat Course Set Auto Certificate  Proctor Functions  ‡ Multiple Choice ‡ True and False ‡ Fill‐in‐the‐Blank ‡ Pass Marks ‡ Estimated Length ‡ Course Notes ‡ Course Reappears ‡ New Course Section ‡ Selection Interface ‡ Printable Certificate ‡ Date of Completion ‡ Title of Course ‡ Designated Users ‡ Proctor Codes ‡ Managed Courses
  12. 12. OnlineOnline TestingTesting Each unit has a Multiple Choice, True and False, or Fill‐in‐the‐ Blank test that will veri fy the student’s sympat hetic of the material pr esented..
  13. 13. PassingPassing MarkMark BISTrainer allows a minimum passing mark to be set for each course.
  14. 14. RepeatRepeat Course SettingCourse Setting BISTrainer agrees an extreme number of course repeats to be set for students who do not achieve the requisite passing marks..
  15. 15. Auto CertificateAuto Certificate GenerationGeneration BISTrainer is capable of automatically generate a custom, printable Certif icate of Completion with t he learner’s name, date of completion, and title of t he course.
  16. 16. ProctorProctor FunctionalityFunctionality When exams must be taken in the existence of a manager or proctor, courses can be sealed by the system. Only chosen system users can create proctor codes that will unlock the course for students.
  18. 18. ManageManage UsersUsers Once accounts have been setup by a manager, a request code can be printed or e mailed straight to the learner, permitting them to actuate their account. . Managers has the ability to add and take out learners, as well as reset passwords under their level of responsibility.
  19. 19. Move User Move User FeatureFeature This excludes the requirement to remove a surviving account and setup a new  account any time a student transfers to a new situation. Managers has the ability to  move a student from single  position to a different one  and relocate all of their  progress history.
  20. 20. ProfileProfile ManagementManagement Every student has the  ability to manage their own  profile comprising updating  of their personal  information and account  password. BISTrainer  has  been  designed  to  accomplish  the  present  as  well  as  future  requirements and requests of our clients.
  21. 21. BISTRAINER REPORTING BISTRAINER REPORTING FEATURES FEATURES  Reporting  Dashboard  Automatic Course  Completion  Email  Custom Reports  Detailed Course  Results 
  22. 22. Reporting Reporting Dashboard Dashboard  Reporting privilege to check out reports  detailing: ‡Course Completion Information ‡Average Test Scores ‡Completion Times by Corporation ‡Union, Province or Locality
  23. 23. Automatic Course Automatic Course Completion Email  Completion Email   Multiple people an email to know  course has been completed.  ‡Name of Student & Course Title ‡Student’s locality & Marks Received ‡Date of Course Completion ‡Their comments on the Course.
  24. 24. CustomCustom Reports  Reports   Generate custom reports which give administrative users info on inactive users,  reporting managers, feedback of users, & separate history for any group of users.
  25. 25. DetailedDetailed Course Results  Course Results   BISTrainer allows reporting managers to  drill down into the reporting system to  understand particular test consequences  for a particular user.
  27. 27.             Online Online InstructionsInstructions            Online Online InstructionsInstructions An  expandable  set  of  on‐screen  commands  that  teach  students  through  all  of  BISTrainer  features  and  functionality  to  afford  a  user‐ friendly experience. 
  28. 28. A small introductory video illuminating how to use the system. This video publicizes new students with BISTrainer to help mark their experience more pleasant.
  29. 29. Students are encouraged to provide feedback. This data is important for recognizing training gaps and chances for perfection.
  30. 30. Technical support for BIStrainer from Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm MST. Email support - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  31. 31. PricingPricing OptionsOptions Click to VisitClick to Visit
  32. 32. ContactContact InformationInformation Tel: (780) 410 1660 Toll-free: (866) 416 1660 Fax: (780) 410 1659 Address: #180, 150 Chippewa Road Sherwood Park AB T8A 2A6 Canada BISTrainer LMS
  33. 33. Thank You For Your  Attention!!