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Open Source Learning Management System - Canvas

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Open Source Learning Management System - Canvas

  1. 1. Open Source Learning Management System - Canvas
  2. 2. Problem Statement
  3. 3. Requirement: A customized LMS platform with following features -: • Ability to Track Attendance and Progress • Collaboration between Faculty & Students using Chat and Discussion Boards • Ability to view content hosted in the past such as Lectures, Assignments • Ability to View reports for each student, class, tutor • Live streaming of Video Lectures (Good to have)
  4. 4. Proposed Solution Proposed Open Source LMS – Canvas Canvas is versatile, customizable and inclusion of extended application like Google Docs increases the flexibility for easier file management & managing discussions
  5. 5. Track attendance & Progress Chat & Discussion Boards Canvas LMS Live Streaming of Lectures View Data of Student/Course
  6. 6. Workflow
  7. 7. Canvas Dashboard The Dashboard helps you see what is happening in all your courses and allows you to figure out what to do next.
  8. 8. Tracking Attendance & Progress Currently there is not an exclusive Attendance feature in Canvas, but there are other ways to track attendance. Create an Attendance "assignment" in your Canvas class, this will automatically create an associated “Attendance” column in your course Grade Book. Here is the Procedure to accomplish the task.
  9. 9. Then, after each class, if there were any absences, you could just update those students via Speedgrader:
  10. 10. Tracking Progress There is an in-built feature in Canvas for tracking progress of Students. Modules are used to organize course content by weeks, units, or whatever organizational structure works for your course. Here is way to track progress -:
  11. 11. Modules displays an overview of each module and the content within each module. Any completion requirements are listed below the module content item. Prerequisite requirements are posted at the bottom of the module.
  12. 12. Using Chat & Discussion Boards This is also an inbuilt feature in Canvas. The procedure to start a chat/discussion with students is very simple. Here is the procedure to create your own discussion : Open Discussion
  13. 13. Create Discussion View Discussion
  14. 14. View Content Hosted With module structure in Canvas you have the ability to view course content by weeks, units, or whatever organizational structure. You can view past lectures, assignments by viewing the corresponding Module.
  15. 15. View Data about Student/Course You can access data about every student in your course by viewing the people’s page. Just open the course about which you required information for a corresponding student. Open People View data about students
  16. 16. Ability to Broadcast Lecture Canvas gives you the functionality of uploading your video/audio lectures for your students. Video capture and management provider Panopto recently enhanced its integration with Canvas providing ability to host live video lecture feature. It is integrated into Canvas allowing student access to the course assets from within the LMS. Live and on-demand video is available to students. This feature has simplified and enhanced the learning experience in canvas.
  17. 17. Other Useful Feature in Canvas SpeedGrader The SpeedGrader allows to view different types of assignment submissions in one place, make text and audio comments to students, and grade using different methods including a simple point scale or a complex rubric. This feature automatically converts .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx, and .pdf using Crocodoc, while the rest of the file formats are converted using either Scribd or Google Preview.
  18. 18. SpeedGrader also supports the use of Rubrics, which helps in communicating expectations for any given assignment, increasing the chances that students will turn in better work. Within one frame, you can view, grade, start discussions, and provide students with written, video & audio commentary
  19. 19. • Faster and Affordable Development • Team has experience building similar Platform • Some workflows exist in proposed solution Business benefits
  20. 20. • We are a Education technology company committed to providing teaching and learning solutions that help educators and students to make learning effective , efficient and relevant. • We provide services and solutions to K-12, Higher Education, Non-profits, Corporate Government, Publishing House and Training Institutes. • We are on a mission to make learning more effective ,efficient and relevant. • Our solutions we've build for our customers serve more than 55 million kids in K- 12 and their 3.5 million teachers worldwide. About Ebizon
  21. 21. Contact: Name: Priyanka Jhamnani Designation: Sr. Consultant Email: Skype: priyanka.jhamnani

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