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Online Learning Solutions Innovations


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Innovative online learning solutions

Published in: Education, Technology
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Online Learning Solutions Innovations

  1. 1. Stratbeans Consulting Pvt. Ltd Collecting beans of innovation, flowering them into success stories
  2. 2. Introduction  Stratbeans Specialises in IT products and services with specific focus on 1. Online LearningTechnologies 2. Content Development and Digitisation Service  We serve about 60 Large corporate from two delivery centers  Our sales offices are in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore and Texas in USA  The top management consists of senior professionals from Engineering, Finance and Strategy Background
  3. 3. Customers : Trusted by prestigious clients
  4. 4. Overview Online Learning Services and Products • Services • Customised E-learnings, Digitisation,Technical Writing, ID • Graphic Design advanced artwork • Learning Game Design • Products 1-ATUM Learning Management System 2- OnlineAssessment Platform With Artificial Intelligence 3- IVR Based Assessment and SurveyTool 4-Virtual ClassroomOn Cloud 5 - Rapid Content AuthoringTools
  5. 5. Customised E- learnings, Digitisation, Technical Writing, ID  We takeover the training material used for induction training, process training or domain knowledge training  Training material is cleaned up and digitised into flash videos with good quality graphics and animations  Voiceover is added to make it self explanatory  Various Languages including Chinese, Japanese etc  Content is published for online /local machines or mobile  Industry standard SCORM/AICC Compliance  HTML5 or Flash formats as per requirements
  6. 6. 1- ATUM LMS Online Learning enabled by Flexible Learning Management System
  7. 7. Important Learning Management Features Contd…:  Mapping of business units for reporting hierarchy  Online Role based access  Management of Employee Databank  Identification of function specific training needs  Flow of data between different organizational units (such branches, HO, Franchisee etc)  Coordination and automation of work-flows, data maintenance  Calendaring of class room training, mapping resources to classroom and tracking of class-room training
  8. 8. Important Learning Management Features:  Allows Evaluation and certification of users  User groups can be created by L&D teams to support highly granular course administration and tracking  Collection of feedback from trainees  Linkage with Other Enterprise System  Development of e-enabled training modules and their management  Hosting advanced audio visual content or legacy content (power points, pdfs, flash videos)  Automated Alerts (on email and SMS)
  9. 9. Prominent Test Management Features:  Supports variety of question types including Audio/Video questions  Generates random questions with randomization of options  Creates questions in 5 difficulty levels and allows moderator to create tests of different difficulty levels  Allows bulk uploading of questions and IDs  Automated scheduling ofTraining Programs  Approval of requests by Reporting Managers  Uploading of training data  Various formats of reports
  10. 10. Prominent Technical Features:  Optimized for superior performance at heavy loads  Fully SCORM Compliant  Integrates with Adobe Captivate,Articulate, Epiplex and many other market leading content development technologies  Built in Audit mechanism  Secure access  Multiple redundancy supported  Data Security using limited access of information  Mobile Handset support (beta) – all operating systems including simple basic models  Indic language support includingTamil, Punjabi , Urdu , Hindi etc.
  12. 12. Atum Testpad Overview  A web-based futuristic assessment/Test platform  Easy to conduct tests of various types quickly  Quick deployment on the web  Extensive reporting dashboard  Works with  Laptop/ Desktops  Android  iPad  Cell phones
  13. 13. Benefits  It enable trainers to test real time with a filtered reporting system to save lot of time and cost involve in testing otherwise.  It enable students to identify and review their weak areas real time  Principal/Top management get to see the report of their institution with which students and faculties are performing well. Reporting system of platform is huge support to testing and assessments
  14. 14. Login Page can be customised to contemporary look
  15. 15. Type of Questions  Single Click Bulk upload of questions through excel sheet- 1000 questions in 30 seconds  Assign difficulty levels  Various types  True false,  multiple choice,  many choices,  fill up the blank type questions  Re-inforcer for correct answers and helper for wrong answers  Re-inforcer gives additional description to the trainee, besides saying that your answer is correct  The helper tell the trainee why her answer is incorrect  Categorise questions by subject /topics for analytical reports
  16. 16. Testpaper Setting  Timer  Desired number of questions pulled from a question bank  AssignTest paper to a group of trainees / batch  Set validity timeperiod of test session  Assign number of attempts  Randomisation  ofAnswers and Questions  Set qualifying scores %
