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E- Learning Management System ELM-LMS

  1. Learning Management System | LMS
  2. E - Learning Management: Elm is a lightweight learning management system ideal for teams and organizations looking for low frill easily deployable training platform.
  3. ELM gives you flexibility Our LMS allows you the best flexibility to fit your individual needs. This system has areas to create interactive chapters, tests, quizzes and other ways to deliver your learning materials. It also tracks learner’s enrollment, progress, records test scores, and reports course interaction statistics. Let us show you how.
  4. Course TakingAssessments Certification Product Walkthrough Elm Elements, For Users
  5. Product Walkthrough Elm Elements, For Content Creators / Admins Reports Admin Module Certification Builder Course Creation
  6. Elements For Users Product Walkthrough
  7. The system supports variety of assessment types: ● Multiple choice questions with immediate results or review and re-attempt ● Sorting and Match the pairs type quizzes ● Image based questions ● Subjective question for practice quiz ● Rich text editor for essay style answer question types ● Question banks with adjustable passing criteria. Product Walkthrough Assessments
  8. Course taking is easy with our intuitive navigation and immersive content types. This system has the flexibility necessary to meet the growing knowledge demands of users. Product Walkthrough Course Taking
  9. Certifications create a learning path for users. They give the user direction and a goal within the LMS. Certifications are also a quick way to verify the user has a working knowledge of the material. Product Walkthrough Certifications
  10. Product Walkthrough Mobile and Tablet Accessibility
  11. Elements For Content Creators/Admins Product Walkthrough
  12. ● Controls the entire application ● The user interface is user friendly ● Exhaustive reports keep the management well informed. ● Define roles and permissions, account creation, course management ● Can make announcements and take back ups of the database. Product Walkthrough Admin Module
  13. Product Walkthrough Course Creation Course creation lets you create interactive content for the course in simple steps like assessments, presentations, video and custom HTML content. With this type of freedom you can: ● Choose your content type, ● Upload your images or videos, and even ● Drag-n-drop to reorder chapters and sections. When you’re all done and everything is perfect, publish your course.
  14. Product Walkthrough Management Reports to Evaluate Learning Performance ● Helps provide usage and cost information for managers to accurately assess return on investment of training activities ● Tracks learning resources and performance using a range of standard reports ● Provides detailed reporting to the individual, which can provide valuable information on training and assessments
  15. This LMS lets you build custom certifications with complete flexibility in configuring business rules. Product Walkthrough Certification Builder
  16. Member Management ReportsCourse Creation Payments Product Walkthrough Admin Features, in a nutshell
  17. The ELMLMS Edge Question type Content type LMS that learns Your course material is the most important aspect of a course. This LMS aids eLearning experts to outline courses with various examples to make the course more inferable. We learn your user behavior and provide insights on course effectiveness and consumption to make learning more rewarding experience! Easy integration User base support Language support Learning is best when the language is comprehensible. So, multi-lingual backing is an essential center of this tool which improves the learning quotient. A tool that accommodates a high volume user base and can scale. This tool is completely flexible and compliments all systems. We support all types of questions to provide the same offline learning experience
  18. Application Domains FinanceSportsAgricultureConsumer Internet GIS Education HealthcareTravel General Schools, Colleges, Open Universities, Distance Education Centers, and Universities.Corporate Trainings, Schools catering to students with special needs.
  19. Packages Reports Course and Assessments Course & Assessment Builder Course Based Enterprise MMS Maintenance Support Customizations Integration with LDAP/SSO/etc. Instance Set Up Course Purchase White Labelled Finance and Payments Theme & logo As per scope 2 admins + users access as per package Custom domain redirection and hosting Part of scope based customization