Hybrid finishing School by M Sadashiv Puri


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Hybrid finishing School by M Sadashiv Puri

  1. 1. Presented byM.Sadashiv Puri
  2. 2. Overview In today’s increasingly service oriented and culturally diverse business community, effective interpersonal and communication skills are becoming increasingly important for ensuring smooth functioning and high productive workforce. Boom in the global economy has made us realize that despite high quality technical education and training that is provided at colleges, most of the graduates fall short of the expectations of the prospective employers when it comes to essential technical skills, personal interaction, interviews and discussions. Looking at the expanding industry verticals like IT, ITES, Banking and insurance services, retail and Management industries that demand a different set of soft skills and talent rather than traditional, the demand of finishing schools become imminent. The existing gap between industrial practice and knowledge among professionals has led to the requirement of establishing industry specific skill training to graduates and this whole thing is bridged by FINISHING SCHOOLS
  3. 3. Hybrid FINISHING SCHOOL get ready for the futureHybrid Finishing School is a platform which provides short specialized training with high motivation and a good learning environment for students of various levels by bridging the gap between the academic education and the industry orientation.
  4. 4. Components of Hybrid Finishing School The Hybrid Finishing School consists of components which are implemented as an integrated solution with the following components: Content delivery and deployment Blended learning System- a combination of learning through live lecturing and access to digital content for self paced learning. Mock testing with performance analysis and performance forecasting Final Examination and Certification Database access to “Job Ready” candidates for the corporate
  5. 5. Features Learning Content Management System (LCMS) Online interactive session on fixed schedule between faculty and students Business Intelligence enabled system for real time performance monitoring and forecasting Assessment system with severity level and assessment timings as variable parameters Individual learning path with performance graphs, speed analysis and time analysis Randomized presentation of questions and choices while taking assessments Closed user group facility with message board and report generation for moderators Mock tests at students’ convenience Live chat, file exchange, online quiz, opinion polls, whiteboard etc. Virtual meetings with experts Result analysis with instant review of assessments 24 x 7 Customer Support with live chat facility Services delivered as Managed Application Service (MAS) to the end users
  6. 6. Programs offered by Hybrid Finishing Schools Reskilling Programs Upskilling Programs Softskilling Programs
  7. 7. Reskilling Programs The Reskilling programs are oriented towards providing the skill enhancement training to candidates in the domain of their qualifications. These programmes are aimed at making the user “Job Ready” so that they can have better employment opportunities. The programs are designed keeping industry requirements in mind. The Reskilling programs can be broadly classified under five major disciplines: Programs for Engineering (Non-IT) Graduates and Science Graduates Programs for Graduates from IT Stream Programs for Management professionals Programs for Commerce Graduates Programs for Graduates in Humanities
  8. 8. Verticals covered under Reskilling program IT Skills Computer Awareness and MS office Programming language Mathematical Ability Analytical ability Training for BPO jobs Project Management Special aptitude test System Engineering Network Administration
  9. 9. Upskilling Programs Upskilling programs are the high end premium programmes which are offered by subject matter experts. These Programmes make the students “Domain experts” thereby enabling them to get better jobs and better positions. The training given under Upskilling Domain includes following benefits: Enhance and sharpen the skills of the candidates Practice based curriculum Exposure to the industrial practice Provide practical knowledge of business situations and brainstorming solutions to the same Real time monitoring of learner path and capabilities User defined modules and granular learning support Aims to encourage candidates to develop poise, grace and confidence Fulfill the gap between desired and existing skills A successful, proven and market tested concept Provision for instant evaluation and feedback for further improvement Fastest ramp-up time for knowledge/skill enhancement based on the latest IT environment Engaging and interactive learning environment Commitment to provide quality programs and training
  10. 10. Softskill / Lifeskill Training Programmes The soft skill / Lifeskill training programmes are provided to improve the quality and character of interpersonal communication.These training programmes include: Growing Leadership Style Effective Interpersonal Communications Presentation Styles Writing in Plain English Time Management Stress Management Writing Effective Business Communications Team Building Adopting an Entrepreneurial Attitude Networking for Winners Root-Cause: Problem Solving Active Listening Skills Conflict Resolution
  11. 11. Benefits to the students: Enhancing confidence levels Enhancing multi industry perspective Opportunity to meet Senior Managers from industry and learn mutually Enhancing competence at performing effectively in Group discussion situations Understanding and appreciating Business etiquette Enhancing impact and quality of formal Presentation skills Improving the quality of the resume building process Improving the quality of confidently facing an interview And more than anything else, potential for students to build life long relationships with the faculty. Most economical learning for students, at a fraction of a traditional cost Quality Content from industry experts and subject experts Continual monitoring of quality and upgradation Anywhere, anytime learning Self paced learning Real time monitoring of learner path and capabilities by any moderator
  12. 12. Benefits to Universities/ Educational Institutes Experiencing the aspirations and expectations of the India of tomorrow Pride in supporting a national priority Developing relationships with the students Educational institutes will be able to benchmark and set realistic expectations with innovative and efficient IT enabled Business intelligence tools. With the facility of digital studio for live lecture delivery, the faculty of colleges/ Universities can receive and give live lectures by setting up Virtual Classrooms (VCRs) having a projector and a PC
  13. 13. Business ModelThe Hybrid Finishing School is provided as an integrated solution to the Universities on Build Own Operate and Transfer (BOOT) basis. The integrated deliveries consist of the skillfully designed components so as to fulfill the requirements of providing employability training to the students.The technical deliveries include setting up of Network operating Center (NOC) at the University campus along with studio of live lecture delivery. The college can receive these live lectures by setting up of Virtual classrooms having a projector and a PC.The technical deliveries also constitute the software modules to provide services such as learning management system, mock assessment system, tele ed platform, examination module and job ready module to provide database access to employers
  14. 14. Hybrid finishing School furthers the Industry-Institute partnership by promoting the quality workforce to the industry. The service ensuresthat the market gets rationalized by producing more skilled manpower who are “Industry Ready”