  17. 17. Trainees See Following Home Page
  18. 18. Reporting  Get instant score cards  Print exam results for entire batch  Score posted to mailbox feature  Comparative reporting by subject, department, time slicing  Export to excel facility for all reports  Storage and archiving of historical data for audit  Option to provide comparative test reports to trainees also such as ANTI CHEATING and SWOT
  19. 19. Graphic Charts
  20. 20. Support & Implementaion  Standard 8 x5 support on email and phone  Cloud based delivery model  Minor customizations are possible  Complete technical infrastructure support  The system would be hosted on cloud and a branded URL would be supplied to customer  The Hardware, Bandwidth and Application software is managed by Stratbeans
  21. 21. 3- IVR BASED ASSESSMENT AND SURVEY TOOL No need for laptop/desktop /smart-phones normal Phones suffice
  22. 22. Overview of Atum IVR Assess  The learner calls using a normal phone  To take theTEST or SURVEY or to GetTRAINED  The InteractiveVoice Response (IVR) guides the caller to the specific item  Test Paper or Survey orTraining Content  Call 0782 707 1114 get the flavor of a test
  23. 23. Testing Scenario  Any type of product knowledge or skill question can be asked in any language  (Hindi or other Indic languages)  The candidates respond to the voice questions using number keys on their phone  Test results are instantly reported thru rich online dashboard  number of attempts, scores, comparisons, location wise results User Name Marks Obtained Rajeev 59 Suresh 88 Raghu 98 Vibhor 45 Pranjal 67 Ravi 78 Batch Northzon
  24. 24. Training Scenario  The trainees can dial the phone number and hear the relevant content on call  After the have received the content they may agree they have what they want  They may request SMS of the info on their cell phone  Very helpful for sales teams who need crucial information about product at odd hours 24
  25. 25. Survey Scenario  The survey questions can be asked thru IVR  The responses are recorded through normal hand phones  A report is generated with survey result and is available to the survey manger online 25
  26. 26. 4- VIRTUAL CLASSROOM ON CLOUD Classroom spread over globe, train in real time to anyone from anywhere VOIP Call
  27. 27. Overview  Helps instructors build classes quickly and deliver them effectively.  The user interface is easy to learn, easy to use, and designed to promote class participation.  Recordings can be easily edited and stored in a systematic way  The student satisfaction, comprehension, and retention rates of these high- quality recorded sessions equal face-to-face training.  Designed to meet enterprise standards for security, scalability, redundancy, and availability  For over a decade, it has helped millions of customers increase efficiency and reduce costs through better collaboration. 27
  28. 28. Features  Wizard-based setup and self-service enrollment  Drag-and-drop agenda builder  Extensive choreography capabilities to drive student participation  Supports rich multimedia & streaming audio/video  Breakout rooms and labs  Record, edit, and store recordings for future use  FreeVoIP conferencing or the teleconferencing  Registration and attendance reports  Support for accessibility such as U.S. Section 508  Integration into LMS  Available in 13 languages 28
  29. 29. Benefits  Reduce online training costs with freeVoIP  Eliminate online training failures with an Enterprise-class solution proven for over a decade  Improve employee effectiveness with easy to develop and easy to consume online training 29
  30. 30. Before Training Session  Streamline event setup and enrollment  wizard-based scheduling and registration  Assemble class training content with easy drag and drop of presentation materials  Class agenda can be saved and reused  Create evaluation forms  Post training notices to online calendar  Attend the session with a click of calendar 30
  31. 31. During online Class  Students can attend from:  Web browser, iPhone, or desktop.  Emoticons to encourage student participation  Instant sharing of applications or entire desktop  Real-time polling with instant results  Easy-to-use whiteboard and markup tools, export of presentations to PDF  Online evaluations and testing  Training retention increased with breakout rooms and virtual labs  where students can work in group 31
  32. 32. After The Class  Class recordings can be edited no editing applications necessary.  Recordings can be stored and organized for easy access and reuse.  URL links from the live session persist in the recorded version,  Graded tests and evaluations are functional.  With optional integration into LMS, exhaustive solution to support all e- learning needs can be created 32
  33. 33. 5- RAPID CONTENT AUTHORING TOOLS Create EngagingAudioVisual Content For Online Learning Articulate Raptivity Elicitus Ispring
  34. 34. Content Authoring Tools  We offer training and product licenses for a variety of content creation tools  Raptivity ,  Elicitus,  Articulate Storyline,  Ispring  These tools help trainers to develop e-learnings themselves  Some of our customers use these tools to do some e-learning content development themselves
  35. 35. Contact StratBeans Consulting Pvt. Ltd. +91-124-4377657 +91-124-4112807 Skype : stratbeans_consulting